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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 83: Head Over Heel For Him Bahasa Indonesia

[318 missed calls from Nyla]

[3 missed calls from Second Mother]

[410 unread messages from Nyla]

There was a heart shape beside her name which was set by herself.

‘318 missed call. What was it that she couldn’t wait?’

He frowned and started reading 410 text messages.

Meanwhile, Nyla, who was standing beside him, looked at him with enamored eyes as if he was the fine art at the museum. She smiled like a foolish girl while he was busy looking at his phone.

If someone saw her right now, they would say the girl had already lost her heart to this man.

Nyla was crushing on Rio since the moment she saw him on stage against Talia and fighting her.

She didn’t imagine someone would actually take a stand for her against her step-sister.

But there was this crimson-haired, weird boy. He actually accepted a desperate challenge against Talia who was a whole stage above him.

Which girl wouldn’t have a crush on a man who would step in to take a stand for her tears and thrash the one who insulted her?

The young maiden was head over heels for this man after the incident, whom she had planned to make fall for her instead.


[I’m sorry, Rio. I was upset after Talia talked badly about my Mom. I shouldn’t have behaved rudely to you.]

[I had actually gone to the land of asura after you left.]

[My friends informed me about the challenge between you and Talia.]

[You don’t really have to fight with her.

She is a level higher than you so I don’t want you to get laughed at by others. I’ll apologize to her so she doesn’t bring the duel up.]

[Please forgive me, Rio]

[Where are you, Rio]

[You didn’t even answer when I rang the door bell]

[I’m waiting, but you don’t reply]

[Please call me back when you come back]


[Are you so mad at me that you won’t even reply]

[I’m sorry Rio… :<…]




[Don’t ignore me….]





[Forgive me, Rio…]


‘What would I do with this girl.’

Rio rubbed the middle of his forehead as he went through all the messages.

As the girl saw he was finished, she came out of her ‘crushing’ mode.

‘Would he get mad at me that I sent so many messages? Why was I that crazy to send him that many messages?’

Nyla put both her hands in front of her eyes and spread her finger a little to take a little peek at him. She looked quite adorable while doing this cute act.

The crimson-haired boy was speechless beyond words.

He finished reading the never-ending messages and put the phone to charge before sending a text message to the second mother that he was at Land of Asura.

“So???” Nyla spoke after seeing that the boy didn’t show any reaction.

“So what???” He repeated her word in a composed manner.

“Will you forgive me for being rude to you last time?” She mumbled in a pleading tone.

“It’s fine. You don’t have to apologize. I can understand how you would be feeling at that time.” He said in a nonchalant voice.

“Thank you, Rio… you’re the best…Ummm…Can we celebrate your winning?” Nyla asked with a vibrant smile.

“No…it’s unnecessary.” He refused her while shaking his head lightly.

“Please…please…please…Rio…” She asked in an adorable manner clapping her hand together in a requesting manner.

“Ahh…how long would it take?” Rio hesitated as he had to return to the world of Asura.

“Around seven hours maybe?” She asked while smiling inwardly.

Nyla knew the art of negotiations, ‘Ask for a mile to receive more inches.’

“No…that’s not possible… how about three hours?” Rio answered as he thought Lia would be asleep for five to six hours since it was night when he left.

“Okay, Deal… let’s go partner… we need to do some shopping for our little party…” Nyla held his hand and dragged him out of his apartment.

The duo went to the shopping area of the school to buy a few things to celebrate Rio’s victory.

Students were giving them a happy look as Rio had just defeated Talia.

Those students, who didn’t able to watch the match, were informed by their friends about the magnificent battle.

It was mind-blowing where Rio Havenglow took down another Seven Silver Sword’s family child with a single strike.

Most of them believed It was more of a love war rather than a duel.

They were pleased with the outcome as Romeo took revenge for his Nyla by thrashing the stepsister in front of everyone like how she insulted his childhood sweetheart in public.

After 15 minutes… They were back in their apartment in Nyla’s room.

She had bought some drinks, food, and karaoke equipment that the Magenta-haired girl set up in her room while Rio took his seat on the couch.

Nyla went to serve each other food on the table that they had bought. It wasn’t a lot as they had other items for the planned celebration.

“Here let’s eat a little…then we would do karaoke and dance.” She said in a vibrant voice.

“Okay…” He proceeded to eat the food she served while Nyla placed her head on her hands. It covered her coyish cheeks as she gazed at Rio while smiling like a foolish person.

Rio was busy with his food while the young maiden was enjoying looking at her crush with smitten eyes who has started fluttering her tender heart.

The boy noticed that there wasn’t movement by other person, he moved his eyes to find out the love-struck girl was looking at him like a silly person.

“Don’t you wanna eat?” Rio spoke while scrunching his eyebrows.



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