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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 109: Mystical Equila Fruit Bahasa Indonesia

“It’s getting late. Let’s return back for our dinner. Tomorrow morning Lioness would be demonstrating to me her battle technique arts so we should prepare to sleep soon.” Rio said while getting back on his feet.

“Before that, let me give you something that you will need since you’re at the purple stage already,” Lia said in a gentle voice.

“Okay…” Rio responded as he was used to receiving things from his beloved wife.

She stood up and traveled away from the rainbow fruit tree. The boy followed behind as they passed the dazzling pond.

The garden appeared to be transformed into a place of mystery and the perfect art of nature at the night. With shadows lengthening and the moonlight illuminating the garden to have a magical and otherworldly appearance.

They entered an area rich with colorful bushes. There were different kinds of lively flowers and plumpy fruits bearing on each of the plants.

She halted her steps in front of a small hexagonal leaf-shaped plant that had purple orbs like thumb-sized fruits hanging from it.

Lia bent her knees to pluck out one of the fruit before turning to Rio.

“Summon your Silver-Bloom King sword beast soul.” She said in a composed manner.

“Okay.” He hovered his right hand and a 1-meter double edge sword, with a blooming flower petals shape on its hilt, materialized.

“Inject some of your mana into this Mystical Equila Fruit.” White-haired beauty instructed him with a serene expression.

He followed her guidance and touched the Purple orb in her jade-like smooth hand with his index finger.

A tiny amount of mana flowed towards the Mystical Equila Fruit as it started glowing in purple light.

The Silver-Bloom king sword, which was in his hand, also started gleaming in yellow as both of their light resonated.

The Mystical Equila Fruit transformed into a glimmering orb and moved from Lia’s hand to attach to the silver-bloom king sword’s body.

The beast soul weapon in Rio’s hand started vibrating to be asking for its freedom and floated away from the duo as the boy let it go.

Mystical Equila Fruit’s purple light enveloped the Silver-Bloom sword, which was drowned in yellow. It started transforming as the petals at its hilt spread a little wider and became purple in color.

After a few moments passed, the changes had been done as The Mystical Equila Fruit vanished inside the Silver-Bloom king sword.

The Silver-Bloom king sword with purple hilt came back to the boy’s hand as a notification rang in his mind.


[Your Silver-Bloom King sword beast soul has Evolved to the Purple Stage.]


He swang his Silver-Bloom king sword to feel its new power.

It felt as if the blade had become sharper and more robust as the Silver-Bloom king sword was chilly than before as it advanced to the next stage.

“I didn’t think this would be even possible,” Rio said with a hint of disbelief in his voice.

“I’ll reward you every time you advance to the next stage…” Lia said with a dotting voice as if spoiling her little child with immense love.

“Won’t there be any kisses as a bonus reward?” Rio asked while recalling his first purple stage beast soul to his mind sea.

“You can have them every day, Husband along with Vampire’s one,” Lia whispered to him in a coquettish voice.

She wrapped her hand between his affectionately as the love birds returned back to the Empress Villa.

The female guards had their eyes wide open seeing them walking closely while their hands were interlocked intimately.

Yami brought them their dinner to the couple’s bedroom. The duo eat together and finished their scrumptious meal to sleep for the night.

The next day, Lia accompanied Rio to the Oval Shaped Building that was the Battle Arena where he would be getting demonstrations of battle technique arts from Helia.

Helia was already waiting for them inside, sitting at the empty seats which were located around the spacious field.

The duo approached the lioness and took a seat nearby.

“You guys surely wake up late,” Helia spoke to them as she was waiting for a while.

“You will understand why we wake up late after you get married. You would be staying late in the night for some fascinating reasons.” Lia answered her in a teasing manner.

Helia’s face flushed beet red understanding the meaning behind her sentence as she looked in another direction to avoid Rio’s relaxed gaze.

To avoid the embarrassing topic, She took out the two scrolls that were golden in color with silver engraving made on their surface.

The blonde-haired beauty placed them on the seat beside her and said, “Here are the two scrolls we retrieved from the royal treasury. There are two battle technique arts of space elemental affinity.

The first scroll is Grade S battle technique art while the second one is a Grade B. Their description are given on another side of mystical patterns.

You need to decide if you want to learn them or wait for Lia to acquire another battle technique arts for you with the space elemental affinity.”

Rio took the first one to read its descriptions that were written on the backside.


[Overload Destroyer]

[Grade: S]

~ Compress a vacuum in an object or a skill to fill it with a more precise charged energy or mana to perform an attack with the increased Damage. While charging, the space will accumulate all the energy before it is fired.

The attack will enlarge in size as it travels to the target before enveloping in it’s range.

It can be detonated midway using a spiritual command.

It has various effects based on how long the attack has been charged and what energy is used.


‘This is overly powered.’

The boy praised inwardly reading the description of the Grade S battle technique art.

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