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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 133: New Species Bahasa Indonesia

Black and white fuzzy, floppy ears fell over the side of the girl’s face. Her tanned skin was on full display, along with her large breasts that leaked a white substance. From her lower back, just above her butt, a thin tail that came out to a small puff was clearly visible. Her big round black eyes stared at Blake in fear. She seemed unsure if she should run or not. Blake thought for a moment and asked: “Beastkin?” From what he could tell, her features seemed more of a cow, and he was not sure if cows even existed in the old world. “Can you understand me?”

The girl continued to stare at Blake without a word. And at the same time, a rustle was heard from the bushes behind her. A group of seven more cow girls came walking out, looking similar to the cow girl in front of him. They all looked to be in their twenties and were fully on guard. One even began stamping her feet, making strange mooing sounds. Blake motioned to the two behind him to back up as he raised his hands. “I mean no harm. If you need help, please let me know. I can help.”

“Maaoo!” One of the cow girls yelled out as she stared at Blake. Blake was at a loss of what to do since there was definitely a language barrier which he felt was strange because once the age of mana hit, he should have been able to understand all languages. The only thing he could think of was that this was a new species he had not heard about…. After thinking for a moment, Blake knelt down and grabbed the cow girl’s hand gently. The cow girl was surprised and tried to pull her hand back, but he held it firmly and helped her up. He, by right, could not leave these girls like this. Whether they were beastkin or a new species altogether, he could not leave them to be attacked. They were prime targets for goblins.

“Come….” Blake waved the others over and began leading the cow girl he held the hand of away. He looked at the two men and said: “Go grab a few girls from the base. I will lead them as far as I can. Get some blankets too!”

“Yes, Lord!” The men replied softly in order to not frighten the cow girls and quickly ran off. Once the men left, the other cow girls slowly started coming closer. When they did, he moved further away with the one he had ahold of. And like this, every few steps, they would follow closely but not too close.

In ten minutes, two girls came over with blankets which caused the cow girls to pause their steps. “Lord, this is?”

“I am not sure. For now, put a blanket around her. And try to show you mean no harm to the others. We need to get them back before goblins come.” Blake lightly explained. He was continuously scanning the area.

“Yes, Lord.” The two girls were in their twenties as well but were also highly trained in the training room and by Tina and Lillia. In no time at all, they were already gently placing blankets over the other cow girls. It seemed seeing someone of the same sex calmed them down.

Blake ushered them back to the base and had them bring them to a room where they could get cleaned up and put some clothes on their backs before rushing back out of the base with a few more people, two men, and two girls. He made his way to where he found the girls and looked around. After searching the area, he found a few dead goblins already and two dead cow girls. “There was a small battle here. But there are only a few goblins. Most likely scouts. Those bastards are still in the area, it seems.” Blake frowned as he pushed his way through the thick brush to find an open field. He also saw signs of what was an electric fence. “Was there a cow farm here? This close to the city?”

“Lord, any idea where the girls came from?” One of the men asked.

“If my guess is correct, they evolved from modern cows. But I see no males…. Wait, no I think I do see one….” Blake walked over to see a carcass on the ground. It was a cow like monster, but it was torn to shreds. “I think the girls must have killed it from the way it was torn up. But this is strange. Why was the male a monster and not human like the girls?”

“Lord, there is another one over here.”

“Alright. Leave it. We will head back. We need to decide what to do with the cow girls. If my assumption is right, then we might have many new kinds of beastkin. So we need to keep a look out for other modern animals that might have evolved into beastkins as well.” Blake figured he would have heard of such things in his past life unless no humans got a chance to come in contact with them since they were probably hunted by orcs and goblins.

When they returned to the base, Blake went to where the girls were taken to find Noa, Faana, and Lillia standing there with the cow girls. “Lillia, anything?”

“They are basically tribal,” Lillia answered, which confused Blake.

“What do you mean by tribal?” Blake asked.

“What I mean is when a monster or animal becomes a beastkin, they will still have animal instincts. Until they begin really understanding that they have changed, they will not be able to completely speak correctly. But I have never seen a species like this, and I know every beastkin species of the old world. Blake, do you have any idea what species they might have evolved from?” Lillia really hated not knowing something for once. It irked her that a new species had popped out of nowhere.

“A cow. They are a breed of farm animal we used to gain milk and meat from but not in this kind of form. When I looked around, I found two more dead with a bunch of goblins, so they were attacked by a few scouts. We also found male cows that evolved into monsters. So my guess is we should be looking out for more evolved species as well.” Blake sighed. He just hoped he could get to them before others did, or they might suffer for no reason.

“I will have Tina slowly teach them. It is best to keep males away from them, so I will move them to the female only section of the base.” This part of the base was for girls who experienced horrors during the apocalypse and could not be around men yet. While they were trying to be rehabilitated, it was a slow process.

“Alright. From the way they are leaking, though, we might need to milk them as well… ” Blake scratched his head. He knew his words sounded wrong, but it seemed to be a fact….

“I will ask one of the girls who said she worked on a farm.” Lillia also could tell something was wrong with the girl’s breasts. They were not pregnant but were leaking milk like crazy.

“Okay, I will leave them to you girls. I am going to go take a few people out and scout around the base. I want to make sure there are no others close by.” Blake gave his wives a kiss goodbye and was about to head out when he felt a tug on his shirt. He looked down to see Faana looking up at him. “What about me?”

“Hmmm?” Blake was confused. He did not understand what she meant.

“You gave them hugs and kisses. What about… Ahhhh! My horns!? Big sister, my horn will come off!” Faana cried out in pain. Blake chuckled and knelt down and hugged Faana, and patted her on the head. “Kisses are only for my wives. But I can at least give you a hug and head pat.”

Faana pouted as she rubbed her head, but she did not argue any longer. Lillia stood on the side and smiled. “Faana, he is now your brother in law so you can only get hugs from him, nothing more.”

“I just wanted to know what it was like….” Faana pouted. She had been alone all this time, so these things were all new to her.

Lillia’s eyes softened as she patted Faana’s head and said: “When you learn more about the world, I am sure you will one day experience such things. But for now, just be a good girl.”

“Mmm..” Faana felt like she was being treated like a little kid, but she did not mind it. After all, Lillia had been very kind to her even though she was a dragonic.

As Blake went back to the gate, he was once more stopped by Bret, who came out of nowhere and slapped him in the back. “Hey, I heard you saved some cow girls. Is it true?”

“Why is it that anytime anything with a female happens, you are the first to come running to me?” Blake asked, giving Bret a look that asked do you really want to get laid that badly by something not human?

“What!? Can’t I just ask!? Damn! You make me sound like some kind of perv!” Bret frowned. He felt really offended! But this only lasted a few seconds when he began smiling again and asked: “So, is it true?”

Blake chuckled and nodded. “Yes, but for now, they are off limits for the foreseeable future. If we are not wrong, they might be a new species of beastkin. So they are not fully humanized yet, I guess I should say. They can’t speak and seem to act on instinct.”

“Wait, so if they were able to turn into cow girls does that mean there are rabbit girls out there? I remember this one anime with this hot rabbit chick. I wonder if they will keep the….”

“Stop! Enough with your anime fantasies! Even if there are rabbit girls, you will need to wait for them to be humanized and understand what is happening before you can even speak with them! So do not get your hopes up!” Blake had heard many stories from Bret about all the kinds of fantasy girls he wanted to bed. The guy never stopped thinking with his dick.

“Hah! No romance! Then again, you are already fucking a dragon girl and an elf. I fucking hate you.” Bret yelled out and wiped a few fake tears from his eyes before letting out a laugh. “Alright, I will keep an eye out for these new species, just in case. Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to them either.”

“I know I trust you. Since you’re not busy, come take a trip with me around the base. I just want to scout the area some, just in case.” Blake wanted to check for more goblins and just in case more cow girls were around or other species.

“Alright, lead the way!”

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