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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 36: Then I want this nobody Bahasa Indonesia

[Hey wanna have lunch together?]

It was not even two minutes and she sent him a text message.

Rio read her name on the phone screen which was saved as ‘Nyla’ with a heart emoji.

‘I won’t be able to understand these girls.’

He typed a text and sent her.

[Okay, sure.]

It was going to be lunchtime soon so he thought it’s better to go with her as he wasn’t familiar with the school campus.


[Meet me near the office building.]

He read her replied text and left the room to meet her as she asked.

The second mother had told him that he could use his phone to pay the money if he bought anything at school so he didn’t forget to take it with him.

He used the app to login into his bank account where he had money he inherited from his grandfather.

Even though his second mother opened a separate bank account for him where she sent funds every month, he didn’t want to use Havenglow’s money.

There were two reasons. First, because he didn’t need it. Second, he didn’t want to take favors from the Havenglow Family. It would be different if it was only the second mother who gave him her own money but she was giving Rio money from their family business.

‘What if they come to kill Lia in the future? What if tomorrow they turn out to be people who killed my parents?’

He hadn’t seen tomorrow or the future so he didn’t want to feel a burden if a day came when he had to fight them putting his life on the line.

Cloud was covering the sun as it was around noon. There were students walking around the campus.

He found Nyla waiting for him near the office building.

She was carrying a purple hobo bag which wasn’t with her in the morning.

“Let’s go… I’ve booked a private room in the restaurant.” She said in a cheerful voice.

“Okay…” He walked alongside her.

They went to the shopping area that was inside the campus on the right side of the office building.

It was crowded right now as other students were also going to the school canteen which was part of the shopping site.

There were many buildings in the shopping area but the one Nyla took him to was a three-story building. The restaurant had a board with the tag “Star Melting Pot Restaurant”. The building was painted blue as it appeared elegant and stood out among other buildings.

They went to the third floor, as the first and second floors were for the general public and private rooms were on the third floor.

There were eight chambers made on the third floor and each one of them was not visible from the outside.

She went to the third chamber along with him. Inside, there were two comfortable green chairs with a big table in the middle. There was a glass window near the table that was showing the blue sky outside.

Nyla and Rio sat opposite each other and she took one of the menus from the table.

It was like a smartphone with a big screen. You just had to select the food you wanted to eat from the different categories as there were pictures and descriptions of each of them.

“Pick what you wanna eat… Today’s lunch will be on my account.” She said while opening the menu.

“Order the food for two people you will choose for yourself and I’ll pay for my food.” He refused her offer.

“Who says ‘I’ll pay for my food’ between friends? You can just take me out for dinner next time.” She urged him with an adorable smile. Inviting the naive prey into her honey trap.

She even planned a dinner with him just because he refused to take her offer for eating on her money.

He didn’t say anything and waited for her to pick. She took his silence as a ‘Yes’ for dinner next time.

After five minutes, their food arrived.

“Tomorrow will be my first battle training class.” He said to her while they were eating.

“Are you nervous?” She paused to look at him.

“Nah… I just haven’t used a VR pod before.” He said with a bittersweet smile.

“That’s not a problem. Let’s finish lunch and I’ll give you a demo of the VR pod.” She said in an excited voice.

“Have you met your fiance?” He was wondering about the fiance she was talking to him about earlier.

“Not after the engagement has fixed but before the engagement was decided I used to see Ruben in the Land of asura and even when he came to our house with his mother,” Nyla said with a hint of bitterness in her voice.

“Are they strong?” He asked.

“Nah, They are not as strong as our family. Astor family only owns one red-stage shelter in the land of asura. They don’t have a silver stage in their family like the seven silver sword families. This is one of the reasons they want to pull the Mailon family’s daughter to their side so they can use the free ride from a higher level family.” She explained.

‘Why am I getting bad premonitions from just hearing this name?’

“Red-stage shelter, Astor family” Rio mumbled this name and engraved it in his memory. He felt an intuition that it might come in handy in the future.

“I really don’t like that Ruben. Recently, I got a call from him but I didn’t receive it. His family also lives in Veras city so I don’t like going back home even when I want to go to my grandmother.” Nyla said in an annoyed voice.

“What are his age and innate talent rank?” He asked with a stiff voice.

“He is 21, B innate talent rank and Purple stage. Dad was saying he will help him reach the Black stage before my engagement with him.” She looked downhearted.

“Such a talented fellow you have for your fiance. He might change after you marry him. They say love can change a person. I believe you can change him with your love and care.” He spoke with an envious tone. Not because he was her fiance but because he had innate talent and a family who adored him. Unlike others, he had neither of them.

“If love can really change a person then I would want to melt your heart. Instead of wasting my life with him, I would rather wait for you.” Nyla said with a happy tone.

“He is more talented than me. I don’t even have innate talent and You don’t know when the Havenglow family would kick me out. I’m nobody.” He said emotionlessly.

Nyla stood up and looked into his eyes as if thinking something. Rio was taken aback seeing her stand all of a sudden after he berated himself.

“What’s she planning now” He thought inwardly and stared into her eyes which were gazing at him.

‘Don’t fool me, Rio. I know you’re saying these things so I lose interest in you but I won’t give up.’

She leaned to Rio’s side slowly, which caused Rio’s heart to become unstable. She passed his lips and came closer to his ear.

‘Is she a vampire or something coming this closer?’

He could feel her hot breath on his skin.

“Then I want this nobody,” Nyla whispered in a coquettish voice and sat back in her seat as a sweet smile bloomed on her face.


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