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Outside of Time – Chapter 186: Hungry Xue Lianzi Bahasa Indonesia

Inside and outside the Wanggu Continent, regardless of whether it was the various islands or the countless forbidden zones, there were a large number of strange races.

The Sea Corpse Race was one of them.

This race was located at the edge of the forbidden zone in the Endless Sea. Before the fragmented face of the god arrived countless eras ago, there was no Sea Corpse Race in this world.

When the god arrived, His aura tainted and changed the course of all things. Some races disappeared from history, while others continued to struggle. At the same time, some new races were born.

Among these new races, one of them was the Sea Corpse Race.

This race had strange characteristics. They could directly absorb anomalous substances. Moreover, they didn’t have the ability to reproduce. The growth of their race and the increase of their clansmen depended on special methods.

That was… conversion.

Their unique method could allow them to mark and revive the dead.

The corpses that were resurrected after being marked had incomplete memories of their previous lives like they were different people. Their personality would become violent, cruel, and bloodthirsty. Moreover, their bodies would emit dense anomalous substances that wouldn’t be tolerated by the world. At the same time, the summoning of the Sea Corpse Race would echo in their minds.

This summoning guided them to the Sea Corpse Race’s territory and they would become a member of the Sea Corpse Race. They would cultivate the cultivation arts that belonged to the Sea Corpse Race. This allowed them to gradually recover their intelligence and continue to grow stronger.

However, the characteristics of this race made them even more heartless the more they cultivated. They would not care about their past.

In addition, the higher one’s cultivation was when they were alive, the stronger their combat strength would be after they were transformed. However, there were many restrictions to the transformation and the success rate wasn’t high. Hence, this race didn’t become a great calamity for the various races. And due to some special reasons as well, they were allowed to exist.

Over the many eras, the Sea Corpse Race had discovered that the success rate of transforming the corpses of human cultivators was relatively higher, so their focus was on the human race.

As for the Seven Blood Eyes, they were located in the Nanhuang Continent and weren’t far from the Sea Corpse Race’s territory. Hence, the hatred between them became increasingly intense. Wars would erupt every once in a while.

Now, with the help of the incident on Merfolk Island, the Sea Corpse Race’s army could arrive without any fear. As the vortex spread out, the ten-thousand-foot-long crocodile roared sinisterly and stepped in the air. Its body was already halfway out.

The few figures above its head were all covered in black miasma. That was a manifestation of the dense anomalous substances.

Under the envelopment of this black gas, their appearances couldn’t be seen clearly. One could only see their red eyes in the black fog and their cultivation fluctuations that didn’t seem inferior to the merfolk ancestor.

Noticing the arrival of the Sea Corpse Race, the merfolk ancestor laughed loudly.

“Zheng Kaiyi, I want to see what other tricks your sect has up its sleeves!”

“Then watch carefully.” Old Master Seventh’s expression was as calm as ever. He took out an ordinary jade slip and threw it at the Sea Corpse Race that was currently appearing aggressively with endless baleful aura and anomalous substances.

This jade slip flew lightly and arrived in front of the Sea Corpse Race’s army. Before it reached the Sea Corpse Race, it collapsed and shattered on its own.

The instant it shattered, the sky rumbled, as though countless thunder had exploded in unison.

The entire sky caved in and cracks formed in the sky.

These cracks were like dragons and snakes swimming around, passing through the sky violently. It looked like an invisible brush was painting in the sky.

These cracks connected together and shockingly… a gigantic figure was outlined in the sky!

It was the figure of an old man!

He seemed to have fused with the sky. His face was expressionless as he stared at the living beings below.

Under his gaze, the sea stirred up unprecedented waves. Even the existences at the bottom of the sea hid themselves. All the sea beasts were trembling.

Under his sweeping gaze, the merfolk ancestor directly spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes revealed extreme horror. His body kept trembling and he actually knelt down.

Under his gaze, the thousand-foot-long crocodile that had walked out halfway wailed. Its rotting body seemed to be decaying faster but it didn’t dare to move at all.

The figures of the several experts of the Sea Corpse Race above its head also fluctuated intensely. Their bodies shivered uncontrollably.

All of them spat out blood.

Many of their army directly exploded.

“Welcome, Ancestor!” Old Master Seventh took a deep breath and bowed respectfully to the old man formed by the cracks in the sky.

The other elders and Foundation Building cultivators in the surroundings were all the same. All of them lowered their heads and greeted loudly.

The instant they greeted, the Seven Blood Eyes’ ancestor in the sky suddenly swayed. Immediately, the countless cracks that formed his body seemed to have separated from the sky and turned into red threads.

They moved toward the Sea Corpse Race which was in chaos right now.

As the expressions of the Sea Corpse Race cultivators changed drastically, these red lines rapidly enveloped them and passed through. The instant they passed through, it was as though they had devoured all the vitality as all the Sea Corpse Race members withered.

In an instant, the thousand-foot-long crocodile’s body disintegrated. The bodies of the several experts of the Sea Corpse Race above its head withered and died.

As for the army at the back, they also could not escape this calamity. They were all reduced to ashes by the arrival of these red threads…

The massacre was finished in just an instance. However, these red threads didn’t stop at all. They swept up terrifying fluctuations and headed straight for the vortex that the Sea Corpse Race had walked out of.

It was as though that place was their target!!

The vortex wanted to close but it was too late. Before it could close, endless red threads surged in with greed and madness…

At the next moment, the vortex disappeared. However, one could imagine that the other side of the vortex must be in an extremely tragic state!

Now that the vortex and red threads had disappeared, the sky was clear again. The sea also regained its waves, as though nothing had happened.

Only the withered corpses of the dead cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race splattered onto the surface of the sea like rain.

“What do you think?” Old Master Seventh looked at the merfolk ancestor who was kneeling and trembling.

“Broke-broke through… the Seven Blood Eyes’ ancestor, Xue Lianzi1… broke through! Zheng Kaiyi, your Seven Blood Eyes’ target wasn’t our merfolk race. Your target is the Sea Corpse Race!!” The merfolk ancestor’s eyes were filled with despair.

At the side, the Sea Corpse cultivator, who was also enveloped by the water droplets, also felt as though his entire body was about to melt. His originally cold expression was now replaced by fear.

“Looks like you still have some brains left. My sect doesn’t need to spend much effort on a mere merfolk race. It’s just that the ancestor is very hungry from breaking through, so I used you guys to bait the Sea Corpse Race.”

“I also have to thank your race for attracting the Sea Corpse Race, allowing them to take the initiative to open the gateway for the ancestor just when he broke through and was hungry.”

“Now, the competition can continue.” Old Master Seventh smiled. He swept up the merfolk ancestor and the Sea Corpse Race captive at the side and stepped onto the great wing. He sat there with a leisurely expression.

As for the battlefield below, he didn’t forcefully open it to observe. It was originally to nurture Gu, so it was naturally good to increase the disciples’ sense of danger. As for how tragic it was inside, he didn’t care.

“Those wolf cubs are probably here to make a fortune. There’s nothing much to see.”

At the same time, on Binding Island, in the Fishbone City, Xu Qing, who was speeding toward the Foundation Building Pagoda in front of him, suddenly lifted his head. He didn’t see what was happening in the outside world. What he saw was that the entire sky was dark.

That was the merfolk race’s array formation melting the Seven Blood Eyes’ purple sea. As the purple sea slowly dissipated, the suppression also showed signs of loosening. This caused Xu Qing’s eyes to narrow.

“I have to speed up!” Xu Qing immediately took out a flight talisman and stuck it on his leg. His speed soared and he transformed into a rainbow that headed straight for the Foundation Building Pagoda.

He reached the pagoda in just over 30 breaths of time. He saw more than 70 merfolk cultivators around the Foundation Building Pagoda.

Xu Qing glanced at the 100-foot-tall Foundation Building Pagoda in front of him. Clearly, these cultivators were protecting the people in the pagoda. It was obvious that the identities of the cultivators in the pagoda weren’t simple.

There were also seven to eight Seven Blood Eyes disciples here. They all had designs on the Spirit Breath Lantern. After all, its value was 500,000 spirit stones.

They were fighting among themselves and there were many corpses on the ground belonging to both Seven Blood Eyes disciples and merfolk cultivators.

The stench of blood permeated the surroundings, causing those unfamiliar to it to vomit. However, those who were used to it would instinctively feel bloodthirsty.

Xu Qing’s figure that rushed over immediately attracted the attention of both sides. However, before they could see clearly, Xu Qing, with the support of the flight talisman and his own speed, transformed into an afterimage and headed straight for the top of the Foundation Building Pagoda.

Furious roars rang out from the surroundings. The dozens of merfolk cultivators who didn’t participate in the battle quickly moved to stop him.

Among them, one of them looked to be at the Perfected Qi Condensation Realm but in reality, his cultivation level was much higher. Clearly, he was once at the Foundation Building Realm. He glared at Xu Qing and performed a series of hand seals.

Immediately, the phantom of a merfolk holding a fork appeared behind him. Its entire body was black and it looked sinister and savage as it charged fiercely at Xu Qing. At the same time, the other merfolks also casted spells and encircled Xu Qing from all directions.

In addition, the eyes of the surrounding Seven Blood Eyes disciples also flickered with coldness. All of them used their trump cards and quickly rushed to the top of the Foundation Building Pagoda. Clearly, they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity while Xu Qing attracted the attention of the merfolk race to take the holy item.

A cold light filled Xu Qing’s eyes. The moment he arrived, he had already made a decision. No matter who dared to snatch it from him this time, he would kill them. He waved his hand and the light above his head instantly flickered. As black light spread out as his magic boat manifested.

The magic boat that was hundreds of feet long appeared and emitted a terrifying aura. Moreover, it was floating which made it different from the other disciples’ boats.

The instant it appeared, as Xu Qing performed a series of hand seals, the four legs of the alligator turtle-like magic boat suddenly landed. Amidst cracking sounds, over ten thousand sharp iron pieces transformed into a storm with violent power that erupted in all directions.

All the merfolk cultivators in the range of the storm let out blood-curdling cries before they were cut into pieces. Even the expression of the Foundation Building merfolk changed drastically and he retreated rapidly with horror on his face. However, he was still swept up by the iron storm.

He screamed and shouted as his flesh and skin got torn apart. A dagger moved toward him at an astonishing speed and pierced through his neck.

The Seven Blood Eyes disciples were not an exception. From the moment they had decided to snatch the holy item from Xu Qing, Xu Qing didn’t plan to hold back. At that moment, corpses were strewn everywhere. There were no longer any survivors outside the pagoda.

Xu Qing didn’t stop at all as he continued toward the top of the Foundation Building Pagoda.

Through the gap there, he saw a merfolk youth meditating, as well as a lantern beside him.

This lantern looked strange, like an upside-down opened black umbrella. The handle of the umbrella was the wick.

Its dim yellow light enveloped and protected the merfolk youth.


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