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Outside of Time – Chapter 32: You Asked When I Shall Return, I Have No Idea (2) Bahasa Indonesia

There was a mace and two pieces of broken finesteel shield.

However, Xu Qing’s target was the bigger piece of the broken shield.

His figure instantly got close, and he grabbed the heavy finesteel shield. After that, with his small and skinny body covered by the shield, he charged out instantly, heading straight for Fire Crow who was behind the black blood ball.

A moment later, an explosive sound echoed out as Fire Crow’s blood ball came into contact with Xu Qing, smashing onto the shield before transforming into endless jets of black blood that shot out.

That finesteel shield also couldn’t withstand the attack, instantly fragmenting. However, it still withstood most of the impact.

This caused Xu Qing, who was behind the shield, to not suffer from a lethal attack despite being hit by some of the black blood. At this moment, he clenched his teeth tightly and didn’t slow down, showing no hesitation at all as he sped forth like an arrow, closing onto Fire Crowd.

Fire Crow’s gaze revealed a look of mockery, and he didn’t plan on dodging at all. As he performed a set of mudras with both hands, the scattered black blood behind Xu Qing quickly rose from the ground into the air. It seemed that it wouldn’t be long before the blood would all levitate and transform into blood arrows that fired urgently at Xu Qing.

All of this left Xu Qing with nowhere else to dodge, but he wasn’t planning on dodging either.

As he got close, his left hand clenched into a fist, but the punch being thrown out was done by his right hand instead.

As a result, cracks appeared on the spirit energy barrier outside Fire Crow’s body, and the inner part of Xu Qing’s right fist became bloodied. Amidst the blood, there were also scaled pierces of flesh.

Before Fire Crow could see clearly, Xu Qing’s eyes turned bloodshot as he unleashed a second punch.

With a bang, the barrier broke down into pieces and the tremendous impact wave spread out, pushing back Xu Qing’s body. This was like what had happened previously, and he couldn’t get close at all as the impact waves forced him back.

The mockery in Fire Crow’s eyes grew. However, at this moment…

Xu Qing’s body seemed to gain additional strength from nowhere.

Amidst the impact from the shattering barrier, Xu Qing wasn’t pushed back as he was previously.

He charged out fiercely and withstood the pressure, stretching out his right hand as he fiercely grabbed at the bloody part of Fire Crow’s chest, where the iron stick had pierced through previously.

However, it was like the additional strength only allowed him to have enough energy to make this grab. Although he tore open Fire Crow’s injury, he was unable to deal a lethal blow and could only choose to retreat rapidly at this moment.

Fire Crow’s countenance changed and he stumbled backward.

After he discovered that Xu Qing’s grab wasn’t too much of a threat to him, he let out a sinister laugh and wanted to cast a spell to shoot the black blood.

However, at the next instant, his countenance changed once again and he lowered his head abruptly.

At the bloody part where his chest was… there were some shards of broken fangs as well as mushy flesh with scales on them.

Right now, the flesh part of the injury corroded, and venomous blood flowed out. Wherever they passed by, his skin would rot rapidly.

Unbearable pain gushed forth intensely at this moment, causing Fire Crow to let out an agonizing cry. A look of unprecedented terror appeared on his face.

He then retreated unceasingly and saw Xu Qing crouching in the far distance. The latter opened up his right palm and threw out some broken pieces of flesh and crushed fangs that looked similar to the one on him.

If one pieced these broken pieces of flesh and crushed fangs together, they’d form the shape of a snake head.

It was the venomous snake head Xu Qing had used to deal with the corpses.

Moreover, his left hand was shivering slightly and slowly opening up. As the shattered amber pieces fell, it revealed the ghostface scorpion’s tail that pierced deeply into his palm!

The former let his palm contain intense venom, while the latter caused him to have the additional strength to attack despite facing the barrier’s impact!

“You…” Fire Crow trembled, unable to say a word amidst his howls, let alone cast a spell.

His gaze revealed intense dread in the face of death, and he struggled to wipe off the venomous blood on him. However, a tremendous amount of venomous blood gushed out, causing his stamina and vitality to seep rapidly.

Xu Qing took a deep breath. The recovery effect shown by the purple crystal in his fight with Fat Mountain allowed him to know that he could neutralize poison.

His right hand, which had been tainted by the snake venom, didn’t corrode. This made everything clear.

This was the killing blow he had prepared for use against Fire Crow.

Right now, he stood up and ran straight for Fire Crow.

After that, the horror in Fire Crow’s gaze turned into despair as Xu Qing got closer. He struggled and retreated as he wailed in agony.

“Captain, save me!”

This tragic scene caused the eyes of the Bloodshadow Team Captain, who was currently fighting with Captain Lei, to open wide. He wanted to go and save Fire Crow, but Captain Lei’s attacks kept obstructing him, making it hard for him to go over.

He could only watch as Xu Qing’s figure rapidly closed in on Fire Crow.

As Xu Qing moved closer, Fire Crow’s injuries and the breakdown of his mental state caused the dense anomalous substances that had accumulated in his body to not be suppressed any longer.

Before Xu Qing completely got close, Fire Crow’s body stiffened up fiercely amidst his despair. After that, anomalous substances spread out in his entire body and with an

Some people left behind greenish-black corpses when they mutated, while others exploded into blood mist.

Xu Qing halted his steps and looked at the spot where Fire Crow had turned into blood mist. After that, he turned and looked coldly at the Bloodshadow Team Captain.

The sun was setting, but the dusk in the sky was different compared to the past. The dark night didn’t come, but instead, the sky had a strange red glow covering it.

Under this redness, Xu Qing’s figure was also dyed red. He stood there, covered in wounds, and his cold and sharp gaze emitted an indescribable pressure.

This pressure caused the mentality of the Bloodshadow Team Captain, whose cultivation surpassed his, to tremble intensely.

Fire Crow’s death was too tragic and this dealt an extremely great blow to the Bloodshadow Team Captain’s inner heart.

He had failed to take down Captain Lei despite fighting for a long time, and in addition to how bizarre Xu Qing was, all of these factors caused the Bloodshadow Team Captain to feel great unease. At this moment, his gaze flickered, and the instant when Xu Qing glanced over, he blasted back Captain Lei with a punch and rapidly retreated with no hesitation.

He didn’t wish to continue with the fight any longer.


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