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Outside of Time – Chapter 62: To Have Power over Life and Death Bahasa Indonesia

The moment the teacup was placed down, the long street outside the camp leader’s residence was covered in blood and corpses!

Xu Qing’s figure was like a ferocious tiger. Wherever he passed by, fresh blood would splatter out in all directions and the ground would be covered in blood stains. It was a shocking sight. As he walked, he killed!

In front of him, the guards of the camp leader’s residence rushed over from all directions. There were also tens of black-clothed strangers. They were cultivators from the convoy.

Both parties had the same target: Xu Qing.

As he got closer, a gust of wind blew over, blowing the hair in front of Xu Qing. He decided to carry the longsword he wasn’t used to on his back and held the dagger in his hand. His entire person seemed to have melted into the wind as he rushed toward a sixth-level Qi Condensation cultivator in front of him.

In that instant, their heads intertwined and flew up!

As blood splattered, more black-clothed men and guards rushed over.

Xu Qing looked at these convoy cultivators and was in a daze for a moment. He recalled that Captain Lei had indeed gone out to buy ingredients on the day the convoy arrived but he returned very quickly.

It was obvious that he had seen his enemy that day, so he had to leave early.

Xu Qing fell silent and his killing intent grew even more intense. His speed erupted completely and he didn’t dodge but rushed forward instead.

In the distance, two people stood on the roof.

One of them was old while the other was middle-aged. The old man wore a blue Daoist robe while the middle-aged man was dressed in tight-fitting clothes. The former stood with his hands behind his back and coldly watched the scene on the street.

The latter sat there with a tendon-shaped rope in his mouth. Upon closer inspection, it was Cross’s bowstring.


Cross’s bowstring was extraordinary. Ordinary iron weapons wouldn’t be able to break it at all but in this person’s mouth, it was bitten off piece by piece.

“Interesting. He’s also a body refiner like me but he’s only at the sixth or seventh level. He should be more fun than that person with the scar on his face.”

“Do you want to do it or should I?” the old man asked calmly.

“This is the territory of your Diamond Sect and the camp leader is an elder of your Sect. Of course, it will be you, a newly-promoted elder of the Diamond Sect.” The middle-aged man spat out a mouthful of saliva that was laced with tendons and laughed sinisterly.

As the two of them spoke, a loud boom rang out from the long street. There were even shrill cries echoing out as the seven or eight guards and men in black who surrounded Xu Qing retreated.

All of them staggered and coughed up large mouthfuls of blood. Each of them had fatal injuries on their bodies as they fell to the ground one after another, revealing Xu Qing who had walked out from the encirclement of their corpses!

He wore a fur coat that had been stained by countless amounts of blood, a pair of straw sandals that had been soaked black, long hair that swayed in the wind and a pair of… eyes that were as cold as a lone wolf’s.

His right hand was hanging down and the dagger he was holding had blood flowing down the blade, dripping onto the soil.

The seven to eight corpses beside him all died in miserable states. It wasn’t that Xu Qing wanted to torture them to death but all the injuries to their vital parts were extremely tragic.

As for Xu Qing’s attacks, his main focus was to kill. He didn’t make any unnecessary movements, so the scavengers who saw this scene were all shocked once again.

Xu Qing didn’t look at the corpses. He was expressionless but the blood in his eyes was overflowing. He then stepped on the soil and moved forward rapidly.

His target was the camp leader’s residence which was over 3000 feet away from him.

As he got closer, the remaining ten-odd black-clothed men and several camp leaders’ guards in front of the camp leader’s residence trembled in horror and instinctively retreated.

After Xu Qing sped up, he lifted his head and looked at the two figures on the rooftop in the distance.

The auras of these two people were the strongest he had sensed during his journey of killing. At the same time, they were also the two strongest enemies he had faced.

Xu Qing was very clear that in today’s situation, once he chose to make a move, he would have to… kill his way to the end. Moreover, their current location was the only path they had to take to reach the camp’s master residence.

So, after he took a few steps, he raised his left hand and used it to provoke the two people on the roof.

“Arrogant!” The blue-robed old man narrowed his eyes as a cold glint flashed in them. With a sway of his body, the wind kicked up beneath his feet as he directly leaped from the roof toward Xu Qing!

This scene caused the hearts of the guards, black-clothed men and the scavengers at the back to tremble violently. From what they knew, only Foundation Establishment experts could step on air.

To them, Foundation Experts were basically like immortals in the sky.

Many people had never seen one in their entire lives. It could even be said that a Foundation Building expert could become an ancestor of a small sect or family like the Diamond Sect.

This blue-robed old man clearly couldn’t be at the Foundation Realm. He had just stepped into the 80% of Qi Condensation.

Him stepping through the air was just a trick. It had nothing to do with the wind technique he cultivated. It didn’t have any practical value and couldn’t be sustained for too long. It was just a gimmick.

However, to others, the shock brought about by this scene was enough to shock them.

However, Xu Qing didn’t care. Almost at the instant the other party stepped through the air and arrived, he secretly scattered the poison powder and rushed out instantly.

He was so fast that he left behind an afterimage on the ground. In an instant, when the blue-robed old man’s expression changed drastically, Xu Qing had already appeared in front of him.

He directly punched out and a shadow of a kui appeared on his fist, letting out a soundless roar. This caused the old man who was in mid-air to have no time to dodge. He could only hurriedly form a seal to form a defense.

With a boom, the old man’s defense shattered inch by inch. Even the old man’s body was forced back repeatedly by Xu Qing’s punch. There was also a sharp gleam from the black iron stick that chased after the old man.

There was a bang.

The black iron stick was blocked by a shield.

As the shield shattered into pieces, the power of the iron stick dissipated as well, revealing the blue-robed old man who was in an extremely sorry state as he coughed out blood from behind the shield.

The old man’s expression was ugly and he was about to speak. However, the expressionless Xu Qing stomped his right foot on the ground and his body moved closer with a boom.

The old man’s eyes narrowed and anger filled the air. As he raised his hands, a violent wind instantly appeared in his surroundings, sweeping in all directions.

He then fiercely inhaled, and the wind instantly gushed into his mouth, causing his face to flush red. His eyes also revealed a hint of cruelty and torture and he was just about to spit it out.

However, at the next moment, his expression changed drastically and his eyes bulged. His skin turned pitch-black and showed signs of being poisoned. His body then trembled intensely.


Before he could finish speaking, Xu Qing, who didn’t stop at all, instantly got close.

With speed, the dagger in his hand turned red as though it was being burned. Like a soldering iron, it ruthlessly sliced through the old man’s neck.

Fresh blood gushed out as he let out a blood-curdling screech. His head was then grabbed by Xu Qing’s left hand and directly separated from his body as he moved forward.

Everything happened too quickly!

At the next moment, Xu Qing threw the greenish-purple poisoned head in his hand to the side of the middle-aged man who was standing on the roof with an extremely ugly expression and intense fear in his eyes.

After that, he raised his left hand and provoked him just like before.

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

Be it the scavengers, the guards, or the people in the carriages, all of them felt waves of emotions surging in their hearts. All of them were dumbfounded, and indescribable shivers ran through their bodies.

“Too… too strong…”

“Is it poison… What a strong poison!” Among the scavengers, someone muttered with a trembling voice.

The middle-aged man on the roof panted heavily.

“Are the Diamond Sect’s members all trash? They want to show off when fighting!!”

He was very clear that the blue-robed old man couldn’t be so weak. The other party’s wind art was very astonishing but his mistake was that he had stepped on air to show off and lost the initiative. He also underestimated the existence of the enemy so he didn’t notice the poison and actually took the initiative to absorb a bellyful of it.

At the end of the day, it was the ease of the sect’s cultivators that caused them to be far inferior to scavengers in terms of ruthlessness and quick-wittedness when it came to tempering themselves under the struggle to survive.

At the thought of this, the middle-aged man immediately took out seven to eight antidote pills and swallowed them in one go.

After that, he gritted his teeth and cracking sounds immediately rang out from his body.

His originally burly body became even stronger at this moment. He directly leaped up from the roof with large strides and charged toward Xu Qing like an eagle.

Xu Qing lowered his head and the black hair in front of him covered his eyes. His body also sped forward, getting closer and closer to the enemy.

In the next instant, their figures erupted with speed at the same time and directly collided.

With a boom, the middle-aged man’s entire body trembled and an even more intense horror appeared on his face. The hair in front of Xu Qing was blown back by the impact, revealing the sharpness in his blood-colored eyes.

He could sense the astonishing power coming from the other party but it was still inferior to his own. Moreover, his recovery was even stronger. At this moment, killing intent erupted from his eyes and the power in his body surged as he punched out again!

The battle between body refiners was simple yet brutal.

They kept bumping into each other on the long street.

As the rumbling sound spread in all directions, the impact also caused many houses to collapse.

Gradually, the middle-aged cultivator’s breathing became hurried. His face was pale and his body trembled. The veins on his body bulged and his eyes were bloodshot. He couldn’t hide the fear and despair in his heart.

In terms of strength and speed, he was inferior to Xu Qing, let alone his recovery ability.

Hence, the entire process only lasted for about thirty breaths before his fist broke down into a bloody mess.

His arm couldn’t withstand the immense force from Xu Qing either and it shattered into pieces. Fresh blood and shattered bones scattered in the air as Xu Qing let out a blood-curdling screech. Xu Qing then leaped up and ruthlessly slammed his knee into the middle-aged man’s forehead.

With a bang, the sound of flesh being crushed replaced the agonizing cry. The latter’s voice then came to an abrupt stop and he died.

Xu Qing didn’t even spare him a glance. The killing intent in his eyes was still as intense as ever. He stepped on the middle-aged man’s corpse and leaped up, heading straight for… the camp leader’s residence!

At this moment, the guards outside the camp leader’s residence and the people in the carriages were already frightened out of their wits.

When they saw Xu Qing, who was covered in blood and rushing over like a demonic god, their desire to live surpassed everything. It was unknown who was the first to flee in all directions but they all scattered in the blink of an eye.

Hence, under the shocked gazes of the scavengers who had gathered at the campsite, Xu Qing’s figure stirred up the whistling of the wind as he headed straight for… the main gate of the camp leader’s residence.

The instant he got close, the gate collapsed with a bang. As the gate broke into pieces from the inside out, a fist stretched out and directly collided with Xu Qing.

With a loud boom, Xu Qing retreated for the first time.

He took three steps back and lifted his head. His hawk-like gaze coldly stared at the camp leader, who was wearing a golden robe and had an extremely ugly expression on his face.

Behind him, there was a gloomy-looking old man in embroidered clothes who looked mean!

The old man was holding a familiar figure in his hand!

The instant he saw that figure, Xu Qing’s body trembled violently as indescribable emotions churned intensely in his heart.

That was Captain Lei.

He was dying.


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