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“A treasure, huh? I have heard about them. Natural treasures that can rival the gods….” Clance fell into thought. Such a treasure was something her Master should have!

“They are indeed powerful, but they are very hard to get. I believe only your family, the elves, and the orcs have such treasures.” Lillia hated to admit it, her family did indeed have one, but It had been lost at some point.

“I never heard of such a treasure. Maybe it is something that only the emperor and empress would know about. As a concubine’s daughter, I am nothing more than an obstacle in the path to the throne. Sister Lillia, Master, mentioned something about my sister. Has he met her before? I thought he was a new age human.” Clance had been curious about this. She did not know why Blake would know her sister, who never appeared in front of others.

“You can just call him Blake. You do not need to keep calling him master. You are his wife now. And as for why he would know your sister…. Maybe she was the one who killed him before….” Lillia frowned. She was not sure since Blake never really talked about it. She only knew that he was killed by a dragonic.

Clance shook her head. “No, Master will always be Master….. Wait? Killed!? Master died!?”

“I will explain later. It’s kind of complicated, but all his wives should know.” Lillia did not care what Clance called Blake as long as she was devoted to him.

A week later, Blake was finally let off. Although the girls said it was punishment, it was more of him being pampered day and night for the entire week. The girls would end up passed out by early morning of each day and then sleep for most of the day. Blake did not plan to take in Princess Josline just yet. While he did plan to, it was going to wait a month. He wanted to take some time to undergo some proper training. There were two things he had to really learn to do. One was to use higher-tier magic, and the second was that his combat skills were still lacking. He needed to be able to use his blood magic better as well.

Because Blake planned to train, so did the girls. They decided it was time to begin proper training. Princess Josline was pulled into this as well since she was going to become one of Blake’s wives soon, anyway. Inside the frozen tundra biome located in the training room, Lillia stood with her hands behind her back at the girls who were wearing nothing but bathing suits, shivering. “We will be learning how to synchronize with each other. Each one of us will be undergoing training in certain roles. Attack, support, and defense!”

“Do-Do-Do we-e-e-e-e nee–ee–ee to-oo-oo Doo-oo thii-iiss-ss inn-nnn tthh-hhe-eeee coo-oll-lld-dd….!?” Tina asked, her teeth chattered. She was freezing, but they could not use warming magic!

“Yes! It is to be able to learn how to be more versatile. And casting magic while in extreme conditions. We will be doing activities that will allow us to not only strengthen our bodies but also allow us to keep our minds clear in any situation. This is why you are dressed the way you are in this extreme cold. We will work in tandem and learn how to cast synchronized spells. The faster we learn, the faster you will be able to use a synchronized heating spell.” Lillia wanted all her sisters to form a battle group together so things like a detonation spell would not cause an issue in the future.

While Lillia was explaining the ins and outs of her training program, Blake had gathered all the scouting teams into the training yard outside the base. “Everyone here?”

“All ten groups are here,” Bret answered. He was in charge of the scouting teams.

“Alright, each one of you is used to real-life battles, but only fifty people is not enough. We need more. So from now on, we will not only be scouting the areas but also trying to bring anyone, no matter the race. Do not force them, but if they seem to be in need of a place to go, bring them here. We need more people. We can not build a proper force if we lack people. We can not protect ourselves if all we have is a small number. While our current might is very strong, if we are greatly outnumbered, it may end badly. But remember, safety comes first. If someone is being attacked by monsters and you do not think you can save them, then do not do it. Your lives are more important. I will be diving into our training rooms dungeons in hopes of training myself more. I hope when I come out in a month’s time, I will hold another meeting, and I hope to see you all here, alive and well.” Blake finished his words and then patted Bret on the shoulder. “Leave the rest to you.”

“You got it, brother. Also…. Be careful in those dungeons. They are not easy. I only went in for five minutes and was forced out.” Bret gave an awkward smile as he lifted the sleeve of his shirt to reveal a huge gash. It went from the bottom of his elbow all the way down to his wrist. It looked like he had been clawed by something. “It’s still healing. I wanted a reminder of my own stupidity.”

“I will be careful. Thanks for the warning.” Blake nodded, before stopping and turning to the others and taking a box out of his space pouch. “Clance made these. There is one for each of you. They will teleport you back here but do not go into any anti-magic zone or any place that drains mana because they will become useless after they lose the mana injected into the runic inscription. To use it, just hold it in your hand and inject mana into it. It will bring you back here.”

After giving simple instructions, Blake put the box down and directed Bret to hand the teleport crystals out before heading back into the base. He needed to undergo his own training.


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