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Xu Qing suddenly opened his eyes.

He calmly stood up and tidied his clothes before walking out of the cabin.

The sky was gloomy today.

Although the sun had risen, the first rays of the morning seemed to sense the killing intent from the Seven Blood Eyes. Hence, it put on its gray battle robe; the originally warm light pierced through the clouds and became dim.

As dark clouds began forming in the sky, figures rushed out from different places in the Seven Blood Eyes’ ports. They followed the streets of the port areas and headed straight for the central altar.

These figures were all hiding their ferocity. The coldness from their bodies was like sharp blades. Moreover, their cultivation levels were extraordinary. The weakest among them was at the sixth level of Qi Condensation.

Among them, there were also many who were at the eighth or ninth level or even higher.

After all, any disciple who could survive in the cruel Gu nurturing environment at the foot of the Seven Blood Eyes Mountains had their own way of survival. Even if they were originally gentle, they would be forced to change by this environment. The price of not changing was death.

As they rushed out, waves of uncontrollable killing aura spread in all directions, transforming into oppression that enveloped the entire city, causing most of the commoners in the port areas to not leave their houses.

Even those who were outside immediately spread out on both sides of the street to make way for the disciples who were rushing out.

From afar, the majestic voice that echoed in everyone’s minds was like the long howl of the wolf king, causing countless ferocious wolves to gather together with bloodthirst and excitement.

Xu Qing leaped down from the magic boat. Without turning his head, he waved his right hand behind him. Immediately, the magic boat flickered with black light and rapidly shrank, turning into a stream of light that flew into the magic bottle in Xu Qing’s storage bag.

With just a step, he traveled more than 30 feet. After landing, he took another step.

Although he didn’t fly, his speed was still astonishing. He quickly left the harbor and stepped onto the streets, moving faster and faster.

A whistling sound rang out in his ears. It was a disciple using a flight talisman to move forward in the air. There were even more disciples running around him. When he passed by the Homicide Department, Xu Qing even saw his captain.

The captain smiled at him and threw an apple over. When he got close, he whispered.

“There’s no need to keep a straight face. No matter which race our target is, our goal is to get rich. The real big deal will be handled by those people on the mountain.” The captain winked at Xu Qing.

Xu Qing nodded and ran as fast as he could with the captain.

Just like that, the 4000 to 5000 people from the Seventh Peak who were participating in this competition gradually approached the central altar at their respective speeds.

From afar, Xu Qing could see a gigantic circular array formation at the central altar.

This array formation was formed by countless runes of various sizes. Every rune shone with a purple light, causing the light of the array formation to be so dazzling that it seemed like it could connect to the sky.

It was a thousand feet tall, like a huge plate standing upright.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that the runes inside were densely arranged in layers of rings. As the rings rotated irregularly, an earth-shattering aura faintly spread out.

As he got closer, the aura became increasingly intense. Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed as he sensed how terrifying the aura was. His speed also slowed down.

When he arrived at the central altar, there were already more than 2,000 people here.

As for all the people who arrived, their speed slowed down after they got close. They stood in the surroundings and waited. Moreover, there was an instinctive gap between them. Only the murderous intent connected everyone’s auras, causing the dark clouds in the sky to become even denser.

Vaguely, there was also an astonishing figure that was like a giant dragon swimming in the clouds, causing bolts of lightning to appear in the sky, accompanied by majestic thunder.

Xu Qing took a deep breath and waited silently like others. Fifteen minutes was up. All the participants who were going to participate in the competition had arrived. No one spoke.

Only numerous cold gazes gathered on the huge array formation from all directions.

The spinning array formation suddenly rumbled.

A purple catkin that was like a streamer separated from it. When it spread to the air, the end of the streamer broke open and a figure appeared.

Foundation Building cultivation aura spread out from this figure.

This wasn’t the end. Very soon, more and more streamers spread out from the array formation until there were a hundred of them.

At the end of each streamer, the figures of cultivators could be seen. They were all Foundation Building cultivators.

The descent of a hundred Foundation Building cultivators caused the aura in the surroundings to become even more oppressive. All the disciples below were shocked.

Xu Qing was the same. As his heart trembled, another 13 purple catkins that were clearly much thicker floated out of the array formation and headed straight for the sky, like 13 long dragons rising into the air.

Amidst the majestic aura, 13 god-like figures appeared on the 13 huge purple streamers.

There were men and women among them, and all of their faces were blurry.

Their appearance caused the surroundings to rumble. Xu Qing’s breathing was hurried. Although he couldn’t see the faces of these people clearly, he could still sense Elder Zhao’s aura from the third person.

“Greetings, elders!”

The hundred Foundation Building cultivators in the sky lowered their heads in unison. Their voices were like huge waves that rumbled in all directions. At the same time, the 13 Seventh Peak elders who were greeted by all the Foundation Building cultivators ignored them and bowed to the sky even higher.

“Welcome, Peak Lord!”

As their voices rang out, the clouds in the sky exploded with unprecedented lightning. The dark clouds that filled the air were instantly torn to pieces and revealed the huge figure hidden within.

It was a huge wyvern that was pitch-black and ten thousand feet long. Its golden vertical pupils emitted a holy intent. Every black scale on its body emitted a terrifying fluctuation, causing the world to lose color and the wind and clouds to surge.

It was as though the flapping of its wings could create a tsunami, and its roar could cause misery and suffering.

On its back were rows of luxurious palaces.

The palaces seemed to have grown on it and not built, as if they were one with it!

A figure stood on the pavilion in the tallest palace.

Because it was too far from the ground, Xu Qing couldn’t see the figure clearly. However, he could sense that this figure emitted a shocking pressure that seemed to be able to suppress everyone.

In comparison, the 13 elders did not seem so high anymore and the 10,000-foot-long wyvern also became docile. This strength… surpassed Xu Qing’s understanding and couldn’t be described or compared. He could only lower his head.

“That’s the Peak Lord’s Great Wing transformation!” The instant Xu Qing lowered his head, the captain’s voice rang out beside him.

“Our magic boat is divided into four levels: boat, ship, warship, and liner. However, above these four levels is the legendary Great Wing…”

Xu Qing’s heart trembled and he was about to ask when the first of the 13 elders spoke. Every word of his was like thunder that rumbled in all directions.

“Seventh Peak’s disciples, know that our ally, the merfolk race, is treacherous and ungrateful. They colluded with our Seven Blood Eyes’ mortal enemy, the Sea Corpse Race. Through the joint decision of the Seven Blood Eyes’ Seven Peak Lords, the venue of the Seventh Peak’s Grand Competition will be changed to the merfolk race islands. The punishment is… extermination!”

“If you kill a merfolk, you will be rewarded with 10,000 contribution points. The higher the cultivation level of the enemy, the more contribution points you will earn.”

“The one who is ranked first will be given the qualifications to become a core disciple! During this period, you can collect all the spoils of war without reporting them!”

“The Seventh Peak’s Grand Competition has begun!”

As his voice rang out, the array formation began to rumble. The runes inside spun rapidly, causing the circular array formation to shine brightly.

The wyvern roared at the sky. Amidst the deafening sound, it rushed out first and headed straight for the array formation, instantly entering it.

After it entered, the entire array formation suddenly expanded several times, covering the central altar and the sky at the same time.

As the color of the world changed, the figures of the more than a hundred Foundation Building cultivators, the 13 elders, and the thousands of Seventh Peak disciples on the square were instantly covered by the light of the array formation.

Everyone instantly disappeared!

At that moment, everything was normal in the surroundings of the merfolk race’s territory.

From a strategic point of view, the location of the four merfolk islands was better than the Nanhuang Continent. In fact, it was the same for trade and transportation.

Its location was between the Nanhuang Continent and the Wanggu Continent. Its western territory was close to the Western Reef Archipelago, and the north was close to a forbidden zone on the Endless Sea.

The geographical location of the merfolk race determined their personality to a certain extent.

They were fickle-minded and rebellious. If the person who came was strong, they could grovel without hesitation. They could even smile sincerely while being beaten. However, once they got an opportunity, they would also change sides without hesitation, revealing their fangs and ruthlessly biting their allies.

30 years ago, they were the same. They provoked the Seven Blood Eyes and immediately submitted after being suppressed by them. They groveled and chose to become allies.

Now that thirty years had passed, they noticed the rising momentum of the Sea Corpse Race and colluded with it in an attempt to counterattack the Seven Blood Eyes.

This was something the Seven Blood Eyes could not tolerate.

The sky above the four merfolk islands was originally clear but in an instant, wind and lightning rumbled. Dark clouds suddenly appeared and spread, covering the sky and the sun, causing darkness and oppression to descend in all directions.

The sea was even more turbulent. Waves rose and fell, as though there was endless pressure driving the waves forward.

Bolts of lightning swam in the clouds and thunder rumbled. This strange phenomenon immediately attracted the attention of the merfolk race.

They also knew that today was the day of the Seventh Peak’s competition. Although they had learned that the other party’s target for this competition was the Northern Spirit Race, they were still on guard.

However, no matter how vigilant they were, they were still caught off guard by the Seven Blood Eyes’ will!

Amidst the rumbling of lightning, a purple light appeared in the sky of the merfolk race. As soon as this light appeared, it immediately spread in all directions.

In an instant, the sky above the four merfolk islands transformed into a sea of purple light.

As an earth-shattering dragon roar rang out, a black wyvern suddenly crawled out of the sea of purple light. It let out a roar that shook the world.

It spat out a black pearl.

This bead looked very small from afar but in reality, it was hundreds of feet wide. The instant it appeared, the world rumbled. Countless bolts of lightning coiled around it and an astonishing pressure tore through the void, landing on the four merfolk islands below.


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