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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 90: First Mission Against the Humans Bahasa Indonesia


Toby Parry was a peak yellow stage warrior, who was the head of the Iron wing underground shelter. He was in his early thirties and had a goal to become the head of the purple stage shelter under one of the Seven silver swords families.

Throughout his fifteen years of career, he made some good connections by boot-licking higher-ups and as he didn’t mind lowering his head.

The middle-aged man had a sharp tongue for people he disliked or those weaker than him and a good buttering method to please those who were in a higher position than him.

This was also the reason Toby Perry succeeded in his life and became the head of the yellow stage shelter despite being having a bad innate talent.

One of his good colleagues told him that Toby could become the head of the purple stage shelter under one of the Seven silver swords family as long as he advance and breakthrough to the next stage.

He had a pretty bad relationship with his close relatives and didn’t see his family much in his eyes as the man was blind in the greed of chasing power and position to get ahead in life.

Toby Perry knew that he wouldn’t have to worry about money and woman again If he succeeded to reach the purple stage and become the head of the purple stage shelter at one of the seven silver swords families.

However, this highly ambitious man was currently reading reports in his room sitting in an office of Iron wing underground shelter, unaware of destiny knocking on his door.

A mana enchanted voice reverberated around the yellow stage shelter, which caused the man to frown in exasperation.

“Good afternoon Everyone. This shelter you’re currently occupying belongs to the Asura race. You have been living on someone else’s property.

Leave the shelter within five minutes or you would face a calamity. Don’t say later, I didn’t warn you.” A calm voice of a young man resounded and announced a concerning message disguised as a warning to all the humans around.

The middle-aged man, the head of the yellow stage shelter, became enraged as he went towards the exit with an annoyed face and fumed in rage.

“Who dares to be Arrogant outside our yellow stage shelter.” Toby Perry asked in an exasperated voice as he walked out of the Iron wing underground shelter’s exit.

He saw the two guards at the entrance taking a fight stance as they had already summoned a weapon but the duo were on standby and waiting for others to come instead of going on their own head-on.

Hearing this kind of cocky announcement around the shelter, other people also rushed out of the Iron wing underground shelter with infuriated expressions.

They had already summoned their armor, weapons, and other beast souls on their way up.

A blonde-haired man in his mid-twenties was standing fifty meters away in front of their shelter.

He looked very relaxed and composed. There was not a single hint of nervousness on his face for standing against thirty-two human warriors all at once.

“Has this Asura’s dog lost his brain? Those fools had sent one man here with their hateful proposals? Ahahaha…what a joke.” Toby Perry mocked Asuras and Rio, who didn’t use violence directly as he believed talking would be better than blood shading.

“You have 2 minutes left.” His serene voice was heard again which didn’t seem to be nervous at all.

Others human warriors started conversing with themselves.

“He only looks to be in his mid-twenties. We can easily overwhelm him.”

“What if he is a black stage warrior?”

“Nah…Even if he is talented he would be at most in the purple stage. Asuras wouldn’t send their most precious genius to a tiger’s den.”

They thought Asuras wouldn’t send a worthy opponent to their door to die but these people weren’t aware the Asura Emperor had sent his own son-in-law to seal their fate.

Toby, who was standing at the front, said in a provoking voice, “You think we would be afraid of a single Asura? Even if you brought a battalion with you we would beat you all to a pulp and chase you guys away to the end of the world.

You filthy Asuras are just disgusting insects that we would crush beneath our feet. This land belongs to us humans who are superiors to you monster-like asuras who don’t even know how to behave and have a mosquito-sized brain.”

The awful man started berating Asura’s race for his rotten character.

“You have one minute left.” Rio counted the timer without giving him a look but he was sighing inwardly at their upcoming Fate.

Failing to intimidate the blonde-haired haired man, the enemy leader decided to overwhelm him with numbers as Rio was standing all alone.

“Everyone, attack…” Toby commanded the human warriors around him as they all marched towards the blonde-haired ‘Asura.’

Rio, who had failed to convince them which he already expected, shook his head in disappointment.

‘Give them a good beating for taking away your home and your fellow beasts from your family. I hope you will be merciful to the innocents.’

The blonde-haired man commanded the beast using telepathy to attack while leaving it to human decisions if they retreat or fight.

Human warriors’ hearts stopped beating for a second in fear as they saw the astronomical numbers of beasts coming out who were hiding behind the trees.


Their enraged cry rang out in the forest as they remembered how these evil humans had killed their family members and friends.

One of the female Fierce Porcupines remembered her sad past and the inflicted pain these hateful foreign creatures did to her to destroy her happy life and her family.

She was two-months-old pregnant with her unborn child when her husband went out to bring food for his small family.

That day, a group of human warriors killed her husband while ganging up on him like cowards.

She was informed by another Fierce Porcupine who was able to escape from human warriors’ clutches and save his life while witnessing this sorrowful incident in front of his eyes.

Soon after this tragedy, the pregnant Fierce porcupine had a miscarriage because of excessive crying and for being depressed about her husband’s death. Her unborn child died as well, giving her another wound to the heart.

It was just a story of one of the Fierce Porcupine beasts, there were many with such heart-rending stories.

Since the day humans invaded their land they hadn’t been able to spend a day or night peacefully. Their sleep and happy days were ruined.

They were always worried about getting attacked and losing their life because these humans considered each beast a way to increase their strength.

When yellow-stage human warriors saw the swarm of beasts popping out in front of them from their hidden spot, they took an eighty-degree spin on their position and ran towards the entrance of the Iron wing underground shelter.

Who would be fool enough to face an army of beasts that were more than hundreds in number? It would be suicide to stay when death was slithering towards them in form of terrifying beasts.

‘Ah… This is insane. How did the situation turn around against us? Oh, damn it…I need to save my life first….’

Toby Perry also retreated to see the Beast’s tide approaching him. His cocky expression had vanished as if it was never present firsthand. The ambitious man loved his life more than anything to stay Arrogant in face of an upcoming disaster.

What use would be of being head of the purple stage shelter at seven silver swords family if he wasn’t even able To keep this precious life of his?

The man even forget to use the Spirit stone to command the Emperor spirit to support them, who lived in this shelter, as the terrifying Fierce Porcupine didn’t leave him a choice to think with peace of mind.

He always wore and kept this spirit stone around his neck in the form of a pendant while staying in the land of Asura.

A four-meter dwarf-like Humanoid creature was sitting on a black throne in his chamber at Iron wing underground shelter. His hands to shoulders were covered in spines while there were two sharp brown tusks protruding from its closed mouth.

The Emperor spirit had already heard the commotion but it didn’t bother helping the humans as Toby Perry forgot to give a command to support them and it had a bad impression of the humans.

After going inside the iron wing underground shelter, they all darted towards the portal capsule chamber hastily to save their life.

The hall was packed with the thirty-two humans within a few seconds as they all raced toward the portal capsule.

Some of the humans had jammed packed the portal capsule by filling it with the numbers as it was not very spacious and others were screaming outside.

“Hey…you bastard…let us in…”

“Go out of my way you idiot.”

“Why are you all coming in, it won’t close…”

“Push him out of here.”

“Don’t close the portal capsule.”

“Are you forgetting we all can’t go at once? Let’s use it one by one.”

A ruckus started among humans as unity and leadership was missing among them as they were afraid of losing their precious life.

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