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Outside of Time – Chapter 192: Why the Madness? Bahasa Indonesia

The god the merfolk believed in was called Binding.

However, its title of god was crowned by the merfolk race in reverence. In reality, it was just a mysterious divine existence at the bottom of the sea.

Even so, divine creatures that could go to deep sleep at the bottom of the sea were extremely powerful. Their abilities were unimaginable to many races, and their strength even more so.

Before the god’s fragmented face arrived, although there were sea monsters in the Wanggu Continent and the surrounding Endless Sea, they were far inferior to the creatures that were changed due to the god’s fragmented face.

Such existences that possessed the aura of the fragmented face of the god in the sky appeared one after another. These existences were known as divine creatures.

Some races had studied these divine creatures and found that they had evolved from the bizarre entities in the forbidden zones.

Binding was one of them.

In fact, to mortals, it could indeed be considered a god.

This type of divine creature had occupied the top of the food chain for many eras and was regarded as a god by countless small races. Even large races were wary of it.

However, many eras had passed, the races that could survive in this world all had their own methods to resist divine creatures.

In fact, some races could already intimidate ordinary divine creatures. There were also large races that could fight against the emperors of the forbidden regions.

As for the human race, although they were scattered in many places, they were also one of the large races.

At this moment, the surface of the sea rumbled as Binding strode toward the merfolk island. In the air above the merfolk island, Old Master Seventh, who was standing on great wing, looked at the deep sea.

“Zheng Kaiyi, the arrival of Binding will definitely cause a storm of blood. There’s no need for your sect and my race to start a war like this. We are allies. My race is willing to continue to be allies and hand over all the benefits. My race can even help you attack the Sea Corpse Race.” The merfolk ancestor’s breathing was hurried as he spoke rapidly.

“It is too late for your race,” Old Master Seventh said calmly. He ignored the merfolk ancestor and waved his hand, his voice spreading in all directions.

“Human race’s battle flag!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the wyvern transformed from the great wing below him roared at the sky. The thirteen elders in the surroundings lowered their heads with deferential expressions. The hundred Foundation Building cultivators were the same.

Amidst their respectful looks, following the wyvern’s roar, a huge flag suddenly rose from the tallest building on its back.

This flag was a thousand feet long and the color of the banner was mixed. It was stained with the blood of countless beings and looked tattered, as though it was a corner of a large flag.

As the wind blew, a peerless baleful aura that shook the world erupted from it.

This aura was so strong that the sky seemed to freeze and the waves of the sea seemed to stop.

It was as though it could suppress the time, the races, and all existences. Even divine creatures had to lower their heads in front of it.

The mixed blood on the flag exuded an intense sense of divinity, as though countless divine creatures had been killed on this flag. Amidst the mixed blood was an extremely pure drop of golden blood.

This drop of blood actually gave off a feeling that it surpassed divinity and was infinitely close to the fragmented face of the god in the sky!

“The human race’s battle flag. It’s impossible for the Seven Blood Eyes to possess such a supreme treasure of the human race, even if it’s just a corner… This is an item of the Wanggu Continent’s Seven Sects Alliance!!” The merfolk ancestor’s face instantly turned pale. He seemed to have lost his voice in despair.

Just as the miserable voice of the merfolk ancestor echoed, as the battle flag fluttered, a suppressive force erupted from it. An illusory finger stretched out from the battle flag.

This finger contained the intent of endless time, as though it had risen from the endless river of time. It didn’t emit any pressure, but everyone who saw it felt their minds go blank.

It was as though this finger represented the Heavenly Dao. It pressed down slightly toward the sea.

Immediately, an area of 50,000 kilometers of the sea surface evaporated, forming a huge hole, revealing Binding who was letting out a mournful roar.

All the tentacles on its body opened their eyes at the same time, wanting to resist. However, it was useless. More than half of the tentacles collapsed and the fishbone robe on its body shattered. The tongue on its back withered and the rotting of its entire body sped up.

Half of its body exploded, turning into countless pieces of flesh and blood. The remaining half of its body retreated rapidly amidst the mournful cries that spread in all directions, fleeing into the depths of the sea!

This scene couldn’t be seen on the other three islands of the merfolk race. Only the cultivators on the Binding Island could see it clearly.

However, the disciples in the underwater world couldn’t see it.

Unless one used a special technique or some strange object, only then could the cultivators in the underwater world see everything that was happening outside.

For example… the Eye of Consonance.

At that moment, in the underwater world, Xu Qing, who was in the temple, had his eyes completely widened. He stared at the Eye of Consonance in front of him with waves of emotions surging in his mind.

This eye reflected the great wing in the sky and the flag. It also reflected the evaporation of the surface of the sea and the collapse of half of Binding’s body after the finger was pressed down.

However, this was already the limit of the Eye of Consonance. At the next instant, the eye seemed unable to withstand the horror of the scene it was observing and exploded.

The instant it exploded, the captain did something that shocked Xu Qing and dumbfounded Zhang San.

He actually took out a palm-sized piece of red flesh and pressed it against the statue of Binding at the side.

Immediately, this piece of flesh and blood melted and enveloped the entire statue. It was as though it was devouring the statue, emitting waves of strange swallowing sounds. After it devoured the entire statue and transformed into a huge piece of flesh and blood, a gap was torn in the middle.

It was like a gate of flesh and blood.

It was twisting and squirming, and looked unstable. It was the same for the whole lump of flesh and blood, as though it would wither and collapse at any moment.

It was pitch-black inside the gap but upon closer inspection, it seemed to be the depths of the sea. Occasionally, some scenes would flash past and one could see a large number of broken limbs and minced meat.

Those broken limbs and pieces of flesh were the collapsed half of Binding’s body. These were clearly extremely attractive in the deep sea, causing terrifying auras to erupt from everywhere and surge toward the broken limbs, wanting to devour them.

These auras were so strong that Xu Qing could clearly sense them through the gap in the flesh. Any one of them could instantly crush and kill him. As for the Seven Blood Eyes elders in the air, they seemed to have some reservations and didn’t participate in the fight.

However, the captain’s eyes lit up and his expression revealed unprecedented madness. After taking a look at the gap in his flesh, his eyes turned red as he quickly spoke to Zhang San and Xu Qing.

“I know what your goals are. I didn’t lie to you. When I said I brought you guys here to find treasures, it was naturally to find treasures.”

“Zhang San, isn’t this what you want? The refining diagram of the merfolk race’s Flying Fish Armor?”

As the captain spoke, he took out a red jade slip from his pocket. It emitted a strange fluctuation. The item in it seemed to have intelligence and seeped out of the jade slip, transforming into the phantom of an armor.

One look and one could tell that it was quite extraordinary.

Zhang San’s eyes instantly widened and he wanted to grab it.

“Why is it with you!”

The captain smiled and allowed the red jade slip to be grabbed by Zhang San. While Zhang San was being excited about the treasure, the captain looked at Xu Qing.

“Xu Qing, you want the Foundation Building Pills, right? There are three of them here. Their quality is much higher than the normal ones and are extremely precious. They are definitely top-grade pills and can’t be compared to ordinary Foundation Building Pills.” As the captain spoke, he took out a jade box and threw it to Xu Qing.

“How is it? You wanted it, right?”

Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed. He grabbed it and opened it. There were three blue-colored medicinal pills that gave off a strange fragrance. There were even some mist lingering on them, as though the medicinal pills had life.

Xu Qing’s mind shook. He kept them and looked at the captain.

He didn’t believe that his captain would give these things to them so easily.

“I spent a lot of effort to find this for you. Since I’ve helped you, the two of you have to help me too. Help me guard this place. It won’t be long. Fifteen minutes!”

“Just the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. When I return, I’ll give you some of the items I obtained! If I don’t return in the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, you guys can leave on your own. You don’t have to care about me.”

“I’m going to snatch the flesh and blood of Binding. That’s the god of the merfolk race. You guys better pray that I don’t die inside. If I return alive, we’ll be rich, understand?!”

When Xu Qing heard this, a huge commotion stirred in his heart. He looked at the broken limbs and minced meat in the gap between the flesh and blood as well as the terrifying auras that were rapidly approaching. He then looked at the madness in the captain’s eyes. He felt that the captain was crazy, or maybe the latter felt that he had lived too long, so he wanted to play with his life.

Xu Qing had seen such people before. They had only two results, and both were extreme. Either they got themselves killed or… they obtained a huge harvest.

Xu Qing hoped that the captain belonged to the latter group, so he asked.

“How to increase your chances of returning alive?”

The captain laughed and quickly spoke.

“There is nothing you can do. It’s up to fate.”

Xu Qing nodded.

“What’s life for? Isn’t it just for fun? I’ve played with it several times.” The captain took a deep breath and the madness in his eyes intensified. He instantly entered the gap in the flesh and blood and quickly crawled inside.

It was as though he was courting death as he rushed toward the place where half of Binding’s body had collapsed.

The moment he entered, the huge piece of flesh trembled violently and traces of withering appeared in its edges, as though it wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

Zhang San fell silent. After a long time, he sighed.

“Have you seen such a Qi Condensation cultivator? He’s f*cking going to his death…”

Xu Qing shook his head. Right now, even if the captain opened his stomach and said that he was at the Qi Condensation Realm, Xu Qing wouldn’t believe him. After a moment, he spoke.

“Are the coffins in the main city expensive?”

“I prepared it for him in the past. Later on, I dismantled it because it was of no use. Oh right, I dismantled it when I was refining the magic boat for you. I didn’t have enough materials and used them all on you. I’ll go back and forge another one…” Zhang San sighed.

“…” Xu Qing fell silent. After a long time, he looked outside the temple. His eyes slowly narrowed as he spoke softly.

“Something’s coming.”

Almost at the instant Xu Qing spoke, sizzling sounds suddenly rang out outside the empty temple, as though something was being corroded by poison.

This sound was extremely ear-piercing but there was nothing in the outside world.

However, the traps that Zhang San had buried exploded one after another.


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