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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 228.1: Attack On The Dwarves Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

“So that is what I did….” Blake smiled proudly. He never thought his race would be so amazing. To be able to force a dragonic to the point that she was willing to do anything for him was just wonderful. He did wish he could be there to witness the scene but sadly….

“This is…. You really are bad.” Lillia pursed her lips. “Don’t be teaching our children bad things.”

“Our kids are all angels. What are you talking about?” Blake asked while smiling away. All his babies were cute around him. Yes, they all made all kinds of trouble when he was not around, but they were angels in front of him, so he went with what he saw, not what he heard.

Lillia and every one of his wives rolled their eyes. “You only know how to spoil them. This is why they act like that around you. Plus, everyone is a damn daddy’s girl!” Tina snorted.

“Well, they are all cute daddy’s girls, so it’s fine. Let them have fun. They are kids, but they can’t be mean to others. A little mischievousness is fine, but nothing that would harm others or disturb other’s lives.” Blake did not want his kids to be crazy and out of control. They could be kids, but they had to at least be somewhat behaved as well. Know right from wrong.

“Well.. they are only terrors when it comes to pranks. I do not know where they get that from….” All the girls looked at Blake, causing him to look away and whistle. He only had them pull a few pranks for fun. He did not teach them anything bad. All the new pranks came from their own minds.

“Anyway, what do we do now that we officially declared war on the dragonic?” Lillia decided to change the topic.

“We just wait. First of all, they do not know who I am. Second, they do not know where those two girls have been. So we just have to wait. If the dragonic shows up, if they do not submit or harm our people, we kill them. If they submit, they become part of our fighting force. So in a sense, we are actually allowing them to send us a new fighting force.” Blake explained.

“So, how will this work?” Noa asked. She was quite curious as to how Blake would get them to submit. After all, dragonic are prideful people.

“It’s simple, really. When they come, if they are female, leave them to me. I will get them to sign a contract almost instantly. If they are male, beat them up until they can’t move and drag them in front of Lillia to force a contract on them, a slave one.” Blake replied. “Once they are fully willing to work for us, we can then change the slave to a normal contract. I am sure after being here for a while, they will eventually submit and want to stay as everyone else.”

Blake did not like making people slaves if he did not need to. Only on certain occasions is such a thing okay, like what he did with Darla. He would not be nice to his enemies. But the dragonic that are sure to come will be a bit different. They would be only temporarily forced to be slaves, but they would still be given a proper place to live and be fed as everyone else. This is to slowly get them used to being treated equally as the others. Only when they experience this kind of life will they be able to see his dream. As for the women, it would be easier since only a few words from him, and they would be willing to give it a try.

It might sound deceptive, but if he wanted to weaken the ranks of the dragonic, this was the best plan. Although if any of these dragonic harm his people before they are offered such a choice, then they would suffer the consequences. Blake did not mind sending a few more gifts to the prince.

“I see… that might just work. Although I do kind of feel bad for them. They will be sending people here not understanding the strength of their opponents only to be slowly weakened….” Lillia had to admit Blake’s plan was not too bad. He would gain a lot easily without much work at all. This was like putting out some savory meat under a box and stick trap. He only needed to wait for them to take the bait and then pull the string.

“Alright, lets…..”


A loud sound echoed through the room. Everyone turned and looked at Josline, who had taken out an orb. “Grandfather!?”

“Josline! It’s bad! The orcs have attacked! We are holding them off, but I do not know how much longer we can hold out!” Josline’s grandfather yelled out. The desperation in his voice was evident.

Josline’s eyes began to water up as she looked up pleadingly at Blake for help. Blake only nodded and said: “Grandfather in law, I will be there soon. You only need to hold on. Everyone but Lillia, Me, and Faana will be going. It’s time to teach these orcs what it means to harm my family.”

“Blake, thank you!’ Josline cried out as her tears rolled down her cheeks. She was happy that Blake did not hesitate in the slightest to help her family and people.

“Silly girl, you are my wife, and that is your family. If I do not help, then what kind of man would I be?” Blake asked before turning to Clance and asking: “Can you get us close to the dwarves?”

“I can bring us to the place where we first met before. From there, we can then spatial jump until we arrive.” Clance answered. She wished she could bring them all to the place at once, but there was no way since she did not know the location.

“Alright. Girls, go get ready! You all have fifteen minutes.” After saying this, he went to Lillia and gave her a hug and kiss. “We will be back. I will be sure everyone is safe.”

Lillia nodded her head and smiled. “I know. Be careful.”


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