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Huang Yin was the surface world’s top player. If he didn’t return, he might be overtaken by the other players. This was not good for Han Fei’s plan. He had to ensure that Huang Yin remained the top player. However, if he used Resurrection on Huang Yin, it meant Shen Luo would stay for another day. Han Fei was very cautious of this player. He could create catastrophic disasters. This was someone who managed to find his way to the cryptic world on his own twice!

The lowest point for a player’s luck was zero, and Shen Luo was probably the only ‘lucky’ person to have that distinction.

“Han Fei, I’ll count to three, and we’ll run.” Shen Luo held the shard and discussed the escape route with Han Fei.

“Okay, you’ll run to the roof. I’ll help you lure it away.” Han Fei was not just saying that. He knew Xu Qin was on the fifth floor. He needed to stop these two from ever meeting.

“No! How can I let you do something so dangerous alone?” Even though Shen Luo was unlucky, he was a good person.

“Stop wasting time!” Big Sin was getting excited. It meant that Han Fei was going to face fatal danger. Big Sin charged towards Han Fei happily. The walls were torn apart, and rocks got strewn everywhere. Han Fei dragged Shen Luo out of the room. “Go and stay on the top floor!”

Han Fei’s sacrifice warmed Shen Luo’s heart. He already thought Han Fei looked familiar, and now he had great admiration for Han Fei. “Brother! I…” Before he could finish, Shen Luo saw Big Sin ram into Han Fei, and the latter flew through the air.

When Big Sin saw Han Fei, it wanted to give its owner a hug. However, this became a terrifying scene in Shen Luo’s eyes. A human was toppled over by a giant shadow. It was gory.

Interestingly enough, even though Shen Luo’s legs were shaking from fear, he stabbed Big Sin with the shard. He wanted to create an opening for Han Fei to escape.

“Leave, go hide on the top floor!” Han Fei didn’t even open the masterful acting switch. He cried and then allowed Big Sin to carry him away.

“Han Fei!” Shen Luo mustered his courage to chase after them, but Big Sin was too fast for him.

Looking at the empty, dark corridor, Shen Luo thought of what Han Fei said, bit his lips, and ran up to the top floor.

After Shen Luo left, Han Fei walked out of the darkness. He frowned and sat on Big Sin’s back. “How did he manage to come back on his own?” If Shen Luo were a bad person, Han Fei would dump him in the cryptic world. However, Shen Luo was a kind person. Han Fei didn’t want to kill him for no reason.

“This brother still remembers me after the memory loss. He even wanted to save me earlier… O well, I’ll trap him on the top floor for now.” Han Fei called over Feng Ziyu and reminded him to find ways to trap Shen Luo on the top floor.

“Can you keep him inside the white shoes’ room? That is Butterfly’s former room. It is extremely hidden.” Feng Ziyu and the other guards understood Han Fei’s meaning. They knew Shen Luo was the person who caused the breakthrough in Xu Qin. This player almost caused the whole Ziggurat to perish.

“Later, I’ll bring most neighbors to the mall. With the mall as the base, we’ll officially start our exploration of the theme park. I’ll bring white shoes with me. The rest of us have to make sure that Shen Luo doesn’t escape.”

Han Fei placed a lot of emphasis on the theme park. He used Resurrection to send Huang Yin back. Then, Han Fei went to meet Jin Sheng and Wei Youfu. After cursing Han Fei, Jin Sheng was still in hibernation.

Wei Youfu put on the coat Han Fei got at the mall. It hid his unique presence, and he exited the mist with the other neighbors. With two Pure Hatreds, Big Sin, and one top Lingering Spirit, Han Fei had strong support.

“Theme park has just been attacked by an Unmentionable. We mustn’t miss this opportunity.” Han Fei utilized everything he had. Everyone gathered at the mall.

“Are you sure you’re doing this?” Mirror God said with concern. “The theme park is a very special place for Fu Sheng. The people there are unique. Their powers are different from ours.”

“I’ve thought long and hard about this. Dragging this further will not help us, but the theme park is still slowly gathering strength.” Han Fei was very rational. His every decision was made after serious contemplation.

“Okay.” Mirror God added worriedly, “The theme park has a small number of ghosts, but it is the scariest locale of this area. If you encounter anyone at the theme park, remember to stand behind Xu Qin.”

“What do you mean by that?” Han Fei chuckled. Then, he took out the faceless woman’s head and a pair of white shoes covered in mist. “I’ll leave them in your care.”

“What is hidden in the shoes? Is this the Pure Hatred’s kindness?” Mirror God looked at the normal white shoes. He was worried that the hospital’s Pure Hatred would come over, so he quickly placed the shoes inside the altar.

“There is someone very special trapped at Ziggurat. I’m worried about accidents, so I move the important things to your place for now.” Han Fei then left with the others. With the others’ help, he completed another Grade G Mission. Han Fei could get offline after three hours. This was a good final resort. They stopped at the border between the theme park and the plastic surgery hospital.

The endless night was like a giant curtain. No one knew what was behind it. But tonight, someone wanted to grab an edge of the curtain to try to find the truth behind it.

A heavy presence came from the plastic surgery hospital. The painter carried a painting on his back as he moved through the buildings. He was far from Han Fei, but he suddenly materialized before Han Fei.

The heavy painting slammed on the ground. Blood and red paint dripped. The painting was of a woman in a long dress. The woman’s dress was half red and half white.

“The red dress is in your painting?” The red dress was chasing after Ten Fingers and disappeared at the hospital. It turns out she was captured by the painter.

The painter, who carried a red paint bucket, didn’t speak. He handed the painting to Han Fei. But Han Fei had to ‘pay’ extra to get the woman out of the painting.

“Since you’re here, then it means you’re willing to explore the theme park with us. I won’t waste time on words. After we’re done, I’ll return you the faceless woman, and you’ll release the red dress.”

The painter turned to look at the theme park and nodded slightly. He was the first to move towards the large shadow.

“Let’s move too.” Han Fei stood beside Wei Youfu. When he took his first step towards the twisted buildings, a new area lit up on his map, and the system said, “Notification for Player 0000! You’ve entered the large hidden map—Theme Park.

“Theme Park: From a moment onwards, more laughter could be heard here.”

The mist at the edge of the Ziggurat boiled. A pair of pure white shoes walked out of the mist. His footsteps carried a fixed rhythm. His every step made endless souls scream. The heavy gate was pushed open. He stepped on the stairs and slowly moved upward. The Ziggurat was empty. His sense eclipsed by the mist returned. He could sense the presence of his kindness!

The white shoes soon arrived on the top floor. The black flame burned. The door with the butterfly pattern was pushed open. He entered the most hidden room at Ziggurat. Butterfly’s trace was gone. All the furniture lingered with the presence of his kindness. The cowardly and kind boy was once trapped here!

The white shoes moved around the room. He pushed open the bedroom door. A young man hid behind the door. He raised the wooden chair and was about to swing it down when he noticed the new arrival was a little boy. He changed the director, and the wooden chair fell on the shoes instead.

“I’m so sorry. I almost whacked you on the head.” The young man sighed in relief. Then, he looked at the boy suspiciously, “There are children here?” He kicked the chair aside and looked at the boy in the orphanage uniform. “Why are you wandering around at night? Where are your parents? Do you need my help to find them?”

The boy lowered his head. His eyes burst with blood when he saw the black stain on his white shoes.

“Why don’t you speak?” The young man squatted down, and he finally saw the words on the boy’s clothes using the weak candlelight. “Are you an orphan? Have you been adopted? Are your adopted parents in this building?”

The sound of souls tearing came from the black flame. With every word the young man said, the flame burned brighter!

“Are you deaf or mute?” The young man thought about it. He tapped the boy’s shoulder and communicated with non-standard sign language. “I’m Shen Luo. What about you, boy?”

The boy lifted his head. The face was filled with holes. The black flame of hatred burst from his heart. The boy screamed shrilly, and then he grabbed Shen Luo. He shattered the glass on the top floor, and hatred unfurled like a giant wave!

The wind howled into Shen Luo’s ears. He looked at the shattering window, and his brain was blank. After three seconds, he screamed.

The boy dominated by hatred grabbed Shen Luo and flew toward the theme park. His face was twisted. He swore to make Shen Luo pay before he was allowed to die.

At that moment, Han Fei’s right eye twitched. He looked around. “That is a bad omen.”

Han Fei took a deep breath to calm down and then moved with the rest.

The theme park area had the theme park as the center. Surrounding it was other buildings. Perhaps they were influenced by the theme park. None of them looked normal and square.

“There really aren’t many ghosts here. Most buildings are empty.” However, everyone felt uncomfortable as they entered the theme park. The stronger they were, the greater the sense of discomfort.

“A kindergarten? Orphanage? Primary school? Care center?” The surrounding buildings were all related to children. The buildings were empty. The former joy was all gone.

The painter led the group. Soon, the silence was shattered when everyone heard children’s laughter.

“It seems to come from the theme park.” When everyone’s focus was drawn by the laughter, Han Fei spotted a clown standing beside the window of one of the buildings. He stood there quietly. He didn’t have any dead or living presence. He was more like a statue.

Everyone but Han Fei failed to notice him. The permanent smile, the barely discernible red tear on the left cheek, this clown was similar to the one Han Fei met in real life.

“No 11?”

Han Fei stopped. He was about to tell the others when something changed deep inside the theme park. Endless balloons floated into the sky. Every balloon was painted with the face of a child.


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