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Outside of Time – Chapter 230: 230 Xu Qing’s Mystic Brilliance Form! Bahasa Indonesia

230 Xu Qing’s Mystic Brilliance Form!

Hearing the roar of the Foundation Building cultivator in the Mystic Brilliance Form, the black-robed scholar fell into deep thought. As for the youth from the Third Peak, his mind shook and he had the intention to retreat.

Xu Qing frowned slightly but didn’t respond. Instead, he directed the soul of the Sea Corpse Race he had killed and absorbed into his 29th magic aperture.

At the same time, he headed straight for the Sea Corpse Race member who was injured by the black iron stick and was rapidly retreating. He spoke his first words in this battle.

“If you don’t want to die here, stop Black Robe!”

Xu Qing didn’t even look at the black-robed scholar from the Sea Corpse Race and headed straight for the injured Sea Corpse Race member.

He was very clear that in the current situation, regardless of whether he chose to destroy the teleportation array or kill the black-robed scholar, it would be slow. If he went to destroy the teleportation array, he would be blocked by Black Robe, while killing the Black Robe would waste time..

Black Robe wasn’t a weakling and his thoughts clearly ran deep. Xu Qing didn’t want to fight such an opponent in the current situation. He would face him after getting Mystic Brilliance Form.

The best choice for him now was for the cultivator of the Third Peak to stop Black Robe and him to kill the second Sea Corpse Race member as quickly as possible. He would devour and absorb the soul and open the 30th magic aperture to form his life fire.

Xu Qing had a lot of combat experience. He had accumulated it since he was young in the slums. Through the countless killings and fights, he had long gained sharp senses and judgment.

He quickly approached the second Sea Corpse Race member.

This Sea Corpse Race cultivator was a nonhuman when he was alive. His nose was very long like an elephant’s nose. Xu Qing had encountered such a cultivator on Sea Lizard Island before. Xu Qing didn’t stop at all when he got close and immediately attacked.

Immediately, a rumbling sound echoed.

At the same time, Black Robe’s expression also changed as he rapidly weighed the pros and cons in his mind. He didn’t quite understand Xu Qing’s actions. The only reason he could guess was that the other party was about to achieve his Mystic Brilliance Form.

That was why this Seven Blood Eyes’ disciple didn’t escape despite knowing that he was in danger. Instead, he went to kill another Sea Corpse Race member.

However, what Black Robe didn’t understand was that even if the other party activated his Mystic Brilliance Form, there would still be a gap between him and an experienced Foundation Building cultivator like Lord Yunchen who was about to arrive.

After all, the duration of the Mystic Brilliance Form was determined by the number of magic apertures.

He didn’t have the time to think too much. No matter what, he just needed to stop what the other party wanted to do.

Perhaps no one who could cultivate to the Foundation Building realm was a fool. Black Robe wasn’t stupid, Xu Qing wasn’t stupid, and the youth from the Third Peak wasn’t stupid either. He had only reacted a little slower previously.

When he heard Xu Qing’s words, although he didn’t understand, he knew very well that it was unrealistic for him to stop the strong Sea Corpse Race’s black-robed man.

He couldn’t stop him. As for escaping, it wasn’t that he hadn’t considered it.

However, as long as the Sea Corpse Race’s Mystic Brilliance Form Foundation Building cultivator successfully teleported, it would be too late even if he escaped this area and transmitted his message for help.

He knew how terrifying the Mystic Brilliance Form was.

If he did nothing now and fled, the probability of him dying was very high.

If he went all out, he might have a chance of survival.

After these thoughts raced through his mind, determination appeared in his eyes.

He realized that there was only one way with the highest probability to save his life.

He gritted his teeth and performed a series of hand seals with both hands. He then pressed his forehead and activated the secret technique that belonged to his Third Peak.

Immediately, the figure on his forehead turned over, revealing the face of a woman.

This face was pale and blood flowed out of its seven orifices. It was a bizarre sight. The instant it turned over, it seemed to be walking out from the glabella of the youth.

It grew larger and larger until it separated from his body and floated out.

As soon as this bizarre image appeared, it charged straight ahead. The direction it headed wasn’t toward Black Robe but toward the teleportation array that was flickering with energy.

The youth from the third peak wanted to let the bizarre entity destroy this teleportation array.

This way, he could resolve all dangers.

The only obstacle for this was Black Robe, but this could also be considered as fulfilling the request of the Seventh Peak’s cultivator.

By doing this, not only did he avoid the possibility of the Seventh Peak’s cultivator framing him, but he also fulfilled the other party’s cooperation requirements to a certain extent. At the same time, there was a high chance that Black Robe wouldn’t pursue him but protect the teleportation array.

This way, he could successfully escape.

If the teleportation array really activated, the Seven Peak’s disciple would be the first target.

“I’ll gamble!” The youth from the Third Peak gritted his teeth and left rapidly without turning his head. He didn’t hesitate to burn his magic apertures for faster speed.

The battlefield was ever-changing and the speed of one’s thoughts would often decide everything when the difference in cultivation levels wasn’t too great. At this moment, when the youth from the Third Peak fled and released the bizarre entity that headed straight for the teleportation array, the expression of the black-robed scholar from the Sea Corpse Race changed. He felt a little troubled.

To him, the most important thing was naturally the successful arrival of Lord Yunchen. Hence, he could only give up on Xu Qing and the youth from the Third Peak and head straight for the teleportation array.

He instantly got close and used all his strength to stop the bizarre entity. A rumbling sound echoed.

Xu Qing wasn’t surprised by the Third Peak’s cultivator’s choice. He charged toward the Sea Corpse Race cultivator whose expression had changed drastically. No matter how the other party struggled or controlled the statue artifact to suppress him, it was useless.

At the next instant, the black iron stick found a chance and directly pierced the statue, crazily absorbing it.

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor knew that there were outsiders around now, so he didn’t appear. However, he didn’t show any mercy when absorbing the artifact energy.

However, he knew that he had to control himself. Otherwise, if it affected Demon Xu’s spirit stones, he would suffer.

Hence, as he continued to move around the statue, after devouring 70% of it, he suppressed his greed and gave up.

The shadow was the same. Taking advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention, it pounced over crazily and hugged the thigh of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator, sucking fiercely.

The Sea Corpse Race cultivator let out a mournful cry and his entire right leg instantly turned to ashes. His eyes revealed intense fear and he wanted to retreat but he couldn’t do so at all. Xu Qing’s dagger was already rapidly slashing at him.

This Sea Corpse cultivator was also a ruthless person. Realizing his death was near, the fear in his eyes was replaced by madness and half of the magic apertures in his body exploded.

With the help of the astonishing power obtained from the explosion of half of his magic apertures, the Sea Corpse Race cultivator shook off the shadow and dodged the black iron stick. He even dodged Xu Qing’s dagger and rapidly retreated.

He was about to escape.

At the same time, the youth from the Third Peak had completely escaped from this area and could not be seen. The bizarre entity he left behind also became increasingly blurry due to the distance. Finally, it dissipated under the attack of the black-robed scholar.

After dealing with the bizarre entity, the black-robed scholar looked at Xu Qing. He noticed that Xu Qing was chasing after his companion and was about to head over.

However, at this instant, the body of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator who was fleeing in front of Xu Qing trembled violently. His insides churned and he spat out a large mouthful of black blood.

The blood of the Sea Corpse Race was blue.

However, what he spat out was black. It was poisoned blood!

This poison wasn’t spread by Xu Qing but was smeared on the black iron stick by Xu Qing under the pleading of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor. Earlier, when the black iron stick pierced through the space between the Sea Corpse Race’s forehead, the poison had already spread.

However, it would take time for it to act up. Hence, after half of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator’s magic apertures had collapsed and his body was weakening, the poison acted up.

The instant the poison acted up, daggers formed by black flames rapidly flew over from not far away. They stirred up a torrent as they stabbed the Sea Corpse Race cultivator.

There were a total of six daggers. One attacked his neck, one pierced his heart, one went for his forehead, and one for each of his three limbs!

As piercing sounds rang out, the body of the Sea Corpse Race was lifted by the power of the six daggers and nailed to the side. The shadow and the black iron stick also arrived rapidly.

The black iron stick rapidly penetrated through the Sea Corpse Race cultivator’s body many times while the shadow headed straight for the other leg.

Amidst his mournful cries, the daggers on his body also transformed into black flames that rapidly covered his entire body. Xu Qing didn’t bother with the black-robed scholar who was approaching. He arrived in front of the heavily injured Sea Corpse Race member and immediately pressed his right hand against the mouth of the Sea Corpse Race member.

The fiendish fire surged in along his hand. With a single breath, the soul of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator flowed into his body. Under Xu Qing’s excitement and anticipation, it turned into firewood and charged intensely toward his 30th magic aperture…


Xu Qing’s body trembled as his 30th magic aperture opened!

Following the 30th magic aperture’s opening, the 30 magic apertures in his body fused into one.

The magic power that was emitted transformed into threads of flames that continuously gathered at Xu Qing’s dantian.

The 30 fire threads quickly formed a small ball.

It continued to condense, burn, and shine until…

The first ball of life fire that represented a true Foundation Building cultivator was completely formed!

This life fire was glorious and emitted an incomparably clear light. The instant it was formed, all the spirit seas in Xu Qing’s 30 magic apertures stirred up monstrous waves.

Waves of astonishing fluctuations surged crazily, and his life fire burned intensely.

The flames became even more dazzling!

It illuminated the 30 magic apertures extremely clearly and even illuminated the Heavenly Palace that was faintly discernible in his body.

At the same time, a powerful aura erupted from Xu Qing’s body.

At this moment, in Xu Qing’s eyes, the world was different!

Everything in the surroundings changed completely.

Everything slowed down.

The seawater, the collapsing surroundings, and the black-robed scholar in the distance was the same.

The other party continued to move closer but in Xu Qing’s eyes, his movements became extremely slow.

It was so slow that Xu Qing felt very uncomfortable. He even saw countless specks of dust in front of him.

This dust formed a shape in his eyes, as though it could be magnified infinitely with his thoughts.

Microscopic observation!

Not only that, but as the life fire in his body burned, a terrifying force that even Xu Qing was shocked rose and spread throughout his body!

His spells were enhanced, and his body seemed to have been refined to a higher level. His soul felt like it was wearing armor. Everything about him was… completely different from before.

Before this, Xu Qing already knew that forming a life fire would be different from when there was no life fire. Now that he had personally entered this state, he understood that he had underestimated the difference between the two.

It was like two different cultivation realms!

After activating the Mystic Brilliance Form, his 30 magic apertures seemed to have transformed into 30 stoves that were being crazily consumed.

The life fire condensed from such a huge consumption was so bright and majestic that it made Xu Qing feel as though a huge stove was burning in his body!

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor trembled, and his eyes revealed intense envy and desire. As for the shadow, it was also trembling. It was as though the light on Xu Qing’s body at this moment made it very uncomfortable.

However… Xu Qing’s breakthrough wasn’t over.

At the instant everything in the surroundings slowed down in his eyes and the instant the teleportation array in the distance was about to finish activating, Xu Qing moved his life fire to… the wick of the black life lantern!

At the next instant, the bottom of the sea rumbled and the seawater around Xu Qing exploded crazily in all directions. A horrifying aura erupted monstrously in Xu Qing’s body!

The life lantern was lit!

The terrifying power that surpassed the strength of a ball of life fire instantly exploded from the life lantern and swept crazily toward all the meridians and flesh in Xu Qing’s body.

Wherever it passed, it was as though life itself was moving forward!

Xu Qing’s body trembled intensely as heavenly lightning rumbled in his body. It was no longer a stove but an erupting volcano!!

The aura was so strong that it could destroy everything and terrify all existences!

At this moment, the teleportation array in the distance was also activated.

The Mystic Brilliance Form Foundation Building cultivator of the Sea Corpse Race let out a sinister laugh as his figure quickly formed in the teleportation array that could no longer be stopped.

“Human brat, you can’t stop my descent this time. You’ll definitely die… Hmm?”


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