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Blake allowed the foxkin girl to hug him for a few minutes before pushing her away. “Quickly put your top back on. As I said before when we return to the base, and you get to know me better and more about the world you can then decide what you want to do.”

The foxkin girl looked up, and Blake, with her ears and tail, slightly sagged and slowly nodded her head. She also did not know this feeling inside her. She was actually kind of glad that this man was not someone who would take advantage of her in her current state. She put on her top, said her goodbyes, and walked away. Blake turned and watched as she departed and saw that her tail was wagging back and forth. Just as he was about to turn the corner, she turned and looked at Blake, giving him a smile before continuing on.

Blake chuckled and looked down at himself. His pants were really holding his little brother back. He walked to the room, opened it, and saw Mona preparing the bed. He walked right over to her and pulled her into his arms, and planted his lips on hers. “Blake~!” Mona did not even try to hide her willingness to do things with Blake. She immediately began fiddling with his pants and allowed the beast to be released.

A few hours later, Mina flew back to the room after creating and filling the water reservoir. As she got to the room and heard the faint sounds of grunting, she already knew what was going on. She took a deep breath and opened the door, but before she could even fly in, a hand grabbed her and yanked her inside. The poor fairy was stripped and toyed with before she could even understand what was happening.

The next morning Blake walked out of the room feeling very refreshed. He quickly left the base in order to not have his charm affect the girls here. In the room, Mina and Mona were getting things together and washing up. Mona was all smiles while Mina was cursing Blake quietly as she flew around in a funny manner.

Mina had Mona wait up top with Blake while she explained things to the foxkin girls. “We will be back. You have food and water to last a long time. We will come and get you on our way back. Even if many moons pass, do not worry. We will come get you. You can trust Blake to keep his promises. And whatever you do, do not leave this place. It is for your own safety.”

“We understand. We will stay put and wait for Blake…..” The foxkin girl leader replied. Mina nodded and said her farewells before leaving the base.

“All set?” Blake asked. Mina nodded and landed on his head. “Let’s go. This place should be well protected from others.”

A month passed, and Blake and the girls finally arrived at the southern mountain range. “This trip was really not easy!”

“I told you not to go down that path, but you just had to check it out!” Mina yelled out. She never thought Blake would just run up on a massive dragon den! They were just wyverns, but there were at least thirty there!

“Hahaha!” Blake laughed out loud. “I still won, right? I got to see just how strong I was. Thirty wyverns couldn’t even harm me!”

“You still scared the crap out of Mona and me!” Mina sighed. She was forced to watch as this man charged forward and began punching dragons out of the air while laughing maniacally! She thought he was going to be torn to shreds!

“Sorry! Sorry! But this was a very good thing. I was able to see just how strong I truly am.” Blake was actually quite happy with the outcome. After he punched the first wyvern and it smashed into a bunch of others and made them fall out of the sky, he couldn’t be more happy. He also used this chance to control his strength and now had a huge stockpile of wyvern meat.

“Humph!” Mina snorted and went and hid in Blake’s shirt. For like an hour then on, he felt a small mouth biting him every few seconds.

Blake sniffed the air and tried to see if he could catch the scent of any humanoids around, but he couldn’t smell much of anything. He flew up into the air and looked around but still saw nothing. “Guess I need to go deeper.”

Blake continued forward until he suddenly spotted what looked to be like some kind of trail. He landed and looked around, and sure enough, he saw some footprints. But they did not look new at all, and he could not tell if they were a dwarf’s or someone else’s. “Well, they head in this direction, so we will just check it out.”

He had no other clues, so he had no choice but to follow the path. If he could talk these dwarfs into following him, then he would be able to have more dwarven engineers at his side. He would not force anyone, though. He would only try to talk to them and see if they were willing to follow him. Whether or not they would say yes was another story. He felt he might only have a one percent chance, but he did wish to try anyway. After all, there was no harm in trying. At least he could show them goodwill. This way, if something happens down the road, they can always seek him out for help. A friendship was better than nothing.

Blake walked the path for a while until he saw three connecting paths, each with footprints on them. Which made Blake ponder which way he should go. “This is a dwarven illusion array. They use magic and inscribe an illusion into an item and then place it someplace to confuse people. No matter which path you take, it will end up leading you in the wrong direction.”

Mina’s explanation made Blake frown as he looked around. He only saw a cliff edge and nothing else. “Then how do we pass through the array?”

“Did you think it would work on the masters of illusions?” Mina held her nose high as she pointed towards the rocky cliff face next to them. “The real path is there. Just walk straight, and you will pass through the rocks.”

Blake nodded and walked straight toward the rocks. He did not even blink as he walked straight into the cliff face. He trusted Mina unconditionally, and sure enough, as soon as he passed through the rocks, the three paths disappeared, and only one path lay in front of him. He continued on and ran into many spots where he was forced to stop due to the same illusions. It was not until dusk that he finally came to a place with dwarven guards standing guard at a huge cave entrance.

Blake ducked behind some rocks to decide how he should handle this. He was probably not stronger than any of these dwarves, and he did not wish to have Mina or Mona get harmed either. After a bit of thought, Blake decided he would leave Mina and Mona here. “Mina, cast illusion magic to hide you and Mona. You can even dig a small hut in the rock here to stay in while I try to talk with the dwarves.”

“No! If you go in alone, there is no telling what might happen!” Mina instantly rejected this idea.

“I want you to please listen to me on this. I will be back as soon as I can. Remember, I still have many kinds of weapons on me that are not something dwarves can fight against. So I will be safe, but I can not ensure your safety if something goes down. If something does happen, I will immediately come here to get you, and we can run away together, okay?” Blake hoped Mina would listen to him, and luckily she reluctantly nodded her head.

“I swear if you die on me and make me a widow, I will find a way to revive you and kill you again!” Mina snorted as she flew up and gave Blake a kiss. Blake smiled and kissed her back before turning and kissing Mona. “I will leave Mona’s milking to you.”

“MMmm… Don’t worry. Sister Mona will not be treated badly.” Mina smiled and landed on Mona’s head. Blake said his goodbyes before walking out from behind the rocks and down the path once more so that it seemed like he had just walked up.

“Excuse me,” Blake called out with his hands up, instantly catching the attention of the two dwarves on duty. They brandished their spears and pointed them at Blake. “Who are you!?”

“My name is Blake. I came here to speak with the dwarves here.” Blake announced. He kept his hands raised and did not make any sudden moves.

The dwarves looked Blake up and down, but they couldn’t figure out what race he was. He had horns and wings that resembled a dragonic, but his tail was not a dragon’s tail. They looked at each other and began discussing it before one of them ran inside the cave, and the other walked forward. “Blake, you said, right? Please wait here. The other guard went to make a report.”


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