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Fang Lei took a week’s leave from work. He couldn’t take Xiaohui with him to the police station, so he could only take leave to stay at home with Xiaohui, at least to give Xiaohui some basic knowledge of life. Of course, as a cat, Xiaohui was good in every way, but as a human, Xiaohui needed to master a lot more. It was also fortunate that Fang Lei had just finished the case at hand, otherwise the leader wouldn’t have granted him leave.

“This is money.”

Fang Lei leaned against the head of the bed, pulled out various banknotes from one yuan to one hundred yuan from his wallet and laid them out in front of Xiaohui to teach him to recognise them. According to what he knew about Xiaohui, Xiaohui would definitely not stay at home obediently, and he couldn’t guarantee that the people Xiaohui met would be good people like the driver last time, so he could only teach Xiaohui what the money was first. “Xiaohui, whatever you want, you can exchange it for money,” he said, picking up a one yuan bill. “This is the smallest money.” Then he picked up a hundred yuan note, “This is the biggest money.”

Xiaohui squatted opposite Fang Lei; he still didn’t like the “sitting” position as it tended to squash his tail. He stared curiously at the banknote in Fang Lei’s hand, tilted his head and waved his tail, meowing.

Fang Lei nodded, “You can exchange money for anything.”

Xiaohui’s eyes lit up and he pulled a hundred yuan out of Fang Lei’s hand, meowing.

“……” Fang Lei. He held back a smile and stroked Xiaohui’s ears, “No, you can’t exchange this hundred yuan with Yan Yue for Lu Lingxi. Money can only be exchanged for things, not people. Besides, didn’t we just agree that there would be only two of us at home and no one else?”

He was just joking, but who knew that Xiaohui twitched his ears and threw away the money, suddenly jumping into his arms. Fang Lei was stunned and firmly hugged Xiaohui for a while.


Xiaohui leaned over and pressed his forehead against Fang Lei’s, sticking out his tongue and licking Fang Lei’s lips. Fang Lei’s heart trembled and he was about to push Xiaohui away, but he hesitated when he heard the meaning of Xiaohui’s meow clearly. Xiaohui didn’t understand the joke he had just made and simply thought that Fang Lei was upset by Xiaohui’s behaviour, so he comforted him by licking him.


Xiaohui stopped moving after licking and looked at Fang Lei expectantly, signalling that it was Fang Lei’s turn to lick. According to the internet, in the world of cats, only cats with good and close relationships were allowed to groom each other. Previously, Xiaohui treated Fang Lei as a servant who served him, but now he reluctantly regarded Fang Lei as a kindred spirit.

Fang Lei: “……”

The sudden ringing of the phone rescued Fang Lei. Whoever it was, Fang Lei was grateful to the caller. But soon Fang Lei regretted this thought. On the phone, the old Mrs. Fang made a final decision, “Leizi, I heard that you took a week off from work. The girl you met today is also on holiday these days, so since you have a day off, tomorrow just have a meal with her to get acquainted with each other. Don’t leave after dinner, go for a stroll around. It’s a deal, I’ll tell the girl first, and you can call her to agree about a place.”

Fang Lei: “Mom, I…”

“Alright, the TV series is about to start, I won’t talk anymore.” The old lady hung up the phone, leaving Fang Lei alone with a headache. He was thinking of inviting the girl for another meal as a kind of reparation, and by the way, to make it clear that he had no intention of looking for a girlfriend for the time being, so as not to delay her. But he didn’t expect the old lady to be in such a hurry and arrange the meeting for tomorrow. He looked at Xiaohui helplessly; he didn’t feel safe leaving Xiaohui at home, but he was also worried that if he took Xiaohui with him, Xiaphui might turn back into a cat at some point.

He hesitated for a long time and discussed it with Xiaohui, “Tomorrow I’ll send you to Xiao Xi, okay?”

Fang Lei had many friends, but if there was anyone who could accept the fact that Xiaohui had turned into a human being without any problems, it was only Lu Lingxi.


Xiaohui immediately became vigilant and expressed his dissatisfaction with Fang Lei’s arrangement.

When Fang Lei saw that it wouldn’t work, he chose to compromise. “Then tomorrow I’ll invite a friend over for a meal, okay?”


Fang Lei explained, “Just an ordinary friend, it’ll be just dinner.”

Xiaohui reluctantly nodded, agreeing. Fang Lei let out a sigh of relief, thinking that taking into account the enthusiasm of the old lady, it was better to talk to the girl as soon as possible. Otherwise, there was no guarantee that the old lady wouldn’t do something without his knowledge. Although it was a risk to invite the girl home, this was his home turf and he could find a way to trick her in case Xiaohui turned back into a cat. Fang Lei found the girl’s phone number, and when he got through, he first apologised for his behaviour today, and then politely said that his brother was not feeling well and it was not very convenient to go out. If the girl didn’t mind, he wanted to invite her over for a meal as an apology.

Perhaps it was because Fang Lei’s profession as a police officer gave people a sense of security, so the girl didn’t refuse and agreed to come.

Fang Lei thought about the problems he might encounter tomorrow and felt that there was nothing missing, so he relaxed and continued to explain various things to Xiaohui. After one night of hard work, he taught Xiao Xiaohui how to recognise the amount on the banknotes. Xiaohui didn’t know how to count, but was able to tell by the colour of the banknotes. Fang Lei also took Xiaohui to re-demonstrate how to use the electrical appliances in the house, including the mobile phone he was now using. Although Xiaohui was smart when he was a cat and basically knew how to use them all, there was a difference between his paws and his hands after he’d become a human. These were the basics; the most crucial thing was for Xiaohui to develop the habit of wearing clothes. Fang Lei found all his own clothes, trousers, t-shirts, jackets and pulled Xiaohui to try them all on. The good thing was that except for his tail, which was a bit of interference, Xiaohui didn’t seem to be averse to wearing clothes.

Fang Lei thought about buying Xiaohui some oversize trousers that were popular nowadays, so that Xiaohui could hide his tail, as well as a hat, and yes, he needed to buy a mobile phone for Xiaohui. As he made his plans, he looked at Xiaohui, who was tossing and turning on his bed, enjoying himself, and had the feeling he was raising a son.


Xiaohui rolled over, shrunk into a ball like a cat and clung to Fang Lei’s thigh. Fang Lei was a little uncomfortable and tried to move; Xiaohui slapped him unhappily.

Fang Lei: “……”

A son probably wouldn’t be that grumpy.

After 11 o’clock in the evening, Xiaohui couldn’t hold it any longer and pulled Fang Lei to sleep. Fang Lei had slept all afternoon and didn’t feel sleepy, but Xiaohui was making a lot of noise, so he had to follow Xiaohui to sleep. Before going to bed, Fang Lei found two t-shirts to sleep in, one for Xiaohui and one for himself. But Xiaohui refused to wear it and took off his underwear as well, lying naked on Fang Lei’s body, stretching his limbs and meowing.

Fang Lei was going crazy and grabbed Xiaohui to stop him from moving around, “Sleep.”


Xiaohui bit Fang Lei’s neck, dissatisfied, and continued to rub against him. Fang Lei had to hold Xiaohui tightly in his arms, with his legs clamped around him, confining Xiaohui’s movements. The two were cuddled together in an unprecedentedly intimate position, and Fang Lei clearly felt that while he was getting hard, so was Xiaohui.

Fang Lei: “……”

Xiaohui pouted uncomfortably and followed his instinct to lick Fang Lei’s neck.


Fang Lei understood the meaning: Xiaohui was in heat. He tried to brainwash himself with “Xiaohui is a cat”, but the soft lips and tongue on his neck reminded him that Xiaohui was not a cat now but had turned into a human. Even though Xiaohui still had cat ears and a cat tail, Fang Lei was sure that anyone who saw Xiaohui now would think that Xiaohui was a human.


Xiaohui urged in discomfort and Fang Lei awkwardly had to release him. Xiaohui immediately wrapped himself around Fang Lei without needing anyone to teach him and grabbed ‘Xiao Lei’ with both hands through Fang Lei’s underwear.

Fang Lei: “……”

It’s going to break!

“Xiaohui, let go.” Fang Lei gritted his teeth. Xiaohui was obviously inexperienced. Fang Lei felt that if he kept on being grabbed by Xiaohui he would have to go to the doctor tomorrow.


Xiaohui didn’t listen to Fang Lei’s words; instead he grabbed tighter. It was as if he suddenly understood what was going on and moved his hands up and down over Xiao Lei. Fang Lei no longer knew whether it was enjoyment or torture. In order to avoid the tragedy of Xiao Lei breaking in Xiaohui’s hands, Fang Lei had to grab Xiaohui’s hand and instruct him how to regulate his strength. After the “sweet” torture, Xiaohui looked at Fang Lei with shining eyes and excitedly grabbed Fang Lei’s hand to touch Xiao Hui.


Fang Lei: “……”

Adhering to the principle of giving as much as receiving and helping each other, Fang Lei successfully solved Xiaohui’s problem. His experience was much richer than Xiaohui’s. Xiaohui comfortably hugged Fang Lei and licked him everywhere, leaving countless tooth marks on Fang Lei’s neck, slobbering all over Fang Lei’s body. Fang Lei had no choice but to carry Xiaohui to take another bath, but Xiaohui was not happy and left countless drool stains all over his body again.


Fang Lei understood that this slobbering by Xiaohui was an interaction between cat mates. Technically speaking, Xiaohui was not just licking but marking him as his possession. He marked Fang Lei’s body, announcing to Fang Lei and to other cats that Fang Lei was his and no one was allowed to steal him.

Fang Lei: “……”

No matter what Fang Lei thought, Xiaohui finished marking him and happily fell asleep on top of Fang Lei. Fang Lei hugged Xiaohui helplessly and unconsciously fell asleep too.

The next morning, Fang Lei went to the vegetable market and bought a lot of hot pot ingredients. Although he had practised his cooking skills, he was only good at cooking fish, and everything else was just a bit too ordinary. Considering that Xiaohui might not like to eat hot pot, Fang Lei also bought several catties of fresh small fish, preparing half of them to be fried for Xiaohui and half to be cooked in a fish soup for Xiaohui. When he went out in the morning, Xiaohui had not yet woken up. But when Fang Lei returned to the apartment with his hands full, he saw the apartment door wide open and Xiaohui squatting in the doorway wearing only black underwear, waving his tail and looking at him.

Fang Lei was startled and hurriedly looked around to see if anyone had seen Xiaohui. He rushed inside and was about to close the door when Xiaohui jumped into his arms, angrily accusing him of the evil he had done by leaving Xiaohui alone at home. Fang Lei had no choice but to use his magic trick, wrapping one arm around Xiaohui and rubbing his tummy with the other.


Xiaohui was so comforted by the rubbing that he couldn’t remember what he was angry about a minute ago.

Fang Lei looked at Xiaohui with amusement and prepared to go to the kitchen to wash the vegetables. Xiaohui followed obediently. When the vegetables were washed, Fang Lei looked at the time and pulled Xiaohui back into the bedroom, finding two pieces of his clothes and asking Xiaohui to wear them.

“Good boy, when someone comes later, make sure you hide your tail. Also, when you are about to turn back into a cat, hide back in the bedroom and don’t come out, remember?”


Fang Lei stroked Xiaohui’s ears and coaxed patiently, “Just for a little while, I’ll give you fried little fish to eat at noon.”

Xiaohui cocked his head and looked at Fang Lei for a moment, magnanimously agreeing to his mate’s request.


It was almost eleven o’clock when Lin Jing found Fang Lei’s single apartment according to the address he had given her. She had a very good impression of Fang Lei, practically falling in love at first sight. Although it was strange to her that Fang Lei was not married when he had such good conditions, she could understand it considering Fang Lei’s profession. The only thing that concerned Lin Jing was the cat-eared boy from yesterday. She probably guessed that the boy was Fang Lei’s brother, and her heart was not very comfortable. After all, she had been left in the restaurant by Fang Lei on her first meeting with him, which was a bit humiliating, to say the least.

Lin Jing stood at the door and was about to knock when Xiaohui inside the house suddenly exploded. He smelled a nasty smell at the door, exactly the same as the smell Fang Lei had on him yesterday after he had left him behind.


Xiaohui angrily went to Fang Lei who was frying fish for him.

Fang Lei didn’t understand why Xiaohui was angry again, “What’s wrong?”

Xiaohui was about to complain when there was a knock on the door. Fang Lei stroked Xiaohui’s head, “Stop it, a guest is coming.”


He guessed that it was Lin Jing, so he turned off the fire and opened the door. Xiaohui followed behind Fang Lei angrily. As soon as Fang Lei opened the door, a gentle smile appeared on Lin Jing’s face. The next moment, the smile froze on her face as Xiaohui squeezed into Fang Lei’s arms from behind, hugging Fang Lei and giving him an affectionate lick.


Lin Jing: “……”

Fang Lei: “……”

Xiaohui swept a haughty glance at Lin Jing, full of hostility at her presence.

Fang Lei could do nothing about Xiaohui; he could only smile helplessly and step aside to invite Lin Jing in.

Lin Jing walked in silently, her eyes darting around the room. Fang Lei’s apartment was very clean and Lin Jing’s impression of him was a little better. Of course, it would have been better if there wasn’t that weird cat-eared teenager.

“Sit down for a while, we’ll have hot pot for lunch, it’ll be ready soon.” Fang Lei was very polite.

Lin Jing smiled, “Do you need my help?”

“No, no need.” Fang Lei excused himself as he set the fruit on the coffee table in front of Lin Jing. Xiaohui swept the entire fruit plate into his arms.


Lin Jing: “……”

The corners of Fang Lei’s mouth twitched; he nodded at Lin Jing in embarrassment, grabbed Xiaohui and went to the bedroom, closed the door and whispered, “Remember what we talked about in the morning?”

Xiaohui scratched Fang Lei angrily; he felt more righteous than Fang Lei.

Fang Lei had to compromise, “It’s just an ordinary friend having a meal, we’ll send her away later. Be good and don’t make trouble.”


Fang Lei nodded, “I promise.”

After they communicated again, Xiaohui’s attitude towards Lin Jing was a little better. Of course his hostility was still there, but Xiaohui felt he was adult enough to tolerate his mate preparing food for his rival. Xiaohui’s hostility was so obvious that Lin Jing felt it all too clearly. She had been a little uncomfortable, but upon closer observation she realised that Xiaohui couldn’t speak, only meow. She didn’t think of anything else but that Xiaohui was not quite right in the head. Looking at the cat ears that Xiaohui was wearing on his head, she could see that Xiaohui was thinking he was a cat. When she thought of this, Lin Jing felt a little sympathy for Fang Lei and became a little more tolerant towards Xiaohui. When Fang Lei laid the table and invited her to eat hot pot, she even smiled and gave way to Xiaohui.

“Xiaohui doesn’t eat hot pot.” Fang Lei said as he held up a small fish and carefully picked out some larger bones before tearing it into small strips and placing it in Xiaohui’s bowl.


Xiaohui meowed at Fang Lei.

Fang Lei felt helpless and nodded politely to Lin Jing, indicating that Lin Jing should eat first, and turned to hold the small fish and feed it into Xiaohui’s mouth.

Lin Jing: “……”

Seeing that Fang Lei himself couldn’t be bothered to eat and just kept picking out the bones and feeding the fish to Xiaohui, Lin Jing finally couldn’t help but smile and said, “Isn’t Officer Fang hungry?”

Fang Lei casually said, “It’s okay, I’m used to it, let me feed Xiaohui first.”

Lin Jing felt a vein throb on her forehead as she watched Xiaohui, who didn’t feel self-conscious at all, meowing and eating. After finally waiting for Xiaohui to finish eating, Lin Jing thought it was her and Fang Lei’s turn to eat slowly, but it turned out that Xiaohui lazily leaned on Fang Lei and squeezed into Fang Lei’s arms in front of her, with the look of a pampered cat.


Xiaohui gave Lin Jing a provocative look and turned his head to lick at Fang Lei’s neck.

Fang Lei: “……”

Lin Jing almost couldn’t keep the smile on her face as she put down her chopsticks and said as softly as she could, “I’m full.”

Fang Lei sighed; there was really no way to blame Xiaohui, so he could only nod apologetically at Lin Jing and said straightforwardly, “I’m sorry, my brother isn’t very sensible. This time I invited Miss Lin to come over to apologise for what happened yesterday, and to tell her that my profession is too dangerous and I don’t know when something will happen, so I don’t want to drag others down. Miss Lin is very good and deserves better.”

He said it politely, but Lin Jing still turned red and interrupted him straight away, “Is it because of him?” Lin Jing pointed at Xiaohui.

Fang Lei froze; to some extent it was because of Xiaohui, but it was certainly not what Lin Jing thought. But his hesitation was taken as an admission by Lin Jing, who was instantly aggrieved. The anger from yesterday when she was inexplicably left in the restaurant also surged, and she blurted out, “What’s good about a psycho!”

Fang Lei’s face darkened slightly, “Miss Lin, Xiaohui is not sick.” After saying that Fang Lei felt this matter was his fault and eased his tone, “I’m really sorry, this matter is my fault, I…”

Before he finished his sentence, Lin Jing suddenly stood up. Without waiting for Fang Lei to react, Xiaohui had already jumped down nimbly and stood in front of Fang Lei, blocking him.


Xiaohui narrowed his eyes angrily and yelled at Lin Jing, looking as if he was about to pounce and bite her at any moment. In Xiaohui’s view, Lin Jing’s actions were a threat to Fang Lei and he had to stand up to protect his mate.

Fang Lei: “……”

Lin Jing left the apartment in a rage, throwing the words, “Don’t explain to me, wait until you explain to your mother.”

As soon as she left, Xiaohui immediately jumped happily into Fang Lei’s arms. Driving the enemy away from his territory was a victory for Xiaohui, and he waved his tail proudly at Fang Lei with a look that begged for praise.


Fang Lei laughed helplessly, looking at Xiaohui with a gaze full of indulgence.

“Still want to eat the fish?”

Xiaohui rubbed his stomach, thinking that he had just consumed a lot of energy while confronting the enemy and could eat another small fish.


Fang Lei led Xiaohui back to the dining room. Half an hour later after eating and drinking enough, Fang Lei received a call from the old lady. He was already mentally prepared. As expected, the old lady first scolded Fang Lei, saying that he had made a girl cry and was simply too much. When Fang Lei felt that the old lady had almost scolded him enough and was about to take a break and drink some water to moisten her throat, the old lady suddenly said, “Are your father and I some kind of old-fashioned people? If you say you like men, you like them, what can’t you say to the family? You are living with someone and your father and I are still kept in the dark, are we outsiders? Are you worthy of your father and I raising you for so many years?”

Fang Lei: “……”

“Mom, no, I…” Fang Lei didn’t know how to explain it for a long time.

The old Mrs. Fang took a sip of water and continued heatedly: “You what you! What are you trying to say? It’s not that you’re deliberately hiding it from us? Then what is it? Are you ashamed of yourself? Are you afraid that people around you will laugh at you? Who do you think you’re living your life for? It’s important to live comfortably yourself, what do you care what other people think, can they live your life for you?”

“……” Fang Lei simply admitted his mistake, “Mom, I was wrong.”

He had given up on the idea of explaining and the old lady grunted, “So what if you know you are wrong?”

Fang Lei immediately promised, “I’ll find time to take him home to see you guys.”

“That’s more like it.” The old lady hung up the phone arrogantly.

Fang Lei shook his head and laughed as he held the phone.


Xiaohui watched Fang Lei answer the phone and immediately squealed coquettishly. He had eaten two more fish and also fished out a lot of noodles from the hot pot. He had overeaten a little and was rolling around on the bed with his belly up. Fang Lei sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed Xiaohui’s tummy. Xiaohui squinted comfortably and rolled into Fang Lei’s arms, hugging him and licking him all over again.

Fang Lei looked at Xiaohui indulgently, thinking that it was actually not bad to be like that.


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