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Pastoral Daily Life – Chapter 109 Bahasa Indonesia

Having found the real cause of Xiao Baiwan’s hair loss, Lu Lingxi relaxed the control over Xiao Baiwan’s diet. After eating vegetables for more than a week, Xiao Baiwan finally lived the same happy life as before, eating meat every time until he was full. Out of a desire to compensate, Lu Lingxi would occasionally add a meal to Xiao’s diet. In a few days, Xiao Baiwan had regained all the weight he had lost, and had even gained some more.

In the evening, after Xiao Baiwan took a bath, Lu Lingxi held Xiao Baiwan’s big face and looked at it left and right, turning his head to ask Yan Yue behind him, “Is Xiao Baiwan still a bit thin?

Yan Yue’s gaze fell on Xiao Baiwan’s chubby double chin, and he opened his eyes wide and said nonsense, “A bit thin.”

Lu Lingxi thought for a while and added supper to Xiao Baiwan.

Yan Yue: “……”

As Xiao Baiwan’ weight increased day by day, January came. Tiny Garden had obviously gotten busy. Li Weisheng helped introduce several orders to Lu Lingxi during this period, and a small profit of 30,000 yuan was made from the miscellaneous transactions. Although with Tiny Garden Technology Company Lu Lingxi’s income was no longer focused on the sale of flowers in the shop, he still appreciated Li Weisheng’s kindness and wanted to give him a gift for the New Year.

“Big Brother Yan, do you think a few pots of flowers is a bit little?” Lu Lingxi had little experience in gift-giving and asked Yan Yue for an idea.

Yan Yue had met Li Weisheng a few times and could tell that he really liked Lu Lingxi. He probably regarded Lu Lingxi as a child in his heart and wanted the best for Lu Lingxi. It was a good thing that he was old enough to be Lu Lingxi’s father, otherwise Yan Yue would have been jealous again.

He thought about it and suggested, “How about adding a set of cosmetics developed by Gao Yongliang?”

The first link between Lu Lingxi and Li Weisheng was Li Weisheng’s wife, Sister Tian, and since he wanted to give gifts, he couldn’t forget her. The cosmetics developed by Gao Yongliang were high-end and the results were very good according to the feedback from those who tried them. Plus the fact that some of the ingredients for this set of cosmetics come from Tiny Garden made it even more meaningful.


When Yan Yue said that, Lu Lingxi also felt good and nodded obediently. Having decided on this matter, Lu Lingxi was a little curious, “When is Uncle Gao’s product going to be launched?”

Yan Yue wasn’t quite sure, “Around the middle of January.”

Yan Yue didn’t know the specific time. Although he had a strong controlling position in the cooperation with Gao Yongliang, he didn’t interfere in Gao Yongliang’s daily research, development and management. Gao Yongliang had set up his own company when he returned from abroad, and Yan Yue’s Dezhi Investment was only responsible for investment and regular checking of accounts, but not for the rest. Yan Yue knew that it was mid-January, or the last time he saw Gao Yongliang, that was what he casually talked about.

Yan Yue had great confidence in the products that Gao Yongliang had spent more than a year developing. According to Dezhi Investment’s past habits, they usually selected only one project a year. Now in just six months Yan Yue had selected two projects, both with good prospects. When you looked into it, there was the factor of Lu Lingxi’s involvement in it. As Yan Yue had said last time, since he had gotten together with Lu Lingxi, he had had a very smooth life, both in business and in private life. It was as if the heavens were compensating him by giving him a big treasure.

Thinking of this, Yan Yue hugged and kissed Lu Lingxi, his voice low, “Baby, I love you.”

Lu Lingxi wasn’t quite used to this name and looked up, blushing a little.

Before the products developed by Gao Yongliang were launched, Wang Shuxiu and Xiao Feng returned to Fengcheng. The four of them were gone for three weeks. Not to mention that Wang Shuxiu was thinking about Lu Lingxi, she couldn’t leave the small restaurant for too long. They hadn’t been to many places and had spent two weeks in Zhongjing alone. Xiao Hong and Zhou Xiaoman’s check-ups took a week, and it was only because Ye Kang came forward and said hello to the hospital. Ye Kang also helped them find a super expert who was really busy but was able to free up his time.

After reading the results of their tests, the expert also said that their health was fine. It could be that the two of them were under too much pressure to have a child and generally it would not be easy to conceive this way. In the expert’s words, it wasn’t yet the right time and they were told not to rush. The expert’s words were more authoritative than those of ordinary doctors, and as they listened to his unhurried words about how children were all a matter of destiny, that there was no hurry when destiny had not arrived, and that destiny should come when they were relaxed, Zhou Xiaoman and Xiao Hong let the matter go and went through the famous sights of Zhongjing with great enthusiasm. After that, the four of them went to Haijin for a few days to buy specialties and stroll around the streets, and then it was time to go back to Fengcheng to prepare for the New Year.


It was already evening when they arrived home. Lu Lingxi was habitually half lying in Yan Yue’s arms reading a book, while Yan Yue was answering his emails and from time to time couldn’t help but kiss Lu Lingxi. The two of them were very tired when they heard Xiao Baiwan bark excitedly and run straight to the next door.

While Lu Lingxi was still puzzled, Yan Yue had already reacted. “Is it Brother Feng and the others coming back?”

Lu Lingxi was a little surprised; his mother hadn’t said beforehand that she was coming back today. He and Yan Yue followed; the lights next door were already on, and the excited barks of Xiao Baiwan and the lively voices of people could be faintly heard.

“Mom, Dad…” Lu Lingxi greeted them with a smile.

Wang Shuxiu looked at Lu Lingxi happily, cupped his face and gave him a resounding kiss. “Did you miss your mom, little bastard?”

In front of Xiao Hong and the others, Lu Lingxi was a little embarrassed and nodded awkwardly.

Wang Shuxiu laughed and gave him a slap, “What are you blushing for, little bastard, you don’t have a wife, so can’t I kiss you?”

Lu Lingxi: “……”

Yan Yue glanced at Lu Lingxi with a smile and quickly looked away.

While they were talking, Xiao Baiwan had already enthusiastically pounced on Xiao Hong and washed his face with saliva. Xiao Hong hugged Xiao Baiwan and turned him back and forth, saying with a smile, “Xiao Baiwan has gained weight. Now, let him eat less meat and more vegetables this week and follow me to lose weight.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yan Yue and Lu Lingxi’s expressions turned odd at the same time. Yan Yue gave Xiao Baiwan a sympathetic look with a smile on his face. Xiao Baiwan’s good days were gone again.

Xiao Hong and Zhou Xiaoman didn’t stay much longer. After driving for a long time Xiao Hong was also tired and wanted to go home early to rest. He sent Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu home first in order to pick up Xiao Baiwan. After talking and making an appointment to come over tomorrow, Xiao Hong left with Xiao Baiwan.

Yan Yue politely greeted Wang Shuxiu and Xiao Feng and also went back next door. Wang Shuxiu changed her clothes, divided out the specialties bought in Haijin and asked Lu Lingxi to send a portion to Yan Yue.

“This is prepared by your uncle.”

This time when Xiao Hong went to Zhongjing for an examination, Yan Yue made a lot of efforts. Xiao Hong accepted this favour and prepared a set of specialties for Yan Yue.

“By the way, take this also.”

Wang Shuxiu fished out another bag from the pile of specialties. Lu Lingxi didn’t leave yet, waiting for Wang Shuxiu to finish unpacking. Wang Shuxiu was telling Lu Lingxi about the interesting events of the past few days as she sorted out her things and she spoke very quickly and with great enthusiasm.

Lu Lingxi listened attentively and nodded every now and then. He liked the way Wang Shuxiu looked now, calm, confident and good-looking, in the best age for a woman.

Sensing Lu Lingxi’s gaze, Wang Shuxiu laughed softly.

“Little bastard.”


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