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252 Locking the Mosasaur!

The sea rumbled.

As the waves spread out, Xu Qing, who was sitting cross-legged on the magic ship, slowly trembled. His breathing became even more hurried and the coldness in his eyes quickly turned into madness.

This was because he was hungry!

He felt a hunger like never before!

One source of this hunger was his withered body; it needed a large amount of replenishment before it could return to normal. Even the purple crystal couldn’t help him with this.

The purple crystal could speed up the recovery of his injuries but it couldn’t provide him with qi, blood, and nutrients from nothing.

Another source of this hunger was behind Xu Qing!

Behind him was an empty space that looked like there was nothing there. However, regardless of whether it was the Diamond Sect’s ancestor or the shadow, they were extremely nervous now. They could sense that there seemed to be great danger and malevolence hidden behind Xu Qing.

Xu Qing knew that there wasn’t nothing behind him.

To be precise, what made the Diamond Sect’s ancestor and shadow feel intense fear and nervousness was his back. As the Golden Crow opened its eyes earlier, it formed a totemic tattoo.

The tattoo had the appearance of the Golden Crow and emitted waves of soul-stirring aura.

This was the second stage of activating the inheritance seed!

Xu Qing had studied the information about Golden Crow Refines All Life in the past ten days and was understood that activating its inheritance seed required two steps.

The first step was to stimulate the inheritance seed and transform it into a totemic tattoo that would be imprinted on his body.

The second step was to let this totemic tattoo manifest outside and form the shadow of qi and blood. Only then would the inheritance seed be completely activated!

The second step required a large amount of blood and qi to nourish it, so he felt hungry!

Amidst his hurried breathing, Xu Qing’s eyes were bloodshot. He turned his head and looked at the Diamond Sect’s ancestor.

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor trembled. He felt as though the other party wanted to devour him. As he trembled, he hurriedly revealed his body and deliberately became more transparent, indicating that he didn’t have qi and blood.

Xu Qing shifted his gaze and looked at the shadow.

The shadow also trembled under his gaze.

“Send them over.” Due to the withering of his body, Xu Qing’s voice was extremely hoarse. The shadow didn’t hesitate at all as it swung its part that had fused into the sea. Immediately, a huge torpedo scad broke through the surface of the water and was sent to Xu Qing.

Xu Qing stared at the torpedo scad. The totemic tattoo on his back suddenly heated up, as though it wanted to transform. However, it couldn’t do it yet. It could only transform into golden feathers like phoenix feathers around Xu Qing.

These feathers spun rapidly around him, forming a suction force that swept toward the torpedo scad.

At the next instant, the thousand-foot-long torpedo scad’s body shook as its qi and blood left its body.

This blood and qi gathered together and formed a blood sphere that was hundreds of feet wide. It continued to contract and be refined until 99% of it dissipated, forming a drop of light golden blood.

The golden phoenix feathers enveloped it and absorbed it. At the same time, Xu Qing waved his hand and a ball of black fire enveloped the torpedo scad, extracting its soul.

The shadow couldn’t help but take a deep breath as well, swallowing the spirit energy filled with anomalous substances.

It was as though they were eating. Very soon, the shadow sent the second sea beast over, followed by the third and fourth.

In the past ten days, after Xu Qing studied Golden Crow Refines All Life, he had intentionally reared some sea beasts. Hence, very soon, the phoenix feathers formed by the totemic tattoo on his back absorbed 23 sea beasts.

As the phoenix feathers absorbed the qi and blood, not only did they reveal more parts, but they also provided nourishment to Xu Qing, causing him to no longer be so shriveled and recover a little.

He could clearly sense that his physical strength had improved a little from his previously stagnant state. His speed was faster and his strength was greater. At the same time, he also had a strange perception.

This perception seemed to be the resonance of some spells. Xu Qing vaguely felt that he didn’t need to perform hand seals to use some spells he had never learned before.

However, after he tried, he couldn’t do it.

“Could this be seizing the race’s talent mentioned by Golden Crow Refines All Life? I’ve refined too little now, so the spells can’t take shape!”

Xu Qing wanted to ponder on it, but his hunger had only eased slightly which did not give him time to think too much. His eyes were bloodshot as he stood up and kept the magic ship before stepping into the sea.

The instant he entered the sea, Xu Qing directly activated the Mystic Brilliance Form. The totemic tattoo on his back emitted an aura of intimidation, causing the pressure emitted by Xu Qing to be extremely heavy.

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor beside him was covered in lightning. The lightning patterns on the black iron stick flickered as he followed on Xu Qing’s left.

The shadow spread out and fused into the surroundings. One could faintly see over a hundred eyes filling the surroundings. As they opened, the outline of a large tree could be seen.

Right now, Xu Qing’s overall combat strength had long surpassed the past. Although he still couldn’t be unscrupulous in the Forbidden Sea, he could already dominate an area to a certain extent.

The sea rumbled and torrents surged under the sea. Xu Qing instantly disappeared into the distance and began to kill.

He needed more sea beasts and more origin blood. Only then could he alleviate this frenzied hunger. Only then could he allow his inheritance seed to complete the second stage and completely activate it.

Time passed day by day. Half a month later.

In a remote area on the Forbidden Sea, the seawater suddenly churned and exploded. A huge mosasaur with a body of more than 5,000 feet leaped out.

Its sinister appearance, terrifying aura, and sharp teeth that were still exposed even though its mouth was tightly shut made it a nightmare for most merchant ships and cultivators in the Forbidden Sea!

Mosasaurs were clearly marked on the Seven Blood Eyes’ sea record. They were top-notch predatory beasts in the Forbidden Sea. Their ferocious and terrifying bodies coupled with the power of mutation caused their combat strength to be extremely astonishing.

This mosasaur was even more extraordinary. The moment it leaped out of the sea, one could see two balls of red flames burning in its body. This was a mosasaur that had cultivated to the level of two balls of life fire.

The aura was so strong that the instant it appeared, rumbling sounds rang out in all directions.

An area of 10,000 feet of the sea exploded. However, the mosasaur’s eyes weren’t filled with its usual coldness but deep fear.

If one took a closer look, they would see a totemic mark crawling on its stomach.

This mark looked like a large tree. Its hundred eyes were opening and closing like large mouths, crazily devouring the mosasaur’s shadow.

At the same time, a black iron stick surrounded by lightning whistled out from under the broken surface of the sea and pierced through the mosasaur’s body.

The mosasaur’s body trembled violently and the part that was penetrated directly exploded. The intense pain made it want to wail.

However… its mouth couldn’t open!

The wails couldn’t be voiced out, so they turned into whimpers. As the sunlight shone on it, one could clearly see the figure of a youth standing in its mouth!

This youth wore a purple Daoist robe and was standing between the mosasaur’s teeth. His hair was black and had a faint luster like that of jade. One could see water droplets on his hair.

As the mosasaur swayed violently, the youth’s long hair fluttered in the wind and the water droplets that were as black as ink fell.

Some of it landed on his face and flowed down his porcelain-like skin, revealing his face under the sunlight.

It was an extremely beautiful face. His long brows were like willows and his body was like a jade tree. His long black hair fluttered behind his neck, giving a feeling of wild beauty.

His eyes were filled with a demonic intent, and the demonic part wasn’t just his face that would make one infatuated but also the mysterious aura he emitted.

He lifted one hand and pulled the mosasaur’s upper teeth, while his feet stabbed into the mosasaur’s lower teeth.

He was using his own strength to lock the mosasaur’s mouth tightly, preventing it from opening!

This youth was other than Xu Qing!

In the past half a month, he had killed a lot of sea beasts and the totemic tattoo on his back was not far from completing the second stage. Moreover, as the Golden Crow symbol devoured the origin blood, he became increasingly powerful under its nourishment.

Not only had his body returned to normal, but the increase in his strength and speed had far surpassed what it had been in the past. In fact, just his physical strength now was enough to make the mosasaur unable to struggle and speak.

A cold glint flashed in Xu Qing’s eyes and the black fiendish fire in his body spread out, enveloping the mosasaur. At the same time, the totemic tattoo on his back transformed into countless golden phoenix feathers.

These phoenix feathers continued to spin, unleashing a suction force to refine the mosasaur.

The mosasaur whimpered and struggled with all its might, falling back to the surface of the sea. The instant it fell, a plesiosaur rushed out from the sea and slammed the mosasaur fiercely.

Although the plesiosaur quickly collapsed, with this obstruction, the black fiendish fire completely covered the mosasaur. The power of Golden Crow Refines All Life was also completely activated at this moment.

A mournful roar rang out from between the mosasaur’s teeth. Its body emitted endless qi and blood that was continuously gathered and refined. Finally, it turned into a ball of origin blood that fused into the phoenix feathers.

Its soul appeared in Xu Qing’s body and burned like firewood, blasting open his 47th and 48th magic apertures!

During this period of time, Xu Qing had killed a lot. Before this, he had opened up to 46th magic aperture.

As his magic apertures opened, the magic power in his body surged. At the same time, the nourishment from Golden Crow Refines All Life spread in his body, causing his entire body to emit cracking sounds. His already beautiful face became even more eye-catching and his physical strength increased by a large margin!

“As long as I devour a few more sea beasts, the second stage of Golden Crow Refines All Life will be completed. At that time, the totemic symbol will transform and it can be considered my emperor-level cultivation art. It will truly fuse into my body and can’t be taken away.”

As he mumbled, Xu Qing left the place. As for the mosasaur that had lost everything and turned into a dried corpse, it sank to the bottom of the sea. The shadow quickly spread out and hurriedly followed Xu Qing. At the same time, it emitted a feeling of frustration.

It felt that its shadow devouring was too slow… Before it could show its might, the mosasaur was killed. Hence, it transmitted some grievances to the Diamond Sect’s ancestor at the side.

It was rare for the Diamond Sect’s ancestor to not take the opportunity to fool the shadow. He lifted his head and looked at the departing Xu Qing. He looked at the back of the youth whose long hair fluttered in the sunlight and purple air draped over his body. His heart was already in turmoil.

He had witnessed Xu Qing’s killing, Xu Qing’s madness, Xu Qing’s intense attraction to the opposite sex, and the other party’s path of continuously becoming stronger.

All of this caused a thought to surface intensely in his mind.

“This is the main character in the books!”

“If there’s a chance, I’ll record it down and publish a book in the future!”


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