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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 631: 631 His Only Hope Bahasa Indonesia

Han Fei’s image was reflected in the woman’s eye. She took another step forward. Her hands raised but just as she was about to touch Han Fei’s face, she pulled her fingers back. “Why are you here? Where’s your family?”

Han Fei looked at the woman. He couldn’t remember her. Every memory he had of her had been wiped away. He merely had a feeling she was different from the others because she didn’t look at him with malice.

Han Fei shook his head and slowly calmed down. He hid his bloody arms behind him. “I have a very good memory, but I have amnesia. Other than my name, I can’t remember anything.”

“Amnesia?” The woman hesitated. Han Fei was like a piece of white paper. This encounter could be a new beginning.

“Yes. When I opened my eyes at the hospital, a woman called herself my mother. She brought me home. It did look like I had lived there, but the place is filled with ghosts, and they all want to kill me!” Han Fei became urgent, “I found an employment notice from this theme park inside a script. I felt like I should be here, but I couldn’t remember why.” Han Fei passed the notice to the woman. “There has to be a reason why I have to be here!”

The woman looked at the notice and then at Han Fei. In the end, she said uncertainly, “Is it possible that you have to come here to meet me?” Then, she shook her head because of how inappropriate that sounded. She handed the notice back to Han Fei.

“I don’t know. I can’t remember anymore.” Han Fei looked at his bloody arms. “When I finished that game, a voice spoke in my mind. Then, some fragmented images appeared. There was a bloody arm. Then, I couldn’t control myself from scarring my own arms. Playing games appear to be able to help me regain my memory.”

Wiping away the blood, Han Fei counted the wounds calmly, “I don’t have self-mutilation tendency. These scars are quite even. They look more like marks.”

“Have you counted how many scars there are?”

“Ninety-nine scars. It’s a very special number, and it makes me very afraid.” Han Fei held his head. His eyes glowed with confirmation. “I have a feeling these scars represent bad things. With each new scar, I am closer to death.” Han Fei struggled to stand up and look into the woman’s eyes, “Through our communication and your reaction when you saw my face, I can confirm that you know me! Can you tell me what has happened to me?” Even without his memory, Han Fei still had superb observational skills.

“You…” The woman suddenly remembered many things. As Fu Tian and Fu Sheng’s mother and Fu Yi’s wife, she was a unique character in the city. After some hesitation, she said, “You are a righteous, kind, and loving person. You never surrender to fate and are not afraid of pain and despair. We have met once, but I believe you will be the world’s best father and husband.”

“Can you tell me…” Han Fei was deep in thought, “Something that I can understand?”

The melancholy in the woman’s eyes had disappeared by a lot. “I don’t know your real identity either, but you can trust me.”

“You said you’ve met me once. Where, what was I wearing? The more details you can provide me, the more I can remember.” Han Fei realized he didn’t feel afraid when he was around this woman.

“The dream was too blurry. I think you were a soul.” The woman said seriously. Sometimes, she couldn’t tell either. After all, the encounter that time was too unbelievable. As her hatred disappeared, she felt so much lighter.

“Soul?” Han Fei’s confidence in the woman was shaken, “Did you just come out of the hospital too?”

“We did meet at the hospital.”

“We were fellow patients?”

“Not really.”

The woman was about to go into details when a commotion came from the entrance. Guards and doctors walked through the crowd. They were looking for someone.

“We can’t stay here anymore. We need to leave first.” The woman wanted to help Han Fei, but Han Fei shook his head.

“It’s pointless. The cameras inside the theme park have no blind spots. They have arrived earlier. They were moving to block both entrances, so I can’t escape.” Han Fei was looking for an escape route, but he couldn’t find one, so he stopped here. Then, Han Fei turned to Fu Tian. “Take care of the stamp card. I’ll help you clear all the games.”

At first, Fu Tian looked down on Han Fei, but since Han Fei showed his superhuman memory, the boy admired him.

“Okay. I’ll share the mystery prize with you.” Fu Tian was young, and his happiness was shown on his face.

“Has anyone won the mystery prize before?” Han Fei was curious.

“I heard it’s a year-long free ticket to the park and invitation card. Visitors with the invitation can play more difficult games, and they will provide greater rewards.” Fu Tian was cleverer than his peers. He was very competitive too. He liked to challenge difficult stuff until he succeeded.

“You’d need to pay the park ticket to play the normal game, so the payment is money. You’d have to pay something to play the more difficult games too. It could be money or something else.” Han Fei’s mind immediately went that way. He wanted to play more games.

“I don’t know about that. I haven’t seen anyone who has the invitation before.” Fu Tian carefully put the car away.

“Where’s your home? Where can I find you if you’re captured?” As the guards and doctors approached, the woman quickly asked.

“After you leave the park’s front door, walk straight for 2000 meters, turn right at the junction, and you’ll see a decrepit neighborhood. I live at Apartment 4, 9th floor, Room 4904.” Han Fei uttered rapidly, “The place is haunted. Don’t come at night and don’t trust anyone.”

The doctors and guards rushed over and pressed Han Fei to the ground.

“Stay away from him! This man is very dangerous!” The park guards brought the woman and her son to the side. They watched helplessly as Han Fei was apprehended. Han Fei felt fearful. The feeling of being out of control gave him a lot of pain. His face was pressed to the cement floor. Han Fei, in the costume, struggled. But the more he struggled, the crazier he looked.

“Why would they allow a mental patient into the park?”

“I heard it’s someone else who bought him the ticket. Can she take responsibility if something happens?”

“Kick him out!”

Han Fei’s lips were torn from the friction. His body hadn’t recovered, so his resistance was futile.

“Why did you hurt yourself again?” The middle-aged man looked at Han Fei with concern. “Your illness has returned just after a day. It looks like we need to increase the dosage.”

Han Fei’s head was pressed to the ground. His eyes fell on the mother and son. ‘Perhaps the woman was right. I came here to meet her and her son.’

The man who called himself Han Fei’s father wanted to increase the dosage. Han Fei had no idea how much longer he’d be awake. His fate was in another person’s hands.

The woman saw how brutally the guards handled Han Fei. She saw how the world treated Han Fei. Her eyes were fixed on Han Fei, and her hands that gripped her bag tightened.

The whole world saw Han Fei as crazy, and she was the only one who could save him. Han Fei forgot the past. Without the burden of the past, it also meant that he could build a new future.

The woman’s eyes turned complicated, but at the last moment, she bit her lips. “I will help you find your memory, even if it will make me lose you again.”


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