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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 31: First Day of the Class Bahasa Indonesia

“Okay… I’ll stay then.” He didn’t want to make her sad and it was only two days so he agreed to stay.

“Tell me what your shelter terrains look like. I’ll send people to locate it so we can evacuate you to our shelter.” She said in a nonchalant voice

Rio explained a structure of shelter that he built up in his mind.

She made a phone call and asked someone to look for his shelter’s location.

Two days passed as usual. The second mother would come to talk to him and they would eat together along with Rose.

He talked to Lia when night enveloped this land and Rose woke him up in the morning with the same method she used for the first time.


The red racing car roared and it burst towards the school gate. Students’ and teachers’ attention was focused on the car as it entered the gate. It followed the road towards the large teaching building and suddenly came to a stop.

There were a lot of students as the class started today for the first year.

They were wearing casual new dresses which showed they all wanted to give a good expression for their first class to their teachers and fellow classmates. It also showed that a formal school dress wasn’t suggested except for special days like the first day of school.

They were entering the teaching building but when they heard the commotion they turned back to look at the car that arrived.

It was known that even the headmaster wasn’t allowed to drive their vehicle inside the campus and stop directly in front of the teaching building.

There was a parking lot made for keeping vehicles of students and teachers.

A beautiful lady with blue hair came out of the car along with a crimson-haired boy.

“Look, she is Aliyah Havenglow. She looks similar to one of the hero statues in the School’s Monument Building”

“Don’t you know she is the younger sister of Amirah Havenglow?”

“Are you talking about the female hero who destroyed the Dhovrix race in the last battle?”

“Are there any other Amirah Havenglow then?”

“Who is that boy with her?”

“He is the adopted son of the Havenglow family. I don’t understand why he is so lucky to be adopted by one of the strongest families.”

“The one whose engagement was broken by the Mailon family because he had no innate talent?”


“Then how did he get admission in this school where they don’t accept anyone with an innate talent below C rank?”

“Don’t you see who is standing beside him?”

“Yeah, I get it now.”

Students murmured to themselves as the duo came out of the car.

“Do you want me to call the headmaster to help you with your first day of the new class?” Aliyah said like a doting mother.

“No… you shouldn’t disturb the headmaster for little things.” He gulped nervously as he heard this lady talking about making the headmaster do the tutorial for him.

“Okay, if little Rio feels shy then I won’t. Don’t forget to call me if you need anything.” As if she read his mind she answered him.

She hugged him in a dotting manner as if her child was going to a faraway place and won’t meet her anytime.

He felt embarrassed as the students were looking at them.

Students had their jaws almost touching the ground as they didn’t expect an adopted child to be treated like the real one. Even most students’ real mothers wouldn’t show such love and affection for them in public.

She went back inside the car and the engine roared. It burst out of the campus and sped away into the distance.

Rio sighed in relief after she left. He was worried she would embarrass him more by treating him like a little child.

He was in front of the teaching building, which was expanded by 100 meters alone.

There were three floors as it was a three-story building. The first floor was for the first year, the second for the second year, and the third one was for the third year.

There were many windows on the building’s front. At the top of the building, there was a big board with the title tag “Golden Seal Military School”.

There were four sections each year and Rio was in Section A.

He moved towards the entrance of the first floor ignoring the crowd who were giving him looks of astonishment and contempt. He passed through the door and looked around to find his classroom.

He saw stairs that led to a higher floor along with an elevator at the end of the building to go to the second floor.

He saw a classroom with a sign board for section D on the right side so he turned around to the left side where he found his classroom in section A.

‘Found it.’

He walked towards his classroom along with a few students who were already inside the building.

The inside of the classroom was not like what he imagined. It was three times bigger than the classroom at his previous high school and this room was cylindrical.

There were seats for students to sit in the center but around the rounded wall, there were many VR pods with reclining chairs.

They didn’t look as expensive as the one Rio had in his bedroom at Havenglow’s house.

Rio saw a few students were already in their seats busy talking to each other to get along on their first day of the class.

He didn’t recognize any of them so he went to sit on the last seat to avoid their gaze.

After 15 minutes passed, all the students, which were fifty in number, had already taken their seats.

A figure in a green dress entered the class. She was an enchanting young lady with brown hair and brown eyes that were filled with a proud look.

She was not wearing a revealing dress but it was unable to hide her alluring body curves, especially her busty chest. She looked to be in her late twenties and her height was around 175 cm which made her taller than all the females present in the class.

“Hello, Students. I’m Milena West, your new class teacher. I’ll be handling the training classes as well as the theory classes you receive. Although there are two teachers normally assigned to two different subjects, your circumstances are special.

In our class, we have three kids from the seven silver sword families of the federation. So I was specially assigned for this class.” Milena said and looked at the students who were looking in the direction of two girls who were sitting in the front row in different seats.

Some of the students even turned around to look at Rio and whispered among themselves.

Seven Silver Swords of the Federation included the Havenglow and Mailon families. These families had at least one person at the Silver stage, which made them listed in the seven silver swords of the federation.

She continued, “Every Monday will be a theory class of one hour which you cannot skip unless you’re stuck in the land of asura or have some emergency. Tuesday and Wednesday will be combat training where you will fight against beasts and bosses using your skills in the VR pod. The timing will depend on how much time you need to kill a beast at the yellow stage.

It’s an artificially designed virtual world to prepare you guys against the dangers in the land of asuras. Killing a normal yellow rank beast will give you one point. If you have Twenty points then you don’t need to attend the class. It will reset on the first day of every new month.”

Most students were aware of the pattern of classes at the school. But there were some students who didn’t know and Rio was one of them.


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