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Outside of Time – Chapter 256: 256 Trenchant (2) Bahasa Indonesia

256 Trenchant (2)

This wasn’t the end. He tore off his head. The expression of the head that had left its body was still filled with arrogance. As he cackled, he raised his hand and stabbed it into his stomach, pinching the burning life fire and… extinguishing it!

At the next instant, his body trembled and popping sounds echoed. All the magic apertures in his body were crushed by him until his entire body finally shattered into pieces and scattered on the ground.

This scene was too grotesque and bizarre, causing the other Sea Corpse Race members to have trouble breathing. They, who were not easily moved, felt fear.

Xu Qing frowned slightly. He could naturally tell that the shadow had devoured the shadow of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator and controlled it. What made him frown was that the shadow had wasted a soul.

However, Xu Qing didn’t say anything else. He turned and walked toward the first ship.

As he got closer, the Sea Corpse Race members on the first ship trembled. It was unknown who was the first to retreat, but in the next instant, these Sea Corpse Race members all leaped up to escape.

However, the Golden Crow behind Xu Qing let out a cry. Immediately, even more black flame chains erupted from its body and rapidly rushed toward these Sea Corpse Race members, instantly entangling them. Miserable cries echoed in all directions.

Xu Qing didn’t bother with them as he stepped onto the ship.

After that, he lifted his right hand and pointed at the young girl who was still trying her best to keep her eyes open despite the piercing pain in her eyes. Her expression carried a hint of sickly fascination.

In an instant, lightning rumbled and the black iron stick appeared. Its speed was so fast that it arrived in front of the young girl in the blink of an eye. Just as it was about to penetrate her head, White Robe sighed. He flicked the iron stick lightly at an even faster speed.

With a buzzing sound, the black iron stick suddenly trembled and was swept hundreds of feet away by the force of this flick. It then immediately returned unscathed. The murderous aura on it was even denser and its lightning bolts crackled crazily.

White Robe stared deeply at the black iron stick and then at Xu Qing’s feet. After that, he looked at the Golden Crow behind Xu Qing. These things gave him a headache.

Finally, he looked at Xu Qing and sighed.

“Fellow Daoist, she’s very important to me…”

Xu Qing looked at White Robe. From the moment he saw the other party earlier, he guessed that the captain must be using this young girl with an extraordinary identity to complete some crazy plans.

Hence, he probed and attacked. As expected, the other party stopped him.

Xu Qing wasn’t surprised by the captain’s words, especially when the other party said the word ‘fellow Daoist’. It seemed like he didn’t want others to know his identity and it was in line with Xu Qing’s judgment. He didn’t hesitate and spoke directly.

“100,000 spirit stones!”

White Robe glared and was about to speak when the third princess suddenly laughed.

“Brother, this little brother is very interesting. I want him to be my Dao Protector too!”

As she spoke, the girl lifted her right hand on which was a bracelet. At this moment, it swayed gently and broke into pieces with cracking sounds. After the pieces landed on the ground, they gathered together again and squirmed like a living creature before suddenly expanding, turning into a tall and skinny dried corpse with its eyes closed.

This dried corpse’s entire body was tied with red straps. At that moment, a baleful aura filled the air. Its eyes also opened, revealing a red glow as it took a step toward Xu Qing.

The instant this step landed, there seemed to be an explosion in its body. Two balls of life fire ignited in it, causing red flames to rise from its body. Its speed soared as it charged toward Xu Qing.

However, before it could get close, lightning rumbled in the black iron stick. All the lightning runes on it flickered and its speed rose to an astonishing degree as it rushed toward the dried corpse and stabbed it.

At the same time, the shadow also silently spread out below the feet of the dried corpse. Over a hundred eyes opened at the same time and looked at the dried corpse.

The dried corpse’s body suddenly paused and many parts of its body instantly showed signs of rotting. While a large amount of anomalous substances in its body were lost, the black iron stick directly pierced through its neck. It spun around and then penetrated the back of its head.

Xu Qing also took a step forward. His speed was so fast that he instantly got close to the dried corpse. His physical strength erupted as he pressed his right hand on the dry corpse’s forehead.

When his palm moved, whistling sounds rang out in the surroundings, as though his palm strike could not be avoided.

The dry corpse let out a low roar and its entire body flickered with red light. It actually forcefully resisted Xu Qing’s attack. However, Xu Qing didn’t stop at all. He bent his right arm and elbowed the dried corpse’s chin.

Although the dried corpse could withstand one attack, it couldn’t withstand a second attack. Its head directly shattered, revealing flesh and bones. However, it didn’t have any spirituality and was like a puppet!

This was more obvious when a large number of sticky threads appeared at the shattered places. They seemed to be able to heal the corpse and join the broken parts.

It was recovering even with its head shattered. Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed. He lifted his knee and slammed the corpse hard on its stomach. The puppet retreated. Although its stomach also collapsed, there were clearly more sticky threads and its recovery speed became even faster. It was as though it couldn’t be destroyed.

Xu Qing let out a cold snort and looked at the puppet that was constantly recovering. He then activated Golden Crow Refines All Life. The Golden Crow behind him let out a sharp cry and leaped up from behind Xu Qing, pouncing fiercely at the puppet.

Black flames burned in all directions. The puppet was enveloped by the Golden Crow and its recovery speed was instantly interrupted. The flames continuously burned and refined it.

As the Golden Crow’s three claws grabbed with all its might, the broken dried corpse’s body instantly shattered into pieces and melted.

As for the Golden Crow, it stood on top of the disintegrating corpse and fiercely inhaled. Immediately, a drop of blue blood that was so dark that it was almost black flew out of the dried corpse’s body and landed in its mouth.

This dried corpse was completely refined and turned into ashes.

The Golden Crow then returned and encircled Xu Qing. Its tail flames draped over Xu Qing’s body and flowed behind him, forming a flaming cloak. At that moment, the wind blew over, causing the flames to flutter in the wind.

As for the Golden Crow’s body, it stretched out from his right side and stared coldly at the young girl and White Robe.

This scene was extremely beautiful and terrifying!

“That’s great. Little Brother, thank you for helping me get rid of the bracelet my damn father gave me. I thought of many ways previously and kept provoking others but I couldn’t kill this thing at all.”

When the third princess saw this scene, she immediately cheered. Her expression was filled with excitement as she looked at White Robe.

“Brother Xu Qing, I knew long ago that you’re not from the Sea Corpse Race and you didn’t want to become my Dao Protector, right? You’re so bad. Previously, you even swore that you would become my Dao Protector, and if you go back on your word, you would be struck by lightning… You even lied to me that you would become my boy toy.”

“However, it’s fine. Brother Xu Qing, you should be from the Seven Blood Eyes, right? You know this little brother, right? Do you want to use me to infiltrate the Sea Corpse Race? Have you taken a fancy to some supreme treasure or are you going to destroy some secret place? No matter what it is, I can help you. I know a lot of information, but I have a condition. Bring me along!!”

A hint of radiance appeared in the third princess’ eyes. However, after she finished speaking, she saw that the expression of White Robe had clearly changed. She asked with a puzzled expression.

“Brother Xu Qing, what’s wrong?”

Xu Qing looked at the captain expressionlessly. The flames of the life lantern in his body began to rise.


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