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227 Three Snatching Food

Xu Qing had fought against the Perfected Qi Condensation cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race.

They were extremely difficult to kill.

They had a powerful physical body and tenacious life. When Xu Qing fought one of the Sea Corpse Race members before, he was only able to kill it by cutting off its parts.

As for the Foundation Building cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race, Xu Qing had never fought them. As such, he was extremely vigilant at this moment. Even when he was all prepared, he still didn’t get too close.

Under his gaze, as the light of the teleportation array flickered, the figure of the Sea Corpse Race member inside rapidly became clear.

This person wasn’t transformed from a human corpse but rather a nonhuman race that Xu Qing had never seen before. There were bat-like wings on his back but they were somewhat torn. However, the aura of a Foundation Building cultivator was obvious.

At the next instant, amidst the light rumbling of the teleportation array, the figure of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator became clear. The instant he completed the teleportation, he tried to retreat. Clearly, he was extremely vigilant.

However, he would never have thought that there would be traps waiting for him.

Almost at the instant he retreated, the seawater in the surroundings instantly fluctuated, transforming into highly condensed sea walls and blocking him.

It was the same for the front, back, left, right, and even above.

This caused the Sea Corpse cultivator to collide with it as he retreated, emitting a muffled boom. Although the astonishing power of his Foundation Building cultivation caused the sea wall to instantly collapse, the second, third, and fourth walls appeared one after another.

The magic power in Xu Qing’s body exceeded his peers by several times. At that moment, he was performing hand seals with both hands in the distance. Immediately, the undercurrents in the surrounding seawater surged and walls that were highly condensed headed straight for the Sea Corpse Race cultivators from all directions.

“Just you alone?” A cold glint flashed in the eyes of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator. He also saw his surroundings clearly and sensed that Xu Qing was the only one nearby.

As for the poison in the surroundings, he didn’t care. As a member of the Sea Corpse Race, his entire body was corpse poison. Moreover, the characteristics of his body made him unafraid of poison.

He ignored the poisonous fog and performed hand seals. Just as he was about to cast the spell to blast open the surroundings, his expression suddenly changed. He sensed that after his wings came into contact with the surrounding poisonous fog, they actually showed signs of corrosion. This caused his mind to shake.

“What poison is this!”

Moreover, all of the poison was gathered in the same place due to the sealing of the surrounding sea walls. With more than a hundred types of poison mixed, the body of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator showed signs of corrosion.

The Sea Corpse Race cultivator was shaken and hurriedly performed a series of hand seals; a dense corpse poison instantly spread out from his body. He also flapped the wings on his back, emitting astonishing energy. It stirred up the surrounding seawater and directly blasted toward the surrounding sea walls.

In an instant, the walls collapsed one after another, but for every wall that collapsed, three more would appear. Not only did the sea walls around the Sea Corpse Race cultivator not decrease, but they also increased.

The poisonous fog continued to intensify, causing the expression of the Sea Corpse Race member who was trapped inside to change once again. Even with his powerful physical body and recovery, he felt that his body was starting to corrode faster.

He even had a strong feeling that if this continued, it was very likely that he would be melted alive in about fifteen minutes.

He took out a black-colored beast bone. There was a hint of killing intent in his eyes as he spat out blue blood on it.

Immediately, the beast bone trembled and the anomalous substances on it erupted, forming a black shadow. The shadow seemed to have intelligence as it let out waves of heart-shaking laughter. A powerful aura spread out and swept in all directions.

All the sea walls that came into contact with the aura instantly collapsed.

Clearly, this beast bone was a type of magic artifact.

The Sea Corpse Race cultivator chose the direction that faced Xu Qing and charged straight forward. As the sea walls collapsed one after another, the Sea Corpse Race cultivator rushed out of the poisonous fog. The killing intent in his eyes was intense and cold.

Xu Qing’s expression was calm and he was finally at ease.

“As expected, he’s not a Foundation Building cultivator with the Mystic Brilliance Form.”

If it was the Mystic Brilliance Form, it wouldn’t have taken so much trouble to break through his sea walls. The cultivator should have been able to knock through everything in an instant and reach him. Moreover, the possibility of the other party hiding his strength wasn’t high. After all, this was the enemy’s territory.

His thought should be to kill Xu Qing and leave as soon as possible.

Killing intent rose in Xu Qing’s eyes. The Sea Corpse cultivator’s magic artifact finally broke through the last sea wall. As the black shadow dissipated, the Sea Corpse cultivator headed straight for Xu Qing.

However, Xu Qing’s speed was even faster than him. He collided with the Sea Corpse Race cultivator in the blink of an eye.

The Sea Corpse cultivator’s entire body trembled violently and he spat out blood as he retreated. His expression was filled with horror as he saw Xu Qing continue to rush at him.

The dagger in Xu Qing’s right hand emitted black evil fire. Even in the sea, this fire was still burning. As Xu Qing got closer, the two of them collided again.

A rumbling sound echoed. After several exchanges, the Sea Corpse Race cultivator was bewildered. He had a similar thought as the Sea Corpse Race cultivator at the Perfected Qi Condensation Realm back then. His anomalous substances were ineffective against Xu Qing. His corpse poison was inferior to the other party’s poison and his recovery was the same.

As Xu Qing waved his dagger, the Sea Corpse Race cultivator raised his right hand. Immediately, the black shadow on the beast bone let out a sinister laugh and pounced toward Xu Qing.

In fact, this black shadow’s red eyes revealed greed. Just as it was about to get close, the black shadow’s eyes suddenly widened and it quickly retreated.

However, it was too late!

At the next instant, the shadow that had been lying in ambush in the surroundings suddenly erupted. It had long been staring at this black shadow. At this moment, its emotions emitted hunger as it pounced over.

The black shadow seemed to have encountered its natural enemy. As its body trembled, its speed was also affected. It was as though it was so intimidated that it didn’t dare to escape and slowed down.

In that instant, a large mouth opened in Xu Qing’s shadow and swallowed it.

The black shadow was swallowed alive by the shadow.

With a burp, its invisible gaze stared at the Sea Corpse Race cultivator whose expression had changed drastically.

The Sea Corpse Race cultivator’s eyes revealed horror as he quickly retreated. However, the moment he retreated, waves of hurried bell sounds rang out. This sound carried an ethereal feeling that could penetrate the body and reach the soul.

The instant it entered the ears of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator, his body involuntarily paused for a moment. Although he quickly broke free, the bell was already close.

With a flash of black light, the black iron stick gave up on the bell and completely erupted with speed, directly piercing through the center of the Sea Corpse Race’s brows. After circling around, it pierced through his neck again before picking up the falling bell again.

At the same time, the black fiendish fire on Xu Qing’s body erupted, as though he had transformed into a burning person. He also activated the feather magic artifact on his body.

Xu Qing’s speed was enhanced tremendously with the feather artifact. With just a few steps, he appeared in front of the heavily injured Sea Corpse Race cultivator.

He instantly stabbed the other party’s neck with his dagger. Just as the Sea Corpse Race cultivator let out a scream, Xu Qing’s dagger transformed into black fire and surged into the other party’s wound, entering his body and burning intensely.

The Sea Corpse Race cultivator was about to struggle when Xu Qing ruthlessly slammed his knee into the Sea Corpse Race member’s stomach.

The Sea Corpse Race cultivator’s body almost collapsed, and with the black flames burning his soul, he let out a hoarse howl.

Amidst the intense struggle, the shadow also got close and extended along the legs of the Sea Corpse Race cultivator. Wherever it passed, the Sea Corpse Race cultivator’s trembling would intensify and his screams changed in pitch.

The area covered by the shadow was rapidly corroding its body. It was as though… it was transforming from a sea corpse to a real corpse.

That was because the anomalous substances in it were being crazily devoured by the shadow. And as the shadow devoured the anomalous substances, its body actually emitted a trace of the Sea Corpse Race’s aura.

As for the black iron stick, it wasn’t idle either. It headed straight for the bone magic artifact at the side. After it pierced the artifact, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor manifested and sucked fiercely. Immediately, the bone magic artifact trembled and the energy inside was quickly absorbed by the Diamond Sect’s ancestor.

This process lasted for the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. The Sea Corpse Race cultivator’s struggle became weaker and weaker. Finally, his body lost all the anomalous substances and turned into ashes that dissipated into the seawater.

As for the bone magic artifact, it was the same. It shattered into pieces.

Xu Qing’s eyes flickered with excitement. At that moment, the soul of the Sea Corpse Race was burning crazily in his body as it rushed toward the 21st magic aperture.

Xu Qing’s body trembled and his eyes gleamed. His 21st magic aperture was opened!

As the spirit energy flowed in and magic power was nourished, Xu Qing turned his head and looked at the teleportation array, narrowing his eyes.

He didn’t destroy it but continued to set up more traps and waited silently. At the same time, he looked at the shadow.

He had sensed that when the other party devoured the Sea Corpse Race, it had also emitted the aura of the Sea Corpse Race.

Time flowed by, and Xu Qing felt a little regretful that there was no second one.

The Sea Corpse Race wasn’t stupid. After teleporting one out, they should have sensed something. As such, there was no second one. Xu Qing decided to destroy it and search for the next teleportation array.

As for the shadow, its anomalous substances had become denser. Moreover, it was as though it had tasted the sweetness, it seemed to be even more eager than Xu Qing and was searching even harder.

As for the Diamond Sect’s ancestor, the strength of his aura increased even more. Clearly, he had benefited greatly from devouring the other party’s magic artifact.

This made Xu Qing a little hesitant. After all, magic artifacts could be sold for money.

“Master, I couldn’t control myself just now. Next time, I’ll absorb 70% and leave 30% behind. This way, we can still sell it for money. I’m an artifact spirit and I’m confident that I can control it. It’ll be very difficult for the buyer to notice.”

“However, I suggest that it’s best if Master doesn’t sell it to the sect. I know many black markets. We can sell there.” The Diamond Sect’s ancestor was an elite among humans. The moment Xu Qing’s expression changed, he guessed the reason and hurriedly spoke carefully.

Xu Qing glanced at the black iron stick but didn’t speak.

Just like that, a day later, with the hard work of the shadow, Xu Qing found another teleportation array hidden in a crack on the ground in the underwater world. After setting up the traps, he sat down and waited.

Several days passed in the blink of an eye. Just as Xu Qing decided to destroy it and search for the next teleportation array, the teleportation array suddenly emitted fluctuations!


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