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Outside of Time – Chapter 91: The Strange Captain (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“Junior Brother, my name is Xu Yanhong. I’m from Team Nine of the Earth Division. It just so happens that I’m on duty today. It’s also fate between us.”

Xu Yanhong brought Xu Qing along as they walked through the Homicide Department. She then attentively pointed to various buildings and introduced them to him.

“This is the deputy director’s office. There’s one there too.”

“Senior Sister Xu, may I know how many deputy directors there are?” Xu Qing asked after some thought.

“We have one director and four deputy directors in our Homicide Department. We are divided into the Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow Divisions. Each division has nine patrol teams under them. You are going to the Black Team Six.”

“Your luck isn’t bad. Your Black Division’s deputy director is in closed-door cultivation all year round and we rarely encounter him. That way, you’ll have a lot more free time.” Hearing Xu Qing calling her senior sister, the female disciple smiled again and explained.

Not long later, under her lead, Xu Qing was brought to the location of the Black Division. The entire Black Division was located in the southwest direction of the Homicide Department. There were more than ten small buildings there and many cultivators were entering and exiting them busily.

It seemed that there were some taboos between the various branches, so Xu Yanhong didn’t enter. After she sent Xu Qing over, she exchanged voice transmissions and left.

Here, Xu Qing met the captain of Team Six.

This wasn’t the first time he had seen this person. He was other than the youth he had encountered on the way last night who had given him a sense of crisis. This coincidence caused Xu Qing to be on his guard once again.

When the young man saw Xu Qing, he first swept his gaze across Xu Qing’s face a few times before quickly recognizing him. However, he didn’t seem surprised by Xu Qing’s arrival.

This scene caused Xu Qing to fall into deep thought. He then calmly took a few steps back.

“I was the one who talked to the director this morning and specifically asked you to come over. I didn’t expect that after you wiped your face clean, there would be such a huge difference from yesterday.” The captain of Team Six didn’t hide anything and directly exposed him.

“Greetings, Captain.” Xu Qing glanced at the captain as he grew even more vigilant.

“You’re not surprised?” The captain of Team Six smiled faintly.

“I am surprised.” Xu Qing nodded.

“Why are you so calm then?” The captain of Team Six asked in surprise.

Xu Qing wasn’t good with words but he felt that what the other party said made sense. Hence, he thought about it and squeezed out a surprised expression.

“…” The captain of Team Six was silent for a long time before he spoke.

“The reason why I asked for you is because quite a few of my team members have died in the past few days and we are short of manpower. Also, the following missions are very heavy.” After saying this, the captain of Team Six looked at Xu Qing.

When Xu Qing heard that several of his comrades had died, his heart sank. However, he didn’t ask about it. Instead, he looked at the captain and waited for him to continue.

Seeing Xu Qing like this, the captain of Team Six smiled in satisfaction.

“Not bad. You’re stronger than those newcomers from before. Xu Qing, this is your first time here today, so you’re still not familiar with it. How about this, I’ll bring you on a patrol and tell you in detail about the duties of the Homicide Department.”

The captain was also a decisive person. After he finished speaking, he didn’t introduce the other team members to Xu Qing and directly left with him, walking on the streets.

On the bustling streets, the captain led Xu Qing as they strolled forward. From time to time, they would greet the shops in the surroundings, appearing very gentle. However, Xu Qing had seen the viciousness in the other party’s eyes last night and knew that this person wasn’t as gentle as he seemed on the surface. Hence, he maintained a certain distance and was on guard.

He also made a judgment about the captain’s cultivation level. He felt that the captain should be at the ninth or tenth level of Qi Condensation.

The strength of the disciples at the ninth or tenth level of Qi Condensation from the Seven Blood Eyes had already surpassed that of Xu Qing’s.

“Don’t keep a straight face all day. Here, you have to learn to have two faces. Otherwise, you won’t live long.” The captain of Team Six looked at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing fell silent and pondered for a moment. He felt that these words made sense, so he tried his best to adjust his appearance. However, after seven years of experience, it was hard for him to change completely in a short period of time.

“Forget it, you can take your time to adjust.” The captain of Team Six smiled helplessly. He felt that he had recruited a freak, so he bought a few apples from the side but didn’t give them to Xu Qing.

Xu Qing took a look and bought two as well.

“I’ll tell you about the responsibilities of our Seventh Peak’s Homicide Department. We only do one thing and that is to kill people.” As he spoke, the captain of Team Six saw a homeless man by the roadside.

He casually tossed two spirit coins over. The homeless man was very grateful.

Xu Qing glanced at the homeless man. The other party wasn’t a cultivator. Hence, he recalled the captain’s words and asked.

“Kill people?”

The captain of Team Six took a bite of the apple and swallowed it with a crunch. He looked very sweet as he casually spoke.

“Protecting civilians from the invasion of disciples and evil forces and making them work hard to earn money and pay residency fees to maintain basic public security is what the Patrol Department has to do. However, when they encounter things that they can’t handle, such as facing fugitives and savage cultivators who have crossed the line, they will require our Homicide Department to act.”

“That’s why the missions we face are all extremely dangerous missions that cause us to suffer great losses. In front of you, the team has changed countless times. Some died on missions and some were secretly killed. So, you have to be careful from now on.”

“However, there are also benefits to being here. The treatment is not bad and it’s the only department that can exchange wanted criminals for money.” After saying that, the captain took another bite of the apple.

Xu Qing looked at the apple in his hand and fell silent for a moment before asking seriously:

“What about the ownership of the other party’s items after killing them?”

“Hmm?” The captain of Team Six turned his head and sized up Xu Qing seriously for the first time. A smile then appeared on his face.


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