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249 Where the Sun Used to Sit

Xu Qing gritted his teeth as he made the decision. He felt that he couldn’t wait any longer. He had to consider if the Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts’ voice was effective against this giant. If it wasn’t effective, he had to be prepared to retreat.

If it was effective, he didn’t know if it would take effect immediately or if it would take some time.

Xu Qing immediately waved his hand. Immediately, the sound-catching bottle shone and the sound inside appeared again, drifting away on the sea.

Xu Qing held his breath and stared fixedly at the giant under the sea.

This giant didn’t show any abnormalities under the sound of the sound-catching bottle. It continued to take large strides, as though it had locked onto Xu Qing.

9000 feet, 8000 feet, 7000 feet…

Xu Qing’s mind rumbled and the sense of pressure grew increasingly intense, causing his entire body to feel as though it was being squeezed. His lungs couldn’t expand properly under this pressure and it became difficult for him to breathe. Blood filled his eyes.

“Could it be that it’s not what I thought?” Xu Qing looked at the approaching dragon carriage. At that moment, not only could he see the murals more clearly, but he could even faintly see some words carved inside the dragon carriage.

Although those words were blurry, they gave Xu Qing a feeling that they were filled with divine intent. They were like the writings of an emperor, majestic and containing the aura of a sovereign.

“I’m a little unwilling.” Xu Qing spat out a mouthful of blood and a look of deep regret appeared on his face. He sighed and prepared to retreat.

Since the sound-catching bottle was ineffective, he was not going to continue to stay. Once the giant got closer, it would be difficult for him to leave safely. The instant Xu Qing was about to retreat, his eyes suddenly narrowed.

The giant, who was more than 6,000 feet away from him, paused for the first time. He lifted his chin, revealing the black holes in his listless eyes, and tilted his head as though he was listening.

Xu Qing’s eyes widened. As his mind trembled intensely, the giant instinctively took another small step forward and crossed 1,000 feet.

The pressure from this location was already extremely terrifying. Xu Qing’s mind rumbled and blood flowed out of his seven orifices. The Diamond Sect’s ancestor wailed and his body was firmly fixed to the deck by an invisible pressure. At this moment, cracking sounds rang out from the entire magic ship, as though it couldn’t withstand the pressure.

Fortunately, the giant’s body paused and didn’t move. Only his head kept moving like a puppet. Finally, he maintained the posture of tilting his head, listening carefully.

Gradually, some ripples appeared in his black-hole-like eyes and a hint of confusion appeared on his expressionless face!

“It’s effective!”

Xu Qing didn’t hesitate at all and a hint of madness appeared on his face. He instantly rushed out rapidly under the Mystic Brilliance Form. When he rushed out, he didn’t forget to put away the magic ship. He released his magic power, causing the sound-catching bottle to float in the air.

His body rushed into the sea and rushed toward the dragon carriage 5000 feet away.

As he got closer, cracks instantly appeared on Xu Qing’s body. Cracks rapidly filled his entire body, turning into wounds that started bleeding.

His soul was also shaking, as though it was about to collapse. The life fire in his body was also swaying intensely, as though a wind was blowing to extinguish it.

If it was an ordinary life fire, the fire would definitely be forcefully extinguished under this pressure. However, Xu Qing’s life fire was placed on the life lantern. With a root, it wouldn’t be extinguished easily.

At this critical moment, Xu Qing waved his hand and a huge black umbrella appeared above his head.

As soon as the black umbrella appeared, it was like a canopy that let out black flames which enveloped Xu Qing.

The external pressure actually dissipated a little at this moment, causing Xu Qing’s entire body to relax. At the same time, the recovery power of the purple crystal circulated fully, nourishing his body.

However, at this moment, Xu Qing couldn’t care less. His speed erupted. While the giant was still listening, he directly crossed the distance of 5,000 feet and appeared beside the giant.

Xu Qing’s location was at the waist of the giant. Compared to the giant, his body was like a bug that could be killed with a single slap.

Hence, Xu Qing felt an extremely terrifying soul-stirring sensation.

At such a close distance, he could even see the rotting of the giant’s body. At the same time, he also noticed that the giant’s entire body was covered in shocking wounds.

There were too many wounds, as though the giant had protected an important existence and blocked all the damage with his body.

All of this caused Xu Qing’s expression to change.

His previous plan was clearly correct.

Even with the protection of the canopy and the healing effect of the purple crystal, it still caused his entire body to continuously split open and his body seemed to be about to collapse. However, in the end, he was only facing pressure and the aura that the giant passively emitted. The giant didn’t actively target him.

The difference between the two was like heaven and earth.

At that moment, he whistled past the giant and rushed toward the tall bronze dragon carriage in front of him. He got closer and closer until he finally arrived in front of the tilted emperor’s carriage.

Although it was covered in rust, it was still filled with the aura of an emperor.

Although it was filled with dilapidation, its carvings were still incomparably luxurious.

Although it had been buried for countless years, the dignity of an emperor had yet to dissipate.

At this moment…

It was clearly reflected in Xu Qing’s eyes. It was imprinted in his mind and soul!

A feeling of reverence rose in his heart.

However, the sense of danger from the giant forced Xu Qing to ignore all of this. At that moment, he lifted his right foot and took a step forward, driving his body into the bronze dragon carriage in an instant!

This was the place where the sun sat!

This was where the Emperor sat!

This place was a place that ordinary people couldn’t approach!

The dragon carriage was too big. The instant Xu Qing stepped in, it was as though he was in a huge palace. He saw the huge throne that occupied half of the space.

He saw the countless auspicious totems and paintings in the surroundings.

He saw the lampstands that were shattered all over the ground and also saw… countless densely-packed runes carved crookedly on the walls of the dragon carriage!

These runes gave off a hurried feeling, as though someone, who didn’t want their inheritance to disappear, left them behind before they died.

The instant Xu Qing looked over, he felt like endless heavenly lightning bolts had exploded in his mind at the same time, forming an earth-shattering boom that could tear through everything, filling every corner of his body.

As his body trembled intensely, countless dazzling lights appeared in front of his eyes. These lights were golden and continuously gathered, transforming into a golden crow with folded wings that rushed into the nine heavens.

This golden crow was so large that even without spreading Its wings, It still occupied more than half of the sky. Its entire body shone with golden light like a god and Its aura surpassed all existences Xu Qing had seen. Regardless of whether it was Binding or the Flame Phoenix, they seemed to be ordinary beings in front of It!

Its aura was dignified, like an emperor!

The records on the Seven Blood Eyes’ sea record, the Third Elder’s information back then, and the murals Xu Qing had seen outside the dragon carriage told him the same thing.

The sun in this world was a vast existence like the ancient king. Its main body wasn’t a human but a Golden Crow Divine Bird!

It rose at dawn and returned at sunset. Its light illuminated the great earth. Perhaps It didn’t cover all of Wanggu, but at least within the range of Its light, It was the god of all living beings.

At that moment, Xu Qing’s mind rumbled, stirring up monstrous waves. His soul and body trembled.

He had an indescribable feeling.

That was the surreal feeling of walking into a myth.

It was the dazed feeling of stepping into an era before the god’s fragmented face appeared.

He also felt the shock of standing in the sun carriage that was once high and mighty and worshiped by all living beings.

This series of feelings caused Xu Qing’s mind to be impacted intensely. The golden crow that looked like an emperor charged into the nine heavens. As It rushed over, Its wings were still folded. However, one could see that every feather on It was shaking, containing an indescribable Dao rhythm.

This feeling was similar to the golden statue with the saber Xu Qing had seen in the temple in the scavenger campsite forbidden zone back then.

That saber strike back then had shaken him greatly. Even now, the heavenly saber was still one of his trump cards. However, his realm back then was too low and he couldn’t even comprehend 10% of it. Hence, he couldn’t display more power.

However, it was also precisely because of this that one could tell that Xu Qing’s comprehension ability exceeded that of ordinary people.

His aptitude might be quite good in the Seven Blood Eyes, but in the entire Wanggu Continent, there were many people who surpassed him in terms of pure aptitude.

However, since Xu Qing could sense the Dao rhythm of that saber strike at the Qi Condensation Realm, it was enough to show that his comprehension ability was extremely high.

His comprehension ability was completely revealed right now. His entire person was already completely immersed in the holy golden crow.

He watched as It soared into the nine heavens, broke through the sky, and shook the world.

Outside Xu Qing’s life lantern, a lump of phantom shadow vaguely appeared. Its appearance quickly became solid from blurry, vaguely forming the outline of the golden crow.

This outline was rapidly becoming clear.

In Xu Qing’s eyes, the Golden Crow Divine Bird that illuminated the world with Its golden light suddenly spread Its wings and waved them fiercely.

This was Its first time spreading Its wings!

The world shook and cracked. Deafening sounds rang out, like countless thunderclaps exploding. At the same time, it also caused a shocking wave in Xu Qing’s mind.

His mind was also about to explode. The outline of the golden crow outside the life lantern rapidly changed and formed even faster. At the same time, a large amount of information spread out from the golden crow and surged into Xu Qing’s mind, merging into the outline beside the life lantern.

This information was like a storm and the content was too majestic. Xu Qing didn’t have time to check it at all. At that moment, his body was trembling and the veins on his forehead bulged. His eyes were bloodshot as he endured everything.

This was an inheritance!


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