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Pastoral Daily Life – Chapter 57 Bahasa Indonesia

If it were as usual, Lu Lingxi would not have hesitated whether to choose to go to the plant nursery to evolve the plants or to take Yan Yue home for dinner. But now it was different; he subconsciously wanted Yan Yue to make a good impression on Wang Shuxiu. Noticing the egg-plants Wang Shuxiu was carrying, Lu Lingxi hesitated slightly and decisively chose to nod, assuring that he remembered.

“Okay, breakfast is on the table, hurry up and eat.”

Wang Shuxiu said that and went to do other things. Just now at the morning market, Wang Shuxiu happened to run into Brother Feng. The last time Brother Feng sent her home, Wang Shuxiu had nothing to thank him with, so she sent him two bottles of tomato sauce that she had cooked at home. When she met Brother Feng today, he made a point of mentioning that he had eaten all the tomato sauce. He asked around and Wang Shuxiu seemed to be selling it, so he wanted to buy a few bottles from Wang Shuxiu.

How much a few bottles of tomato sauce could be worth? Wang Shuxiu refused to ask for money for them. She originally thought she would find time to send them to Brother Feng later in the morning, but Brother Feng said he didn’t want to bother her and would just go with her. He refused to go inside and was now waiting outside.

Wang Shuxiu found four bottles of tomato sauce, and after thinking about it, she went to the backyard to pick some fresh tomatoes. No matter how much she didn’t like Brother Feng’s way of making money, he was still a good person. Although she hadn’t agreed to rent the place he had suggested last time, she still had to be grateful to him for his kindness.

In the time it took her to do these things, Lu Lingxi had already finished his breakfast and hurriedly led Dahei out the door.

“Mom, I’ll go first.”

Lu Lingxi and Dahei trotted out. As soon as they walked out of the building, Lu Lingxi saw a green pickup truck parked at the door. Xiao Feng leaned against the door with a cigarette and seemed to be waiting for someone. Lu Lingxi had a deep impression of this pickup very well, and an even deeper impression of Xiao Feng. He was still hesitating whether to say hello when Xiao Feng glanced at him and nodded faintly.


Lu Lingxi could no longer pretend not to see him and politely said, “Brother Feng.”

Xiao Feng gave an “en” and focused his gaze on Dahei.

Lu Lingxi hurriedly nodded, pulled Dahei and ran. He remembered the last time Dahei had bitten Brother Feng’s pants. What if Brother Feng held a grudge against Dahei? When Lu Lingxi, who was running away, accidentally turned his head, he saw Wang Shuxiu and Xiao Feng standing together, talking about something. Wang Shuxiu was also carrying two bags to give to Xiao Feng. Lu Lingxi was taken aback for a moment. He remembered that Wang Shuxiu had been rummaging for tomato sauce as soon as she returned and had gone to the backyard to pick some tomatoes. So couldn’t they be in the bags?

How come Mom was with Brother Feng and their relationship looked pretty good?

This question remained until Lu Lingxi entered Tiny Garden. The greenery in the shop cleared away the summer heat he had brought with him from his trot. Lu Lingxi remembered his business and didn’t think about Xiao Feng’s appearance at his doorstep anymore. He took the time to finish cleaning the shop and then started mental scanning.

Chlorophytum, fuchsias, Belgian azaleas, cyclamens… A series of mental scans revealed that the plants that eventually met the evolutionary requirements were less than a quarter of the shop’s plants. Lu Lingxi felt a bit strange. He usually took the same care of these plants, why was there such a big difference? After thinking about it for a long time, Lu Lingxi decided to start the evolution of the plants with chlorophytum. As at home, there were two evolutionary directions for chlorophytum, but Lu Lingxi uniformly chose to absorb formaldehyde +20%. The chlorophytum in the shop were sold for the purpose of purifying the air in new houses, and the stronger the effect of absorbing formaldehyde, the better it was, obviously.

Apart from chlorophytum, the evolution of other plants and flowers was as strange as Lu Lingxi had thought. He found that although the evolution of plants was in different directions, they could be broadly categorised into two types, a practical type such as the chlorophytum and an ornamental type such as the Rieger begonia.

When he first saw that the evolution direction of Rieger begonia was fragrance +20%, he hesitated for a dozen seconds before choosing “yes”.

There were a lot of plants in the shop, and although only a quarter of them could evolve, it took Lu Lingxi an hour to evolve them. He divided the evolved and unevolved plants into two batches, intending to sell the evolved ones first in the future, and keep the non-evolved ones for a while to see the situation.

Yan Yue came over at the usual opening time and saw Lu Lingxi stepping on a small stool and hanging chlorophytum on the ceiling.

The young man’s body was slender; he was tilting his head with his arms raised, and his t-shirt was rising as well, revealing the white skin of his waist. Yan Yue’s eyes darkened; uncontrollably he stepped forward and embraced Lu Lingxi from behind. “I’ll do it.” He easily took the chlorophytum from Lu Lingxi’s hand and hung it on the ceiling, but didn’t want to let go, maintaining the position of holding Lu Lingxi.


Lu Lingxi blushed a little, broke away awkwardly and curved his eyes, “Big Brother Yan, you’re here.”

Yan Yue could see Lu Lingxi’s shyness; his heart felt itchy, but he didn’t dare to do anything in the shop. He could only reach out and rub the young man’s hair, asking in a low voice, “Why are you here so early today?”

“Got up early.” Lu Lingxi said softly.

Yan Yue suddenly smiled, rolled up his sleeves and began to help Lu Lingxi with his work.

“By the way, I’ve found a friend to help with the plant nursery to build the greenhouse, so Xiao Xi doesn’t need to worry about it.” Yan Yue said casually. An Jie had already gotten over his jet lag, and Yan Yue immediately reverted to his capitalist nature, eager to make An Jie work for two people at once. In addition to Dezhi Investment, An Jie was responsible for buying him a house as well as renovating it and had to take over the construction of the greenhouse in the plant nursery.

“Will it trouble him?” Lu Lingxi was a little embarrassed.

“How come?” Yan Yue affirmed, “He is a professional in this field, just leave it to him. Besides, it’s not like we won’t pay.”

Lu Lingxi thought that the friend Yan Yue was talking about was specialising in the design and installation of greenhouses, and thought that if they paid for it, it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

While the two were talking about the greenhouse over here, An Jie, who was far away at the hotel, couldn’t help but sneeze one time after another. “Who’s thinking of me?” An Jie muttered, burying his head in the work.

Yan Yue’s entire mind was on Lu Lingxi, and everything else was pushed to An Jie. An Jie was so busy that he wished he had eight hands. The first thing was the house that Yan Yue had requested. In order not to arouse Wang Shuxiu’s suspicion, An Jie hired more than a dozen agents to intensively look at houses in the Hongfu Community. It created the illusion that the neighbourhood had a good environment and that many people wanted to buy a house there. This way Yan Yue wouldn’t look too out of place if he bought a house there. When you buy a house, you have to renovate it. The original owner had lived there for more than ten years after all, so it was impossible to move in without renovation. While Yan Yue’s request was only to buy one, An Jie couldn’t disregard the comfort level of the house. Apart from taking care of the house, An Jie also had to take care of Dezhi Investment. He already had enough headaches to deal with, but then Yan Yue dumped the greenhouse construction on him. If it wasn’t for the generous bonus Yan Yue gave him at the end of the year, An Jie would have quit his job, packed up and left the country.

An Jie kept cursing Yan Yue in his mind, but Yan Yue didn’t feel it at all. He was listening to Lu Lingxi talking about seeing Xiao Feng in the morning.

“I wonder when Mom got so close to Brother Feng?” Lu Lingxi looked puzzled.

Yan Yue frowned slightly, suddenly thinking of Ye Kang’s words last time.


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