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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 214: Orc Camp Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) This is today’s 1k power stone Bonus Chapter. 4 more chapters still to come!–

Fifty soldiers, plus Bret, Noa, and Blake, made their way toward outpost twenty seven. Each one of the soldiers had a new musket on their back with a belt of rounds strapped to their chest. Blake was in the lead with Noa next to him as they marched the ten mile hike towards the outpost.

In the orc camp, thirty orcs sat around a campfire eating what looked like human remains. “These things have no meat on them.”

“New age humans never tasted good, to begin with. Why does the leader get to eat dragon meat while we are forced to eat these sticks?” Orc number 1 asked.

“Hush! Do you want to become the leader’s next dinner? We were sent on this expedition with little to no supplies. We are lucky to even get to eat right now. Because even if we hunted a monster, the leader would take it for himself. Plus, we lost five brothers in the fight. We have so many of us, and we still lost five of our own people. Who would have thought these new age humans were so strong?” Orc number 2 could only shake his head. His brothers went in without knowledge of the enemy, and they died.

“Humph! We may have lost a few of our brothers, but are we not avenging them now? We are eating the very people who killed them. They will digest in our stomachs and then turn into shit. This is exactly what they get for harming our brothers.” Orc number three snorted and beat down on the roasted leg. “Hmmm? This one is not bad. It has a bit more meat on it.”

The orcs were all gathered talking about this and that, while the leader of the orcs, the one who destroyed Rin’s barrier, was sitting inside his tent with a large chunk of roasted dragon meat in front of him. He ripped into it while drinking orc ale, feeling mighty proud of himself. “We will go deeper into this new age human territory tomorrow and finish them all off.”

“Leader, I think we should be more careful. Five of ours were killed, and many were injured.” An orc guard did not want his leader to get too far ahead of himself. They did not know the new age humans’ true numbers.

“Hah! Those five were weak! We are orcs, and we will always destroy everything in our path. The failure is on the people who were next to the five who died. They did not assist their brothers. Why else do you think they are eating the new age humans? We will march on the new age human base and bring back their leader’s heads and take the city they have built up as our own. We will show that we orcs are the true rulers of this world!” The orc leader arrogantly said. The guard could only remain silent. He did not wish to end up dying. He decided to leave things as they were. Since the leader has decided he could only follow orders.

Blake and his people quickly arrived at the destroyed outpost. The sight of the huge tree completely snapped in half and burnt made Blake’s brow wrinkle. “Search for survivors or the dead. We will have to give them a proper send off.”

The group quickly went to do their task, but after an hour of digging through everything, they were not able to find a single body. “Lord, there are no bodies here. It seems like they took them away.”

Blake’s expression turned dark. He had a feeling this would happen, but he wished it wouldn’t have. Sadly wishing for something and reality are two different sides of a coin. “We will capture the leader and force him to eat his men.”

Silence. Everyone had cold chills running down their back when they heard that, but they too, understood this was revenge. They had all been taught about the races and their habits, and the orcs had a habit of using their enemies as food, even if they were other orcs. This was their way of showing superiority. But this knowledge alone was enough to make everyone’s anger rise to its limit. They had crossed the line.

“Let’s go. I already detected their location.” Blake waved his hand. He could not do anything about the base for the time being. For now, they would take out the orc soldiers and then deal with the leader after.

About a half mile away from the outpost Blake and his men all came to a stop at the tree line. Not more than one hundred feet was a group of orcs all eating and drinking around a large campfire. Seeing what they were eating made the anger in everyone there rise even more. Blake sensed their killing intent and said: “Remember your training. Calm down and fan out. We will take them all out. When Bret gives the order, you can fire at will. Noa and I will look for the so called mage.”

Blake’s eyes fell on Bret, and made a few hand signs. Bret nodded and began to lead his men away, leaving only a few at this position. Noa and Blake went around and located the biggest tent there. Noa couldn’t help but shake her head. “These orcs are all arrogant bastards, they have even the slightest bit of status, and they need to show it off. That huge tent is probably where the orc mage is.”

“Then shall we go say high? I am sure he would love to have a visit from us.” Blake grinned as he grabbed Noa’s hand and flapped his wings, flying high into the air through the treetops. The orcs eating were not paying attention, so it was easy for them to fly right over the ten and land on the backside. Blake then took out his sword and made a new door in the tent. He did not plan to kill this orc. He needed him alive to force feed him. He was not joking when he said he would feed the orc leader his men to get revenge.


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