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When Yan Yue arrived at the police station with Dahei, someone was already waiting for him. To some extent, as an important “witness”, Dahei was very much valued.

The man who welcomed Yan Yue introduced himself as Fang Lei, the person in charge of the case of Lu Hongxin. Fang Lei was over thirty years old. He greeted Yan Yue and smiled at Dahei amicably. As someone who knew the inside story, he had been curious about Dahei for a long time. Yan Yue nodded politely to Fang Lei and let Dahei follow him inside the police station. According to Fang Lei, Lu Hongxin was currently detained in the innermost interrogation room, waiting for the follow-up investigation.

As he got closer to the interrogation room, Dahei grew a little agitated, from time to time letting out a low bark. Yan Yue looked at Dahei’s reaction and was already sure that Lu Hongxin was their man. Fang Lei also noticed Dahei’s behaviour and was secretly surprised.

The two men and the dog walked to the door of the interrogation room. Once the door was opened, Dahei immediately arched his body, bared his teeth and let out a threatening growl from deep in his throat, looking like he might pounce at any moment.

Yan Yue tightened the leash around Dahei’s neck and said in a low warning voice, “Dahei.”

Dahei turned his head to look at him, closed his mouth and slowly calmed down.

There were three people inside the interrogation room. One was none other than Lu Hongxin, and the remaining two were Fang Lei’s colleagues. Ye Cheng had already made the arrangements, and they were not surprised to see Dahei, although the order from above was inexplicable. They were informed that a dog was to be used to identify the suspect and they couldn’t help but feel a little strange. The incidents of Lu Hongxin hitting people were already investigated clearly, and now they investigated his corruption and bribery. What was the point of having a dog to identify him? But when the order came from the top, no one was stupid enough to question it.

When they saw Dahei, the one who reacted the most was Lu Hongxin. He shouted in horror, “What are you doing? Lynching is illegal, I can sue you!”

Yan Yue glanced at him indifferently, lowered his head and asked Dahei for confirmation, “Is that him?”

Dahei bared his teeth and barked, looking at Lu Hongxin with fierce hatred in his eyes.

The two policemen looked at Lu Hongxin and then at Dahei, and realised that this dog really knew Lu Hongxin. They were still thinking what to do since the dog recognised the man when Yan Yue suddenly let go of the leash and Dahei rushed out like an arrow. In front of several people, Dahei jumped over the table, pounced on Lu Hongxin and pinned him to the floor underneath him as the man screamed in terror.

“Be careful.” The policeman at the front subconsciously touched his baton but Fang Lei stopped him silently.

Lu Hongxin was pinned to the floor and panicked, saying, “Damn dog, get lost, you’re breaking the law like this, I’ll sue you.”

Dahei glared at him with hatred, bared his teeth and growled low, both paws pressed down firmly on Lu Hongxin’s shoulders as he slowly lowered his head closer to the man’s neck.

“Damn dog, get out of here. Some… someone is going to die.” Lu Hongxin let out a miserable cry, terrified to the point of incontinence as Dahei’s mouth closed in on his neck.

The smell in the room was somewhat unpleasant and Yan Yue finally called out slowly, “Dahei, come back.”

Dahei slowly straightened up and growled at Lu Hongxin again before jumping off his body and trotting all the way back to Yan Yue’s side. Yan Yue nodded at Fang Lei and the others with an apologetic face and blamed himself, “I’m sorry, I didn’t keep an eye on my dog.”

Fang Lei nodded indifferently. His attention was always on Dahei from the beginning to the end. From the time Yan Yue let go of the leash to the time Dahei pounced to scare Lu Hongxin, he felt that the dog’s reaction was simply amazing. After a disgusted glance at Lu Hongxin on the floor, Fang Lei squatted in front of Dahei with interest and said seriously: “Dahei, right? Would you like to come to the police force?” He didn’t know how Dahei had been trained. He had seen many police dogs before; all of them were quite intelligent and could understand commands through training. But once he compared them to Dahei, he immediately saw the difference. He felt that Dahei was no longer simply understanding commands, but that he understood exactly what they were saying and doing. It was simply a pity if a dog as smart as this didn’t come to the police force.


Dahei narrowed his eyes, calmly tilted his head and rubbed it against Yan Yue’s leg. Yan Yue laughed in his heart, but on the surface, he politely refused Fang Lei’s offer. Dahei was just an ordinary pet dog, so he was afraid Fang Lei would be disappointed.

If the dog’s owner wasn’t willing, Fang Lei couldn’t force him, so he had to send Dahei away reluctantly.

When they returned to the car, Yan Yue stroked Dahei’s head and smiled, “Satisfied now?”

Dahei barked and took the initiative to rub against Yan Yue’s palm.

Yan Yue withdrew his hand, “You know how to answer when Xiao Xi asks, right?”

Dahei barked again and lazily flopped down on the back seat, squinting contentedly and curling up in a ball.

One man and one dog came to an agreement, and Yan Yue put his mind at ease, feeling that he and Dahei were quite obedient. Xiao Xi was worried that Dahei would bite someone, but in fact Dahei had only scared the man and it was not against Xiao Xi’s wishes.

When Yan Yue and Dahei returned to Tiny Garden, Lu Lingxi was receiving Han Jianmin. Brother Han came this time because he had another order for Tiny Garden. During this time, Han Jianmin had brought in customers to Tiny Garden quite often. Ever since their unit was equipped with Tiny Garden’s potted plants, the air had been changing there day by day. His colleagues that had nothing to do had an acquaintance from the Environmental Protection Bureau come to the unit to do a test and the results showed that the indoor air was completely up to standard. In just under a month, all the formaldehyde in the office had dissipated. Now all of Han Jianmin’s colleagues had become hardcore fans of Tiny Garden. More or less every one of them bought plants from Tiny Garden, saying they wanted to put them at home to improve the air there.

However, this time the order was special. The other party wanted to rent a batch of plants from Tiny Garden instead of buying them. Brother Han was a bit embarrassed, “It’s a buddy of mine from their unit. They are honestly not short of money, just stingy. They’re about to move, too. When they heard about us, they wanted to buy a batch of plants in advance and send them to the new office to absorb formaldehyde. But they don’t know how to raise the plants, and they want you, Xiao Xi, to go over and water them from time to time.”

Brother Han meant to get Lu Lingxi to agree; this was a long-term matter. Don’t look at the low rent at the beginning, once they know how good Tiny Garden is, they won’t be able to do without the plants from here. It could also be a disguised advertising campaign.

Lu Lingxi nodded and took the order. He had read on the internet that many flower companies were also divided into two types of business, rental and sale. If it was before, the growth rate of plants in the plant nursery couldn’t keep up, and he would not have been able to start the rental business even if he wanted to. But now that the land in the plant nursery had been purified, according to the growth rate of the plants, he could really consider an additional rental business for Tiny Garden in the future.

As soon as he nodded, Brother Han smiled happily. “Xiao Xi, do a good job. Brother Han is waiting for your Tiny Garden to become number one in Fengcheng.”

Lu Lingxi smiled, a little embarrassed. He didn’t have such great ambitions, but he was still happy to be noticed.

Han Jianmin, who had other things to do, left in a hurry after a quick meeting with Yan Yue. With no more customers in the shop, Lu Lingxi had time to ask about Dahei’s visit to the police station to identify the culprit.


Yan Yue told the story lightly.

“Then Dahei didn’t act impulsively, right?”

Yan Yue’s expression remained unchanged, “How could it be? I’ve been holding Dahei, and Dahei himself has a sense of proportion.”

Lu Lingxi relaxed, squatted down and stroked Dahei’s head, praising, “Dahei is very good. The police caught that bad guy because of Dahei, and Dahei has taken revenge himself.”

Dahei gave a low bark and nuzzled affectionately against Lu Lingxi’s hands.

Yan Yue’s expression was a little bad. The scene in front of him was an eyesore. He coldly glared at Dahei, stupid dog!

At seven o’clock in the evening, the sky outside was already a little dark. While Lu Lingxi was packing up and preparing to get off work, he discussed with Yan Yue that the time to get off work would be advanced to six o’clock in the future. It was getting dark earlier and earlier, and in winter, seven o’clock was already considered late. Yan Yue didn’t have any objection to the time of work. He couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to pick Lu Lingxi up from work every day, and it was really not safe to go home too late. When he drove Lu Lingxi home, it was already dark outside and there was no one in front of the community building. Yan Yue’s eyes darkened and he didn’t turn on the lights. He took advantage of the fact that Lu Lingxi was looking down to unbuckle his seat belt and leaned over to him, cupping his chin and giving him a kiss.

Lu Lingxi didn’t have time to react, and the tips of his ears turned red at once.

“Go to bed early and don’t read too late.” Yan Yue patiently admonished.

Lu Lingxi nodded, somewhat embarrassed, and without waiting for Yan Yue to say anything else, pushed open the car door and ran down. Dahei quickly jumped out after Lu Lingxi. Lu Lingxi pursed his lips and stood at the entrance of the building looking at Yan Yue, his eyes curved as he smiled faintly.

Yan Yue’s eyes were dark and deep, Lu Lingxi’s smiling face reflecting in his pupils. The corners of his mouth unconsciously hooked and his eyes slowly filled with laughter.

When Lu Lingxi got home, Wang Shuxiu had already made dinner and was waiting for him. “Hurry up, wash your hands and eat.” Wang Shuxiu instructed, casually asking, “Yan Yue brought you home again, why didn’t you call him to join us for dinner?”

Hearing Wang Shuxiu mention Yan Yue, Lu Lingxi felt inexplicably guilty. “Then I’ll call Big Brother Yan for dinner tomorrow?”

“That’s fine, should I wrap dumplings? He didn’t get to eat the ones I made last time. And I’ll make him some egg-plants with garlic to save you from thinking about it all the time.”

Wang Shuxiu made a casual remark, but Lu Lingxi couldn’t help but blush when he heard it. He was afraid that Wang Shuxiu would notice, so he hurriedly ran to the bathroom on the pretext of washing his hands. Yan Yue’s text message came just in time. “What did you eat tonight? Eat more, Xiao Xi, you’re too thin.”

Lu Lingxi looked at the text message and the corners of his lips curved up into a faint smile.

After finishing his meal, he went to the backyard to water the tomatoes like he always did. The tomato seeds collected earlier had all been planted. The tomatoes were growing like crazy because the land had been purified. The whole backyard was crowded with tomatoes. Sometimes Wang Shuxiu was worried where they would get time to eat them all! Wang Shuxiu was able to exchange these tomatoes for other vegetables from her neighbours, saving a lot of food money for the past half a month.

After watering, the panel quickly gave a prompt.

Satisfy the needs of tomatoes, reward plant heart +10.

Immediately following this prompt was another prompt.

After collecting a thousand plant hearts, upgrade the system.


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