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258 Enchanting Beauty

The second seal, unlocked!

The identity of the captain was a mystery. Xu Qing had many guesses about it, and had even wondered if the other party was the first highness of the Seventh Peak.

However, to Xu Qing, these guesses only surfaced in his mind occasionally and weren’t very important. This was because no matter who the other party was, it wouldn’t affect the subtle relationship between them.

For example, at this moment, when he saw the captain’s aura rising suddenly, Xu Qing’s eyes also revealed a ferocious glint. He didn’t want to lose either. In fact, he really wanted to see the captain dress up as the third princess.

Almost at the instant the captain erupted, the life lantern in Xu Qing’s body burned even more intensely. At the next instant, the two of them came into contact again.

A rumbling sound erupted into the sky. The captain, who had unlocked the seal, emitted a golden light from his entire body. This light gave Xu Qing the feeling of divinity but it was a little different.

Divinity was holy, but the light from the captain carried a strong sense of dominance, as though it could suppress everything.

The captain waved his hand, and a sea of golden light transformed into a large hand that suppressed Xu Qing.

“You will be the third princess!” The captain roared.

Xu Qing’s entire body trembled violently and he kept retreating. Under the envelopment of the sea of light, he could sense the madness and extreme domineeringness of it, causing him to almost suffocate. Even the circulation of his cultivation was affected and the life fires in his body swayed intensely.

From afar, Xu Qing’s figure was less than one hundredth of the large hand formed by the golden light. Under the pressure of the large hand, his body was pressed toward the sea.

This strength surpassed two fires in Xu Qing’s perception. In fact, his speed was not enough to dodge the large hand. Only the power of three fires could do it!

Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed and battle intent flickered in them. The veins on his forehead bulged as he waved his hands fiercely. Immediately, a cry rang out in all directions from behind him and black flames surged into the sky. The Golden Crow inside danced out and circled Xu Qing before roaring at the sky, suddenly overlapping with Xu Qing.

The Golden Crow’s body overlapped with Xu Qing’s body, covering the purple Daoist robe. It seemed to have transformed into an emperor’s robe formed by feathers. Although this emperor’s robe was a little illusory, it still emitted a noble aura.

The Golden Crow’s head transformed into a crown and floated above Xu Qing’s head, brewing the aura of a supreme being.

There was also the Golden Crow’s phoenix tail, which became streamers on Xu Qing’s body. The black sea of fire emitted by the phoenix tail transformed into a cloak behind him.

From afar, the current Xu Qing, coupled with his handsome face, looked like a young emperor.

In fact, he even had a faint resemblance to the Golden Crow Emperor he had seen in the dragon carriage.

Even the captain was shocked by this scene. Xu Qing was expressionless and his gaze was dignified. He clenched his right hand into a fist and punched out at the huge palm above!

This punch fused with the power from his life lantern and life fire. It used his battle intent and ferocity and also fused with the violent body of Golden Crow Refines All Life art. This punch was currently his most powerful attack.

The world trembled and rumbling sounds rang out in all directions. This fist formed a phantom which grew larger and larger. Finally, it was on par with the large hand, and also emitted a domineering aura!

However, Xu Qing’s domineeringness was the disdain of an emperor, while the captain’s domineeringness was the madness of the wilderness.

When they collided, the sound resulting from the collision was deafening. An astonishing impact exploded where the fist and palm collided.

Xu Qing spat out a mouthful of blood and his body rolled back. He couldn’t maintain the emperor body formed by Golden Crow Refines All Life. His right fist was in intense pain and his arm was dislocated.

The captain also spat out a mouthful of blood and his body lost control as he was thrown back. The rhombus-shaped rune in his eyes flickered a few times and dimmed. His right hand also felt intense pain and his wrist fractured.

While being forced back, Xu Qing pressed down on his right arm, ruthlessly pushing it up. With a clicking sound, the dislocated part returned to its original position.

The captain waved his left hand and a golden light flashed. His fractured wrist was frozen by the golden light and healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. He endured the pain and spoke calmly without revealing anything on his face.

“Kid, you’re not bad. You’re already comparable to 10% of my strength. Continue to work hard. Also… you lost.” As he spoke, the captain looked at the surface of the sea.

At that moment, on the surface of the sea, the sea snake that the two of them had bet on was grabbed by a tentacle that suddenly stretched out from the void and dragged out of the sea.

The captain’s expression was filled with smugness. He looked at Xu Qing and was about to say something when a strange glint appeared in the snake’s eyes. It suddenly opened its mouth and bit at its own neck.

The bite force was so great that not only did it use its full strength, but it also exhausted its potential. With a cracking sound, it bit through its neck but the snake wasn’t dead. The strange glint in its eyes grew even stronger and it actually began to eat its body.

The flesh swallowed by the snake’s mouth spilled out from its broken body. It was a shocking and terrifying sight.

The captain was stunned. Xu Qing calmly spoke.

“Captain, I won.”

After saying that, the snake head trembled as though it had lost some support and fell into the sea. As for Xu Qing’s shadow, it silently returned.

At the same time, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor finally broke the seal.

After he returned, he locked onto the captain in anger and embarrassment. He felt that he had embarrassed himself just now and was worried that this matter would make Demon Xu think that he was trash.

This was especially so since the shadow had clearly made a great contribution this time.

The captain stared blankly at the half of the sea snake that had landed on the surface of the sea before looking at Xu Qing. His expression was a little awkward as he spoke in a low voice.

“Junior Brother, let’s discuss…”

“You lost.”

“Eh, your spirit ticket seems to have dropped again.”

“You lost.”

“I know, but I suddenly have a better idea. I think…”

“You, lost!” Xu Qing’s expression was serious as he spoke word by word.

After saying that, he thought about it and put on a surprised expression. It was as though the captain’s lack of cooperation made him feel that it was a little unbelievable. After all, he had to admit defeat after losing a bet. This was as natural as repaying a debt.

The captain’s breathing was hurried and his eyes were a little red. After a long time, he gritted his teeth fiercely.

“Isn’t it just pretending to be the third princess? What’s the big deal? Just you wait!” The captain’s eyes revealed determination as he turned and headed to the cabin of the ship.

Xu Qing waited with intense anticipation. He also landed on the ship and looked at the door of the cabin.

Time slowly passed. An hour later, when Xu Qing was feeling a little impatient, the door of the cabin slowly opened. A charming and graceful figure walked out with large strides.

It was the third princess.

At the start, the third princess’ footsteps were still calm. However, after she completely walked out, her delicate face glanced at Xu Qing bitterly as she saw the strange expression on Xu Qing’s face.

The third princess suppressed her frustration and walked over with a cold snort. She lifted her skirt, revealing two thick thighs. After squatting at the side, she took out a large apple and took a big bite.

“That’s enough!”

The captain’s disguise could be considered perfect and he looked extremely pretty. No matter how Xu Qing looked at him, he couldn’t see anything wrong. The only thing was the captain’s legs had a lot of hair.

However, that small face with bright eyes and white teeth, as well as her slender jade-like hands, were imitated to perfection. Even the female disciples in the sect would be envious if they saw the captain now.

This intrigued Xu Qing and he was somewhat curious about how the captain did it. After being sized up for a long time, the captain felt a little annoyed and embarrassed. He stretched out his soft hand to Xu Qing.

“Give me the storage bag.”

Xu Qing had taken away the third princess’ storage bag earlier. He took it out and poured the items on the ground. Immediately, a large number of items fell out and piled up like a small mountain.

Most of them were clothes. As for the spirit stones, there weren’t many but there were some black stones that emitted dense anomalous substances. Xu Qing also saw many crystal bottles the size of a finger.

Each of them had a black pearl with runes. It was the item that the third princess had thrown and had blasted his magic ship’s outer shell.

“So many?” Xu Qing took one out and checked it before looking at the captain.

“This item is called Candle Yin Lightning. It’s a one-time-use magic artifact unique to the Sea Corpse Race and is rarely seen in other territories because only experts of Sea Corpse Race can refine it. Its value depends on its strength.” The captain rummaged through the items as he spoke.

“The might of the Candle Yin Lightning refined by different Sea Corpse Race members is different. There was once a Candle Yin Lightning refined by the Sea Corpse Race’s ancestor that was comparable to a Nascent Soul attack. A few years ago, it was auctioned in Purple Earth and sold at a high price. This lightning is strange. Its might can increase after nurturing it with blood, and it is more lethal to people whose blood were used to nurture it.”

As he spoke, the captain took out some tokens and spoke proudly.

“I paid a huge amount to buy this profound disguise technique. Not only can it copy the target race’s aura, but it can also perfectly imitate the target’s energy fluctuations. I’ve been eyeing this third princess for a long time and have understood her completely.”

“Next, we’ll head to the Sea Corpse Race. As long as we aren’t trapped there for a long time or encounter a Golden Core expert who is going all out to investigate, we won’t be exposed at all.”

As he spoke, the captain glanced at Xu Qing and took out a white robe, tossing it over. At the same time, he also handed him a small bottle.

“Put it on. Open the small bottle and place it on your body. Corpse poison will spread out from it. It can hide your aura and form some changes to your appearance.”

Xu Qing wore the robe and opened the bottle before putting it in his pocket. His aura instantly changed and he faintly emitted corpse poison. His appearance also became withered. He looked no different from the Sea Corpse Race in terms of aura and appearance.

Xu Qing knew that this small bottle that caused such changes to his body couldn’t be made by ordinary cultivators. This allowed him to have a certain understanding of the captain’s various unorthodox methods.

“You will be my Dao Protector and escort me back to the Sea Corpse Race. We have to get into character from now on. We can’t reveal any flaws. Do you agree?” The captain said solemnly.

Xu Qing nodded. He felt that what the captain said made sense.

Seeing Xu Qing nod, the captain coughed and stretched, revealing his graceful waist. After that, he elegantly sat at the side and stretched out his long-haired leg. As he ate the apple, he swayed his leg and spoke lazily.

“Come, Little Qing, massage my legs.”

Xu Qing glanced at the captain and took out some poison powder from his storage bag, and was about to put them in his hands.

The captain instantly retracted his leg and looked at Xu Qing with a solemn expression.

“I suddenly remembered that we should discuss the plan.”


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