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Outside of Time – Chapter 152: Killing and Stealing Treasures Bahasa Indonesia

According to the scale of the Litu Sect’s forces, it was unlikely that they were mobilizing in small teams for spirit stones. After all, to them, something like desire had already been sacrificed to their mission.

They had come here for a mission, and the mission assigned to them by the sect was to obtain this lizard skin that contained a trace of divinity!

The instant they saw the appearance of the lizard skin, the eight people from the Litu Sect suddenly stood up. A murderous aura erupted from them and every one of them emitted the fluctuations of the Perfected Qi Condensation Realm, heading straight for the basin.

Their speed was extremely fast.

What was even more shocking was that although they looked like eight people, they were moving like one. Even their footsteps were synchronized with no flaws. They were like eight sharp blades that were stabbing at once.

Some rogue cultivators in their way didn’t have time to dodge at all. The instant they were touched, they were like plants under a flood, instantly destroyed.

The strength of the Litu Sect caused the eyes of the Sea Ghost who had been watching them to erupt with cold light.

Previously, when they were fighting for the two mid-stage Foundation Building lizard skins, the Sea Ghost had only dispatched ten people. There were still seven to eight who stayed behind. At this moment, these seven to eight cultivators rushed out at the same time, and the fluctuations they emitted were all at the great circle of perfection.

This was especially so for the burly dude with the face of an evil ghost on his chest. The fluctuations from his body surpassed the others and there was a faint hint of Foundation Building.

The two sides instantly clashed in the basin. Amidst the rumbling sounds, a cold glint flashed in Xu Qing’s eyes. His cultivation base rotated in full speed as he rushed over as well.

Although the lizard skin from before had been taken away by the old man from Panquan Road, Xu Qing didn’t care too much, that was if the other party didn’t return to the Seven Blood Eyes.

Otherwise, if the old man returned and wanted to devour the portion that belonged to him, then… he would make that old man spit it out with interest.

Hence, Xu Qing directly ignored the old man and didn’t even say a word. His speed created whistling sounds as he approached the place where the Litu Sect and Sea Ghost were fighting. He clenched his fists and the blood and qi in his body moved explosively.

The Ba shadow behind him was unprecedentedly clear. Its tall body and cracked surface seemed to contain the red light emitted by magma.

Also, the extremely violent aura that surpassed Qi Condensation allowed Xu Qing’s two punches to possess strength that went beyond Qi Condensation Realm.


One punch hit the Litu Sect and the other hit the Sea Ghost.

Although Xu Qing was strong, there were too many cultivators here and blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth. However, the purple crystal’s recovery ability instantly healed him.

His gaze became deeper as he coldly stared at the surrounding people.

Xu Qing licked his lips. The blood at the corner of his mouth was very fishy and carried a hint of familiarity. It was as though he had returned to the slums and the scavenger campsite.

He didn’t like complicated things. Now that he had obtained the lizard skins and everyone here didn’t want him to leave, things would become simple.

“Just kill them all.”

As Xu Qing muttered in his heart, his gaze caused the hearts of the surrounding cultivators to tremble slightly.

They had seen ruthless people before, but the killing intent in the eyes of this Seven Blood Eyes’ disciple in front of them caused their hearts to skip a beat. However, the temptation from the divine lizard’s molt was so great that they had no thoughts to retreat.

Only a few rogue cultivators and nonhuman cultivators who had watched Xu Qing attack from the start knew how ruthless he was. Hence, they watched from afar as they waited for an opportunity.

Among them were the nonhuman in the straw rain cape and the elephant-nosed burly man.

After a short confrontation, the first to make a move was the Litu Sect. One of the members of the Litu Sect had died earlier. At this moment, the remaining seven people attacked at the same time. Spears appeared in their hands as they headed straight for Xu Qing with an overwhelming force.

The Sea Ghost cultivators also moved. Some scattered rogue cultivators and nonhuman cultivators also rapidly approached.

However, right at this moment, someone suddenly let out a blood-curdling scream. His body turned blackish-green and he spat out black blood, falling to the ground as the poison acted up.


There were quite a few of such cases. In the blink of an eye, seven to eight of the cultivators bled from their seven orifices one after another, causing the hearts of the others to tremble. Xu Qing then made his move.

He instantly got close to the Litu Sect. He fiercely swung the dagger in his right hand to block the spear in front of him and moved his body to dodge the spear coming from the side. The dagger in his hand left his hand and directly pierced into the neck of the person beside him.

As fresh blood gushed out, Xu Qing’s right hand grabbed the leather pouch and the black iron stick instantly appeared. He didn’t retreat but advanced instead, directly fighting against everyone who pounced over.

The shadow of the Ba appeared once again. It let out a monstrous roar, causing the sea of fire to spread and increasing Xu Qing’s physical strength.

Instantly, the basin at the top of the mountain was filled with slaughter!

At the same time, as the ground rumbled, the old man in the distance finally shook off the pursuers behind him. He carried the huge snake and turned his head to take a look, immediately cursing angrily.

“Brat, so it was you who took them!”

Amidst the cursing, his speed became even faster. As for the giant snake, it was very unwilling and struggled as though it wanted to help. It let out an anxious gurgle.

The old man glared.

“That brat is too treacherous, you silly girl.”

As he spoke, he knocked out the snake with a palm strike and fled rapidly with it. Very soon, he arrived at the shore and directly jumped into the sea to escape.


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