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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 107: Because… You are mine… Bahasa Indonesia

He didn’t have to wait long to find out why they were frightened as the boy discovered the reason for the phenomenon.

As if a tsunami was coming, from all sides a mix of silver and blue glimmering particles in huge numbers surrounded him, causing a terrifying sight.

They positioned themselves around him like his minions and roared in a union to call him as if he was their sole Emperor.

They bolted like a swarm of beasts toward him and entered his body.

Lia and Helia’s had their eyes widened as they saw him glowing in two different hues.

His body was covered in glittering pigments of two shades of bright Silver and Blue color among which the majority were the first ones.

The Elemental affinity Awakening Crystal was also filled with two hues, as they were swirling inside the spherical ball.

A few notifications sounded in his mind and announced the result of the Awakening ceremony.


[You have Awakened Rank ‘A’ Thunder Element]

[You have Awakened Rank ‘S’ Space Element]


Rio relaxedly opened his eyes and his irises flickered with a mix of bright silver and blue and his body became normal as the colorful brilliance fade away.

He was a little joyous hearing the notifications but the sight in front of him demanded his attention more.

The boy noticed a blonde-haired beauty whose mouth was agape. She was staring at him in astonishment as if he was a first-rate bizarre freak.

He turned to look at his beloved wife who also had her scarlet eyes filled with surprise, but she was more composed than Helia.

“What happened to you guys?” Rio asked in bewilderment.

Hearing his voice, the white-haired beauty collected herself before responding to him in a delighted tone, “The magnificence of what occurred is not possible to describe in a few words. You won’t understand if I just tell you about it since you are unaware of the basics. Do you know how many known elements are there?”

“Nope?” He shook his head lightly.

“There are seven fundamental elements in our world, Earth, wind, water, fire, thunder, ice, and nature. These are the common elemental affinities you can find easily among warriors at the black stage or higher.

After that, we have two rare elements that oppose each other, which are light and darkness. You will discover these elements present in only one or two in a hundred thousand warriors, considering that reaching the black stage is hard on its own.

However, there is one more element that is very unique, making it hardest to find, known as ‘Space’. It’s one in million or maybe even less. There should be less than ten people alive with this elemental affinity in the Sharmor Empire.

The person with this element can manipulate the space and can do astonishing things.” Lia described the greatness of his awakened element to him in a serious tone.

“Oh…” Rio understood after listening to his wife’s explanation.

“As you can see in the Elemental affinity Awakening Crystal ball, there is silver and blue light. That blue represents the Rank A Thunder elemental affinity and if I’m not wrong then the bright silver should represent at least Rank A space elemental affinity. The darker the shade of color, the higher the tier.

You not only have Rank A elemental affinity with one element but it’s two while one of them is Space.” White-haired beauty said in a cherishing tone as she explained to him the grandeur of his awakened affinities.

The crimson-haired boy already knew that his Space Elemental Affinity was at Rank S but he didn’t bother to tell her right now as Helia was also present there.

“But you said it’s very rare. There won’t be many users with it then how will I be able to find any battle technique arts with space element?” Rio asked in a worried voice.

His eyes fell on Helia who had calmed down by now from her dumbfounded state.

“Now I understand why he was asking those questions earlier about becoming a threat to the Asura’s race. If just the news of a human having two elemental affinities got out. They would chase this boy to the very end of the world to slaughter him.

Moreover, both of them are at least at Rank A and one is actually a super rare Space element.

I really dislike him but how can he be so freaking lucky? Ah…this damn fellow. I feel like hating him even more for making me so jealous. ” Helia cried out inwardly and cursed him in her thought.

Lia heard Rio’s question and smiled, “Have you forgotten you’re the husband of the future Empress of this Empire? Even if the battle technique arts for space are very rare we would be able to find a few that you can learn.

Moreover, there should be two in the royal treasury. But we need to take it away without anyone noticing us since we don’t want your space element and dual affinity Awakening at the purple stage to be known by others.” Lia said the first line in a delighted voice and the second one in a concerned tone.

Her sister decided to ask her bewildering question as she was waiting for their conversation to come to a stop.

“How can he awaken an Elemental affinity at the purple stage?” Helia asked in puzzlement.

“It’s one of Husband’s secrets which can get him killed if anyone finds out. Now you also know some of his secrets. Don’t even let father or anyone know about this. I assured him that we can trust you.” Lia said in a serious tone.

“I understand.” She said to the white-haired beauty then turned to Rio and spoke in an embarrassed manner, “Thank you for trusting me even after how we had conflict in the past.”

“I never had a conflict with you,” Rio said with a cold smile.

Helia felt a shiver run down her spine, seeing his chilly smile as her sixth sense alerted her.

“Since you have already Awakened your Elemental affinity it’s time for you to learn some battle arts,” Lia said to him with a pleasant smile.

“And how will I learn that?” Rio asked, raising his brows.

“You can either learn it from the scroll of battle technique arts or received it from someone who has already learned these arts of similar elemental affinity.

They can transfer these battle technique arts to you the same way how Father gave you the Devlin’s Skills.” Lia answered him and described the method.

“Wifey, what’s your Elemental affinity?” He questioned her as the boy was curious about his girl’s element.

“I have Rank ‘S’ Ice Elemental affinity. Although it’s high tier than your thunder element but having Rank ‘A’ Space elemental affinity is still a lot greater.

Because the Rank ‘A’ Space element would be always stronger than the rest of the other nine elements even if they are at Rank ‘S’, including light and darkness.

Anyone would be jealous of you if they find out you have Space Elemental Affinity.” Lia explained in a nonchalant voice.

“Do you also feel envy of me?” Rio teased her with a feeble smile.

“I can’t be jealous of Husband because…” She spoke in a quiet tone as a mysterious glint flickered in her eyes and didn’t finish her sentence.

“Say it” He urged her to complete her sentence.

“Because… you are mine…” She whispered beside his ear as her hot breath brushed passed his skin.

The crimson-haired boy was used to her domineering nature.

He said, “I could’ve asked you to transfer me your battle technique arts if we had a similar elemental affinity.”

“There is one person who has a thunder element like you,” Lia said in a composed manner.

“Who?” He scrunched his eyebrows.

White-haired beauty pointed towards their front.

“Lioness?” He mumbled.

“Helia, I love your new name. I should also call you Lioness from today.” Lia said in a playful manner.

“And I’ll call you both demon monkeys.” Helia glared at the annoying couple who was making fun of her.

Lia laughed heartily in an adorable manner, seeing her sister’s puffed cheeks.

“Can you teach me some of the battle technique arts of thunder element?” Rio questioned the blonde-haired beauty.

She looked hesitant as the boy asked her.

Helia responded to him after coming to a decision, “I’ll give you the ones I have but you can only learn one battle technique arts at each stage so you need to decide if you really wanna learn from me.”

Lia’s eyes looked perplexed as she stared at her sister.

“Those battle technique arts are Rainheart Clan’s secret treasure. Why did she agree to give him?” She thought inwardly as she was puzzled by Helia’s answer.

“Can you demonstrate to me their usage?” Rio asked with a calm voice.

“Okay. Tomorrow morning I’ll give you their demo. First, I’ll go and fetch the scrolls of battle technique arts from the royal treasury for your second elemental affinity which is more extraordinary.” Blonde-haired beauty said to him while standing up.

“Let me accompany you so you don’t have to worry about hidden Silver stage experts who might want to follow your trails,” Lia spoke to the Lioness.

She continued, “Rio, You can wait for me at the Empress Villa. If we bring you with us then they would be suspicious of our activity.”

He nodded as the boy understood it would be a bad idea to go with them.

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