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“Lillia, shut up!” Blake yelled. He did not care if she got mad or not. It was either he died by her hand or by the dragon that was about to show up. Because Blake was trying to get away fast, he had not noticed Lillia’s reaction. If he did, he would have seen that Lillia had stopped complaining and lowered her head. Her cheeks were also slightly red. It seemed she liked Blake’s manly side.

When she heard Blake yell at her, at first, she was mad, but when she saw the serious look on his face and his determination to take them both away from there. She understood one thing. Her fated one was not someone to play around. He was doing his best to ensure they would all survive. She decided she would need to reign in her outbursts and put more faith in the man she planned to spend all eternity with.

Blake pulled them, running as fast as he could until he saw a ditch for them to hide in. He quickly pulled the two girls and pushed their heads down as he also lowered his head. His heart was racing. Since his return back to this time, he had not felt this scared, even when Lillia was angry at him.


A loud roar echoed through the air. A large shadow covered the land. Screams could be heard coming from the road. Blake gritted his teeth. He raised his head slightly and looked up at the sky. A red scaled dragon was flapping its wings, looking down at the humans below. It was as big as a five story building. But even with its godzilia like size, it was still a lower dragon.

Blake could only shake his head at the stupidity of the people. They were all running in a straight line instead of trying to split up. They were just asking to be mowed down. There may be smart ones once and a while, but this time there were none. Blake watched as the underside of the red dragon lit up, and it sprayed fire down the road. He quickly ducked back down, making sure to push the other two’s heads down as well.

Tina’s face was pure white. If it was not for the fact that she had some training, she would have already screamed out in fright. Right now, she was holding her breath. She did not dare to breathe. She did not even mind the fact that she was being held to the ground by Blake. She was actually grateful for his quick actions.

Time seemed to move slowly as the sounds of screams could be heard. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air. There were some who pleaded for their lives, while others pushed their own loved ones toward the dragon. The minds of mankind were weak in the face of danger. They would sacrifice anything to stay alive. It was a common occurrence in his past life as well. The same things happened over and over. When humans ran into dragons, they used every means possible to get away. He had even seen one man throw his own child into the jaws of a dragon’s mouth in hopes of getting away. Of course, he only made it a few extra steps before turning into ash.

Ten minutes passed when the sounds of wings flapping and the pressure began to dissipate. “It’s gone. He did look around, but he is gone now.” It was Lillia who spoke up.

Blake flipped over onto his back and let out a long breath of air. “Lillia, sorry for yelling at you.” Blake knew he was rude, but he had no choice, the situation did not make time for him to be able to try to appease her normally.

“No… It’s fine. I should be the one to say sorry. I should not have overreacted when I already knew a dragon was coming. But Blake…. How did you know a dragon was near?” Lillia asked curiously as she reached over and dusted the dirt off Blake’s face.

“Years of instinct. Dragons give off pressure and killing intent way before they reach you. It took me four years to learn this and basically engrain this ability into my soul to the point that I can give myself a five to ten minute head start.” Blake explained.

“I see….” Lillia learned something new. She was actually surprised it took him only four years to learn such a thing. It would take most at least ten years to acquire such instincts.

“That… Thank you!” Tina bowed her head to Blake and Lillia. “If you two were not willing to allow me to tag along, I would have probably died by now.”

“It’s nothing. I am helping you because you once offered to help me. I like to repay other people’s kindness. I am one to treat others with the same respect they treat me.” This was just how he was. After he had hardened himself, he had always repaid kindness with kindness and evil with evil.

Tina stared at Blake and sighed. She couldn’t help but see Blake as nothing but a good person. After a moment of silence, she said: “I wonder how that Morgan kid is now. I wonder if his father was able to pay the dragons not to kill him.”

“Ah, he probably died before they showed up,” Blake said offhandedly as he stood up and stretched. He then helped Lillia up and dusted the dirt off her dress.

“Huh? Why would he have died before they showed up?” Tina asked. She was confused by what Blake meant.

“Because I had Lillia curse him. He would experience twelve hours of pain as his body rotted away without being able to do anything about it.” Blake answered honestly. “Are you planning to arrest me now? I mean, the kid deserved it.”

“Huh? No, I just…. I never expected it. But wait… The death of Darrel….” Tina suddenly felt like she was struck by lightning as she looked at Blake with a bit of fear.

“Darrel and their friend David all died by burning to death. They put my life through hell to the point where I wanted to kill myself many times. You are not going to tell me such people get to live? And don’t say they will do their time in prison. I mean, what kind of horse shit is that? Jail should only be used for petty crimes. One time offenders. Not against people who torment others because of a stupid fucking grudge. If you pity such people and want to try to help them, then fuck off now. Because you will become a burden to Lillia and me.” Blake paused and narrowed his eyes at Tina.

“This world is about to change. Such ideology will get you nowhere. This world is going to change so much that you won’t even know what happened to you as you lay in the middle of the street someplace naked after being fucked by multiple men against your will. Trust me, I have seen it happen.” Blake may seem like he was being an asshole to Tina, but he was trying to give her a proper reality check that the world was not ever going to be the same. “Let’s just say I was getting rid of people that could have caused me future issues later on.”

Tina stared at Blake with a blank expression. She was trying to take in everything he had just said. While she did not like what he said, and he could have put it more delicately, she knew he was right. She knew how humans were. They were selfish and would do disgusting things. But this was not all humans either. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she gathered her thoughts.

On the side, Lillia stood up and hugged Blake from behind. “You are really kind,” Lillia said in a hushed whisper that only the two of them could hear.

“I just do not want her to end up like many of the girls I have seen. It was never a pretty sight.” Blake replied. Lillia smiled and hugged him tighter. Her boyfriend in name only had just scored a few points in her book.

“Alright, let’s go,” Blake said as he went to step forward before pausing and turning to look at Tina. “What about you? Will you still follow, or will you still follow the same train of thought as before?”

“Huh?” Tina looked up at Blake in surprise. “I will follow.” Right, she would follow. Blake was her only chance of survival. If she still had doubts about what he had said before, they were all gone now. Right now, she believed everything Blake said. She would stay alive and try to be useful to the man who had decided to show some kindness towards her. She, of course, had no intentions of anything beyond friendship. She did not wish to anger Lillia. In fact, she wished to befriend Lillia too.


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