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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 611: 611 Han Fei’s First Livestream Bahasa Indonesia

When A-Lin saw the children in the dark, she felt fear, but now her heart was dominated by fear.

“How can this be? I didn’t feel anything!” A-Lin tried her best to look behind her. The handprints were like curses. She tried to remove her shirt.

“Our costumes are provided by Tang Yi. Is it possible that he has tampered with them earlier by spraying them with special materials?” Bai Cha tried to explain this scientifically. “I’ve seen Tang Yi do the same in his other shows.”

A-Lin was in a strange state. Her eyes were swollen, and she started to tear up holes in her shirt.

“Don’t follow me! Don’t come for me!” Her fingers cut into her skin and caused bloody gashes on her back.

“Throw away that shirt.” Han Fei removed his shirt and handed it to A-Lin, “You shouldn’t walk at the back of the group anymore. You and Li Feng will walk in the middle, and I’ll take up the rear.” Considering the hidden cameras, the actors surrounded A-Lin as she changed into Han Fei’s clothes.

“Thank you…” A-Lin calmed down slightly after she changed. However, her eyes appeared to have changed. The red paint seemed to splatter into her eyes so that her eyes looked red.

“It’s fine. Ghosts shouldn’t be able to harm people directly, but they’d use the environment, mirages, and illusions to break your mind.” Han Fei added, “But that is just a hypothesis. I can’t be sure too.”

Han Fei had dealt with Butterfly. He knew how Pure Hatreds operated, but there was still the Unmentionable. Pure Hatreds couldn’t kill directly but what if they used the power left behind by Unmentionables. Too many things had happened at the hospital. No one knew what horror happened here so it was wise to be careful.

Han Fei carried the female body and walked at the back of the group. His perfect body was exposed. Even Li Feng couldn’t help taking more glances at him. Compared to Xiao Chen, Bai Cha, and conventional handsome actors, there was something more alluring about Han Fei. It was like even ghosts also couldn’t hate him.

“I’ll take the lead.” Bai Cha didn’t want Han Fei to steal his thunder, so he volunteered. After Bai Cha left the surgical theatre and entered the corridor, he was stunned. The previously empty corridor now had a black sacrificial table. A large black and white photo sat on it. The woman in the picture had no face. Paper money was scattered everywhere, and wreaths leaned against the wall, and the place was creepy. Bai Cha regretted being the first, but he was too embarrassed to say anything, so he could only push forward, “Be careful. There’s a new picture in the corridor. Someone has been here when we were inside the surgical room.”

The celebrities walked out and saw the sacrificial table in the corridor.

“The culprit is clearly trying to take revenge for No. 8. How could a ghost mourn herself? I still have a feeling someone is behind this.” Wu Li had acted in many horror movies, so he knew the clichés.

“We shouldn’t stay on this floor anymore. Let’s go down.” A-Lin was so scared that her voice shook.

“Okay, stay close to me.” Bai Cha couldn’t summon the courage Han Fei had. His every step was long and hard.

“Can you move faster?” Han Fei urged with impatience since he was carrying the heavy prop. Furthermore, he needed to return home early to play games.

“Why are you urging me? I’m being cautious. Have you played horror games before?” Bai Cha said stubbornly, but he still picked up speed. The stairwell was dark. The electricity supply appeared to be ruined. The props designed by the crew didn’t work, and that made the place even creepier.

“Be careful! I saw the three ghosts on the second floor!” A-Lin hugged Li Feng and said. She didn’t dare open her eyes, afraid that she might see the three kids again.

“Don’t worry.” Bai Cha cheered himself for half a minute before moving from the third floor to the second floor. When he arrived on the second floor, he stopped again. “How is this possible?”

“What happened?” The actors behind him were tense. They became nervous after Bai Cha stopped.

“Take a look yourself.” Bai Cha pointed down the corridor. In the middle of the dark corridor sat a heavy metallic surgical table. A red ‘strawberry’ cake sat on the table, and the cake had several white candles. Around the surgical table were utensils and rotten children’s clothes. Children’s footprints were visible on the ground.

“How did they move such a heavy thing from the room?” The celebrities looked at each other, and it was A-Lin who spoke. “I saw a ball roll out of the second floor, but it was actually a kid’s head. There are many children on this floor!”

“That shouldn’t be! The script is about relationship drama, and we’re at a plastic surgery hospital, not an orphanage. How can there be so many children?” Wu Li was confused.

“Perhaps No. 8 liked children?” Bai Cha was afraid. He ran past the second floor to the first floor. When he saw the lights around the elevator door, Bai Cha sighed in relief. “We’re safe.” It was dangerous to walk in the front because the first had to deal with many sudden incidents. However, Bai Cha would never admit that he was worse than Han Fei. He needed to prove he was better than Han Fei before the cameras!

“Xia Yilan disappeared when the elevator opened. You better pay attention so that you won’t end up in the same fate.” Han Fei carried the body to the elevator. The actors knew how to pretend, but none of them dared to get close to the elevator.

“How can you say that? Stop trying to scare us. You’re working together with Xia Yilan.” Bai Cha said pointedly.

“If this is a livestream, the audience will think you look like a dummy.” Han Fei approached the elevator, and the lights flickered. The scent of blood tickled his nostril, and the surrounding temperature dropped. Something was really coming.

“Be careful!” Han Fei warned as he turned to look at the safety door on the right. Earlier, they took the door on the left. The crew only cleared the left path. The right door was clogged with various trashes, and the door had a sign that said no entry.

“You’re acting again?” Bai Cha sneered. “Finally, our best male supporting actor is trying to show us what to do?”

Han Fei didn’t move or speak. His eyes were fixed on the right door. Li Feng beside him felt something was off too. She whispered, “Han Fei, did you see something?” At that moment, the trash behind the right door tumbled to the ground. Then, an arm covered in paint reached out from the door.

“What is that?” Xiao Chen trembled. He hid behind Li Feng with A-Lin.

The stench and blood wafted out. The short guard appeared. He wore zombie makeup and was covered in fake blood. The lights flickered. The short guard’s arm was twisted into strange angles. He held a blade. Like a robot, he moved towards the group. The temperature continued to drop, and Han Fei felt worse.

“Are you serious? You’re acting like this because of a zombie actor?” Bai Cha mocked Han Fei relentlessly. He was afraid of ghosts but not humans. The guard should be a crew member so he wouldn’t hurt them. Bai Cha was confident and remained at the front of the group. “Let me see what message you have for us!” Bai Cha said.

The lights flickered more often. The short guard appeared to get used to his body and ran faster! When the lights turned off again, all the actors saw the speeding shadow in the dark. When the lights came on, the short guard was standing before Bai Cha!

Despite the makeup, one could see the Death characters in red on his face. The short guard didn’t hesitate and swung at Bai Cha’s neck!

The blade reflected Bai Cha’s terrified face. Just as the blade was about to slice his neck, Bai Cha was thrown aside. He barely escaped, and the knife cut his cheek. Blood dripped to the ground. Bai Cha touched his scarred face, and he snapped out of the shock. “The blade is real?”

The short guard’s face was dominated by Death. His eyes were red, and even a dummy could tell he really meant to kill.

“Wait, you’re bleeding?!” Xiao Chen saw Bai Cha was almost killed. His reaction was bigger than Bai Cha. He turned and ran towards the exit. But he discovered with despair that the door which was connected to the outside world was locked. They were trapped. Bai Cha only dared to gloat before the crew members. Before a real murderer, his mind was blank before he thought of escaping. Bai Cha climbed up from the ground and joined Xiao Chen to slam into the steel door. He wanted to escape.

However, at that moment, the lights went out. The darkness was the last straw. Most people wouldn’t dare to stay with a killer in the dark. Everyone rushed towards the safety door. They were afraid of the murderer. The footsteps were uneven. People fell and screamed. Almost everyone disappeared. Only Han Fei, who carried the female body, remained. “The two guards were placed here by the director to assist the actors. They would have been here for a long time already. Who knew when they were possessed?” Han Fei looked at the short guard and moved towards him.

“If you can only control other humans to attack me, then you won’t win tonight.” Holding the female body with one hand, Han Fei stopped hiding his strength. He grinned in the dark. “My body hasn’t fully recovered, but it’s good enough.”

The guard charged at Han Fei. He wanted to carve Deaths on Han Fei. The guard aimed at Han Fei’s heart, but he was blocked by the female body. The blade plunged into the prop. While the knife was stuck, Han Fei kicked at the guard’s knees and then used the prop to smash the guard’s face.

The short guard was slammed into by the female body. His body fell backward but he stood up immediately. There was a force in his mind that possessed him to kill Han Fei at all cost. A normal person would panic facing a bladed assailant, but Han Fei had seen worse. Plus, he had a weapon too, so he didn’t plan to retreat.

Han Fei forced the man into close-quarter combat. Han Fei inherited his fighting skills from Li Xue and trained them in the cryptic world. Actually, it was easy for Han Fei to incapacitate the guard, but since the cameras were rolling, he only detained the guard to see if he could return to normal.

Han Fei accidentally snapped the guard’s wrist that held the knife. When the blade dropped, he threw the guard over his shoulders and saw the children’s handprints on the guard’s back.

‘A-Lin had this on her back too. Thankfully, we discovered it early.’ Han Fei removed the guard’s shirt, and the guard visibly weakened. Then he used the shirt to remove the Death characters from the guard’s face. The guard stopped struggling and lay on the ground.

“I wonder if this man has some clues.” Han Fei searched the man’s body and found a hidden camera around his chest, as well as a phone Tang Yi, made specifically for the guard. Han Fei switched on the phone and saw the livestreaming service was active. There were many livestreaming rooms, and every room had a high viewer count. The one with the highest view was the one focused on Han Fei.

“Everyone has their own focused livestream room, and there is a shared livestream room. Tang Yi has prepared long and hard for this.” Han Fei held the guard’s phone. He didn’t think this would be how he greeted the world through livestreaming for the first time.


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