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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 140: A Humble Conversation With Elves Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) Sorry, all, I am preparing for surgery on Tuesday, so only one chapter per day for the next three days. I should be back to the normal schedule by Wednesday!–

Blake figured since he detected them, they probably detected him and Bret already as well. He hopped out of the tree and walked towards the group. He did not wish to seem hostile, so he had no weapons, but he was sure that if he was quick enough, he could easily escape if need be.

In between the trees, the two elven knights halted their steps and looked directly in front of them. The few girls behind them also stopped and went on guard. Surprisingly they each took out daggers and went into a fighting stance. “What do you want, human!?” One of the male elves in armor shouted as they saw a single human walking forward with his hands in his pocket. Seemingly unaware that the elves in front of him were looking at him with full hostility.

“I am just wondering why elves, two males, and a group of women are doing out this far. You people should have headed south.” Blake did not mention Noa. After all, she was currently on her brother’s hit list. He did not wish to give up clues just yet.

“That is none of your concern! We do not need a new age human like you worrying about us.” The male elf in metal armor lashed out. He did not like how calm the young man was. It seemed off to him. So he was being very wary of him.

“You seem to be the leader, correct? I do hate to tell you that a mile out from my base is my concern. After all, I have people I need to protect as well. Whether you are an orc, goblin, fea, beastkin, or even a dragonic, I have to be concerned with anyone walking into my territory.” Blake replied calmly before continuing: “My name is Blake, the leader of this area. May I know what or who you are looking for and why you are here?”

The male elf who had spoken so far narrowed his eyes. The new age human in front of him seemed to know a lot more than he really should, especially for humans who should not know anything about the other races. He pondered for a moment before saying. “My name is Tel. I am in search of someone. Have you seen a female elf in the area at all?”

“Tel!” One of the female elves behind him cried out in anger, her eyes staring daggers into his back.

“Rin, let me handle this. He seems to know a lot, so it might be possible he has run into her.” Tel whispered, but his words were heard by Blake, who was listening very closely to them. Rin snorted and gripped the dagger in her hand before glaring at Blake, who smiled at her. This smile left her unsettled, causing her to quickly look away in a huff.

“A female elf. Can you describe her?” Blake asked. He was now fairly sure they were looking for Noa, but why was what he wanted to know.

“She is around this tall, with green hair and green eyes,” Tel replied, only to be kicked in the back of his leg. He turned and glared at Rin. Blake found this quite amusing. He figured these people really meant Noa no harm, but he could not be one hundred percent sure.

He decided to test the waters a bit as he said: “You just described my wife. She is really cute, you know.”

“You dare say you are married to her highness!” Rin suddenly yelled out and rushed towards Blake with her dagger pointing at his heart. Blake snorted easily, grabbed the elf’s wrist, and twisted her arm to her back, causing her to cry out in pain.

“Let her go!” Tel yelled and drew his sword. Everyone quickly went on guard. But Blake just stood there as calm as ever as he held out his free hand and grinned, causing a ball of fire to appear in it. This caused everyone there to freeze. No incantation and no magic circle but still produced magic with ease.

“You know, since she attacked with the intent to kill, I should kill her, but…. I can tell she cares about Noa, so I will let her live. I do not wish for my wife to be sad for hurting loyal retainers.” Blake suddenly said, causing everyone there’s eyes to go wide. Knowing who Rin was speaking about proved he knew their princess.

“You… How do you….” Tel was confused. He watched as Blake put out his flame and took the dagger out of Rin’s hand, and let her go, pushing her forward a few steps. She turned and wanted to slap Blake but ended up catching nothing but air, making her even more angry than before.

“Relax there, Miss Rin. I mean, none of you any harm. But you need to answer my question, or I might need to kill you all here.” Blake’s voice grew cold. “Now that I know you are here for Noa, are you related to her brother?”

“No! Never!” the other male elf knight yelled out. “We would never bring harm to her highness. She has helped all of us….”

Ged stop…. Everyone, lower your weapons.” Tel yelled out. He then looked at Blake and asked: “You know where the Princess is?”

“Mmm…” Blake answered with a nod of his head. “But, I do not trust you. After all, as her husband, I have to protect her and the people she cares about.”

Rin gritted her teeth as she stared at Blake with pure hatred in her eyes as she growled: “Wife this, husband that, do you really think you are worthy of her highness!? How dare you speak of her in such a way.”

Blake turned to Rin and smiled widely as he said: “Hmmm? I also know every mole on her body from head to toe. And just so you know, Noa was the one who called me her husband first.”

Bret, who was up in the tree, held his head. He wondered if Blake understood he was probably talking to some powerful elves that could easily blow him up if they wanted to, but here he was egging them on! “But still… that one who is called Rin is quite cute and feisty…. I wonder…” Bret pulled out a knife and began trying to fix his hair. He needed to make a good first impression!

Sadly his excitement was ruined when he heard Blake yell out: “Bret, go back to the base and ask Noa if she knows a Rin, Tel, and Ged, was it?”

“Huh? Yes….” Ged answered absentmindedly after hearing his name called, which he ended up quickly shrinking back when Tel and Rin glared at him.

Bret quickly got up and took off toward the base. Blake saw that he was gone and quickly used earth magic to create a wall making it so they could not see which way Bret was going. He looked at Tel and Rin and gave a simple warning. “I would not send any detection magic that way unless you want your brain to explode.”

Rin frowned upon hearing this. She actually had this idea to see where the base was but with Blake’s warning, she decided not to risk it since this human was an unknown variable. Blake was not lying. With both Faana and Lillia there, they would know instantly if someone was using detection magic in the area and would attack them if they tried to pry into anything. It was a kind of backlash that reversed the flow of magic back at the caster and would attack the caster’s mind. It would be impossible to know who actually attacked them, or more like they would no longer be able to once their brain turned to mush.

“What are you planning?” Tel decided to ask.

“I am just protecting my wife. If she knows you and comes here, then things can be settled easily, but….. If my friend comes back and says that she does not know you, we will have no choice but to fight after all…. I can not allow our positions to be compromised just yet. And just so you know, don’t think just because you are elves and a little stronger that things will be so easy.” Blake hoped things would go smoothly because he was using bluffs to get him through this mess. This is why he showed his magic that did not require incantations or magic circles. If he had to, he would fight his way back to the base, but there was nothing more he could do besides that. Because even he knew he would be a fool to fight, these people head on.

So in order to keep up his act, Blake created a throne made of earth and sat on it as he watched the elves in front of him, and they watched him. Only a minute or two passed, and Rin really couldn’t stand it anymore as she asked: “How long do we need to wait?”

“Are all elves impatient?” Blake asked as he tilted his head and looked at Rin questioningly. “It has not even been two minutes, and you expect Noa to suddenly appear out of thin air? You do realize since she is coming to see me, she will need to put on something nice to try to impress me, right?”

“You! I swear when her highness is here, I will take your head!” Rin roared. She hated this human with every fiber of her being! Blake only smiled in return as he looked at the other female elves, who were much calmer. One even seemed to be wary of something.

Blake suddenly stood up and pointed at one of the female elves who was standing further away from the rest and asked: “You…. Why do you seem to be worried about something?”


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