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“Keep everyone inside just in case, except for minimal guard. All lights out at the base. We do not want anyone seeing us.” Blake sighed. He had yet to see signs of anyone striking back yet. But it would soon happen once people learned to use magic properly. Soon the time of enlightenment will happen. This was when most people regained information on magic. He was the same after his evolution in his first life.

“Alright. You can leave the base in my care. You take care of the green fuckers. I swear, after the last attack and now this, they seem like cockroaches….” Mike’s comparison was not too far off. Goblins’ role in life was to keep breeding, no different from a cockroach.

Blake spent a few hours setting things up and storing what they needed in his space pouch. He then spent some time with the girls giving them the much needed attention they wanted before setting out around two in the morning. There were six of them altogether, making their way through the dark with night vision goggles on. It made it much easier to see, and with the area already marked, they did not need to look for any footprints.

When they arrived at the location, Blake and Bret called a small meeting behind a large tree not far from the base. Bret was the leader for this mission, so he drew up a map of the area on the ground. “This is what we will do. Chuck, you will head north and set up land mines. Davis, you are east. Frank, west, and Seth, you will work this area and set up some trip lines in the stream area, just in case. Blake and I are the fastest, so we will set up trip lines at the areas around the building exits. Blake, you remember how to do it, right?”

“Yeah, you gave me the rundown.” Blake nodded. He had Bret show him all the basics so he could easily set things up.

“Good. We will also lay out mines. With how these guys are so dumb, if we just lay them on the ground, they will probably step on them anyway. We all need to be back here in fifteen. That is when Blake and I will start throwing the missiles up, and we will fire off mortars.” It might seem like a lot of firepower, but Blake wanted to make sure the whole den was destroyed. He just hoped that no powerful unfriendlies would show up.

Everyone quickly ran off to do what they needed to do. Blake cast strengthening and boost magic on himself and took off towards the north side of the town center. He was quick, but he was being careful as well. He did not want to alarm any goblins. He could see a few on guard, but many of the guards had fallen asleep at their post, which would make things easier.

Blake laid out landmines here and there before making his way toward the rear exits of some of the buildings and set up some c4 charges that could be set off by a trip line. This was something he had seen many times in movies. It was either c4 or grenades that were used for the trip line.

He moved as quickly as possible and set up as many as he could in the limited amount of time he had. When he was done, he quickly rushed back to their meeting spot. He was actually the first to arrive, then Bret. Everyone quickly returned, with Chuck being last due to being the one who had to go out the furthest.

“So, how do you want to start this?” Bret asked as he looked at Blake.

“If I throw this missile into the air, will it really explode when it lands?” Blake asked.

“No idea. We can only try. I have never thrown a missile by hand, so we can only arm them and hope for the best.” Bret grinned. He also wanted to find this out.

Blake scratched his head and shrugged while smiling. “Okay then….” He took out a missile and handed it to Bret. “You do the honors.”

“Hehehe… Why thank you, Lord!” Bret giggled like a little girl as he took the missile and walked out towards the den. He armed it and titled his body back, holding the thing like a football. He then took a deep breath and threw it as hard as he could straight into the air. This was followed by another, which Blake had Chuck arm for him and sent it flying. Up past Bret’s missile towards the northern side of the den.

Blake did not hold back as he took out two more and had them armed, and handed one to Bret. They both threw them into the air as well. About a minute later….

*Booom!* *Boom!*

Two huge explosions went off. Goblins began screaming. Blake turned and motioned for the others to start with the mortars as the second round of missiles landed. Blake only brought four missiles but quickly dumped out a bunch of grenades which they began hurling into the town. Explosions could be heard going off all around as the sky lit up from the fires.

More explosions went off around the area the den should be in as goblins who were trying to escape stepped on landmines and tripped the trip lines. To add more to the fire, Blake was also firing off fireball after fireball, lighting the surroundings of the town center on fire which also set off more explosions.

“Hey, Blake, do you think we went a little overboard?” Bret asked.

Blake turned and looked at him in confusion. “How is it overboard? We are killing goblins, not people. Mike said it best, they are cockroaches. If even one survives, they will keep breeding!”

“Alright…. But do you think we should stop attacking? I mean, the entire place is on fire now.” Bret looked at the massive flame in front of them and shook his head. He never thought they would start such a huge fire!

“Ah….. Guys quickly run around the town and contain the fire. Use water magic on the trees!” Blake suddenly realized the problem. A wooded area would easily catch on fire! He was not trying to burn down the forest!

It took them around thirty minutes to put the fire out with water magic. Only then did they begin searching for any surviving goblins. “Quite a few corpses here.”

“Mmm… around five hundred or more at least. To think they could breed this quickly.” Bret frowned as he looked at the mass of charred bodies, some of which were piled up on one another.

“Poke through the dead. Make sure there are no survivors underneath. If you find one, kill it.” Blake ordered before kicking a burnt door down and walking into the main building. He looked around and saw many corpses, some goblins, some human females, and even a few cow girls. He sighed. At least death was better than what they were going through.

He pushed his way through the building to the back, where a staircase leading down to the basement could be found. He listened carefully for any movement and heard quite a bit which caused him to back up slowly. He took out a few grenades and pulled the pins before tossing them down the stairs. He then quickly made his way out of the building. He had only just stepped outside when loud explosions went off, and part of the building collapsed.

“Keep searching. We can not leave any alive!” Blake yelled out.

While they were goblin hunting, not far away, a band of men and women were making their way toward where the explosions were going off. They had guns in their hands and looked to be at their wits’ end. A woman in her thirties pulled on the man in the lead’s arm and asked: “Are you sure we should be doing this?”

“If there are explosions like that, then they must be human. They may have a base. It is better than trying to survive out here where we can die at any time.” The man replied.

“Dr. Stanley, I know you are the one who kept us alive all this time, but if these people are marauders or something…. You know what happened before….” The woman was scared. She did not want to end up like some of the others.

“What do you want me to do? We only have this option. We either die to monsters trying to find food and safety, or we try our luck here and hope for the best. We should be lucky we have survived all this time. We only have this one chance. We can’t miss it. We are basically using all our luck and hope with this last trip. Because if we do not find someone to help us out, we will surely die in a few days’ time.” Dr. Stanley did not like having to do this either, but he had no choice. They had no food and no means to safely hunt any monsters to eat. They do not know if what they hunt is even poisonous. There were too many variables now that things have changed so much.

“Helen, we are all just as worried. But Dr. Stanley has kept us all alive this far. While we have lost a lot of people, we are still going. To have thirty of us still alive can be considered a blessing.” Another girl who was in her late twenties did her best to comfort her friend.

“I know, but… I can’t help asking questions….” Helen sighed as she continued forward.

After an hour, they found an area that was charred from fire with many craters everywhere. Dr. Stanley was just about to step out when a ball of fire suddenly flew past his face. “Don’t move!”

A young man with a tank top on and night vision goggles walked over and knelt down in front of Dr. Stanley. He carefully cut the wire that was connected to the grenades on the tree a few feet away. The young man then stood up and said: “Don’t move from this area. We just finished up a goblin extermination. There are land mines and trip lines all over. If you do not want to be blown up, do not move from where you are standing.”

“Sir… Who are….” Dr. Stanley wanted to ask who the young man was, but he put his finger to his lips and stared off into the direction from which they came. “You were followed….”


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