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“You ate the paper doll I gave you?” After Xu Qin’s connection with the paper doll broke, she had many suspicions, but she never thought Han Fei would eat it. The paper doll was a Grade E Cursed Object, and even a ghost wouldn’t dare to eat it, much less an ordinary man. The beautiful eyes turned to Han Fei. Her eyes filled with suspicion, but she knew Han Fei would never lie to her.

Xu Qin took out her table knife. When Shen Luo saw this, he panicked. He ran over. “Sister, please calm down!”

“Yes, there must be a misunderstanding!” Drake dragged Weep and Ying Yue over. He couldn’t stop Xu Qin alone.

“He called you Wife 11, so that means Han Fei has ten other wives? But he was only gone for one night. Where would he suddenly find ten wives?” Lee Zai also walked over. “When I died, I was still single. Being in a relationship is not that easy. There has to be a misunderstanding.”

Han Fei forced a smile as people guarded around him. He resisted the pain and opened his lips. “Go out first. Remember to bring this man with you.” Han Fei’s bloody finger pointed at Shen Luo. This man couldn’t stay. Drake was still worried about his boss, but since Han Fei had said that, he left. Weep and Ying Yue were confused. They merely thought Xu Qin was exceptionally beautiful. She radiated a fatal charm.

“This is a domestic issue at Building One, and as someone from Building Two, I shouldn’t comment too much. However, I still wish you’d talk this out with Han Fei.” Then, Lee Zai turned to the flustered Shen Luo. He placed his arm around the man’s shoulders. “Brother, you’re amazing despite your young age. Your every word and action invokes tragedy. In the future, you’ll surpass me. How about we swear to become stepbrothers? We might not have been born on the same day, but we’d die on the same day!”

Shen Luo looked at Lee Zai helplessly. He planned to have a big meal after logging off the game, but now he could only think of where he’d be buried before the end of the night.

The neighbors from Ziggurat and Happiness Neighborhood left. Other than Han Fei and Xu Qin, only the excited Big Sin remained. It carried the altar and stayed beside the wooden table.

After the room returned to normal, Han Fei glanced at Xu Qin. The table knife was covered in a layer of cursed human skin. Xu Qin made this cover for him so that he could use her knife. Han Fei didn’t say anything as Xu Qin walked to the dining table. Han Fei was not afraid. He was never afraid around Xu Qin. He couldn’t really tell why. Even after Fu Yi’s wife had shed her hatred when he was in the same room as her, he would still have a trace of anxiety. However, even as Xu Qin walked towards him with the sharp knife, he didn’t feel fear but a unique trust.

The cursed blade pressed on Han Fei’s neck. Xu Qin was very close to Han Fei. She could feel Han Fei’s breathing and hear his heartbeat. Even with the knife on his neck, Han Fei didn’t open his masterful acting or use any skill related to the Lapidarist.

To survive in this dangerous world, the good actor would go around wearing a mask, but there had to be a place where he could put down the mask and be his real self. Happiness Neighborhood was this place for Han Fei. And Xu Qin, who had saved Han Fei many times, was an important member of this family.

The blade slid down and cut open Han Fei’s shirt to reveal the body reconstructed by hatred. Xu Qin raised her arm and carefully made an incision. She cut into the crack around Han Fei’s neck. Curse and hatred flowed out of the wound. A red paper piece flowed out with the blood. Xu Qin touched the paper and her connection with the doll reconnected. She could feel the rest scattered inside Han Fei. Xu Qin licked the blood from the blade. Han Fei’s blood painted her lips, making her look more beautiful.

“Doctor Yan is not wrong. Your body has the curse of ten Pure Hatreds. They hate and love you. They wanted to kill you, but they were saved by you. So they chose to give up in the end.” Xu Qin tasted the curse in the blood. “You’ve saved them, and I shall save you. I will not let them kill you.”

Han Fei didn’t know what Xu Qin planned to do. He said with difficulty. “I inherited the altar owner’s father’s identity and past.”

“I believe you.”

Xu Qin took out her knives and placed them on the dining table. “You might suffer some pain.” Xu Qin looked at Han Fei on the table as if he was some precious ingredients. “Do you still have the meat I made you?”

“Yes.” Han Fei opened the inventory. The meat Xu Qin made was very well-preserved. Xu Qin’s expression softened. “The ten hatreds are bound in your body. If I just remove one, it’ll break the balance. In your current condition, your body will shatter as the other nine hatreds collide with each other. The only way to save you is to draw out the ten hatreds at once.” After she said that, Xu Qin plunged a knife into her left shoulder. “The ten hatreds are also curses. Perhaps I can consume them.” As the knife stuck into her body, Xu Qin’s presence grew terrifying. Her expression pained. Her body soon became bloody.

“Xu Qin…”

“Shush.” Xu Qin held the knife with the human skin doily and sensed the shredded paper doll. She cut through Han Fei’s skin. More black blood and paper pieces flowed out of his body.

“The old manager said I’m a Curse Amalgamation. Curses are attracted to me. I can consume and suppress most curses.”

“What do you plan to do?” Han Fei had a bad feeling, but he couldn’t move.

“Even Zhuang Wen can’t draw out the ten hatreds at once. But I’m different. Their curses are naturally attracted to me. Plus, my connection with the paper doll will help. Perhaps I can direct the hatreds and curses into the bloody paper pieces and then withdraw the shredded paper from your body.” Xu Qin stood beside the dining table. She placed the table knife in Han Fei’s hand. “Take this last knife. After I unlock the seal, I will lose control. This knife will connect us.”

Xu Qin grabbed Han Fei’s hand, and she used his hand to push the last knife into her heart. When the last knife entered Xu Qin’s heart, endless curses burst out of her body. The whole building was affected, and it felt like a Large Lingering Spirit was cornered!

Xu Qin’s eyes were overtaken by blood. The world’s most vicious curse weaved in her body. The furniture in the room rapidly decayed. The curse spread madly. Standing in the middle of the curse, Xu Qin’s face was twisted from pain. She was the first victim of the curses.

“Xu Qin! Sister!” Han Fei tried to get close to Xu Qin. After the Lapidarist’s professional property changed, he could help out-of-control spirits remember certain things. Xu Qin, who was dominated by curses, looked at Han Fei’s face. She seemed to remember something. She leaned towards Han Fei. The beautiful face approached him! The tip of her nose touched Han Fei’s skin. Xu Qin kissed Han Fei’s heart. The wounds were torn apart. All the hatred gathered on the paper doll pieces, and then they rushed together Han Fei’s heart at the same time!

Hundreds of curses surrounded Han Fei. They enveloped him and Xu Qin. As Han Fei’s heart started to beat, the hatred and shredded paper in his body was swallowed by Xu Qin!

After the ten hatreds left Han Fei’s body, the balance was toppled over. They wanted to return to Han Fei’s body, and this caused all ten hatreds to lose control. A normal Large Lingering Spirit could only sustain two different Pure Hatred’s curses at once, but Xu Qin consumed ten of them at one go. The love and hate of the ten Pure Hatreds exploded with unimaginable energy.

Xu Qin screamed in pain. The Pure Hatred’s presence cut through her skin. Even the mist around Ziggurat was blasted off. As a Curse Amalgamation, Xu Qin could consume a lot of curses. The more she consumed, the stronger she’d be. Normally, she could consume even Pure Hatred’s curse but she would need a longer time to digest them.

However, this time, Xu Qin swallowed ten Pure Hatred’s lingering curses into her body. Even if she was a Curse Amalgamation, it was too much. Xu Qin was moving towards a mental breakdown. Xu Qin, whose seals were unlocked, was scarier than a normal Large Lingering Spirit. Plus, since she was a Curse Amalgamation, she normally wouldn’t injure. However, since the threat this time was curses, it threatened her core directly, and she could disintegrate at any time. Xu Qin suffered from unimaginable pain.

However, Han Fei, who had the hatred and paper pieces removed, was recovering. He ate Xu Qin’s pig hearts and found his strength. Xu Qin was in a dangerous spot. If she was destroyed by the hatred, the curses in her body would explode, and they would have Han Fei experience the world’s most painful death. However, even so, Han Fei didn’t leave but moved towards Xu Qin. He held the knife with the human skin and moved to Xu Qin’s side. When Xu Qin lost control at Cattle Alley, it was Han Fei who called her back. Holding the knife, Han Fei slowly sat up. He was still very weak. “You’ve saved me many times and accompanied me on my first trip out of the neighborhood. Without you, I‘d be dead already.”

Han Fei didn’t really know anything about this in the past. But he experienced many emotions he hadn’t got the chance to in Fu Sheng’s memory world. Han Fei leaned Xu Qin’s shoulder. He embraced the curses and tried to touch the real Xu Qin.

“You trusted me without even listening to my explanation. You’d be bullied by bad people that way.” Han Fei grabbed the hilt. If he pulled out the 13th knife, Xu Qin would retain her senses, but she’d lose her power. Under normal circumstances, Xu Qin couldn’t control the ten hatred. Only when all her seals were unlocked that Xu Qin could have the possibility of consuming all the hatreds and curses.

“I’ve experienced every tragedy and despair to obtain the best acting skill in this cryptic world. However, I want to be a real person before you. I want to show you who I am. I don’t need to wear a mask, don’t need to worry about being hurt, don’t be need to be afraid that the sun will not rise tomorrow.

“I’ve experienced a unique life yesterday night. I adopted the altar owner’s memory and saw many strange things and encountered many things that I wouldn’t have encountered in my life.

“The man was loved by many, but he didn’t know how to appreciate them. He didn’t love, so in the end, no one loved him, and they only hated him.

“Actually, even now, I can’t say I know love. Since I was young, no one has told me about that word. Therefore, I never talked about love with anyone.

“In my memory and life, I do not have that emotion. But I sense that emotion in this world covered in darkness. I don’t know if you can hear my voice, but I will always be there for you. It’s strange. I fear being apart from you than death itself.”

Han Fei leaned weakly on Xu Qin. Han Fei’s heart was dyed by curses. When he was close, the curses inside Xu Qin sensed something. They stopped rampaging and started to surge towards a single direction. They wanted to get back into Han Fei’s body.

Xu Qin screamed again as the curses trampled her soul. Two hatreds suddenly stopped fighting. They started to cooperate with Xu Qin to control the other hatreds!

The windows of the building were shattered. Zhuang Wen held the faceless woman’s head and sat on the windowsill. She forced the faceless woman to help her help Xu Qin. Four hatreds attacked one another. The curses gathered around the hatred. Each of the hatred was stronger than hundreds of normal curses. Consuming a Pure Hatred’s curse was highly beneficial to Xu Qin, but ten of them were causing her body to disintegrate.

Han Fei held the knife around Xu Qin’s heart. Even if his body was crawling with curses, he didn’t let go. He looked at Xu Qin. Xu Qin, who lost control, seemed to sense something. She subconsciously lifted her arm to push Han Fei away.

“How can I leave you to deal with this alone? I am not Fu Yi!” Han Fei’s eyes were red. After Xu Qin pushed him back several times, he stepped forward to hug Xu Qin. The curses swept through his body. His red eyes looked at the broken altar behind Big Sin. “I want to make a wish!”

Han Fei opened the menu. After he helped the altar owner, he got to choose from one of the five choices. “I wish to heal her soul!” When Han Fei said his wish, the figurine collapsed. Black prayers exuded from the figurine and entered Xu Qin’s core. All the curses were strengthened. They took on a unique presence. Xu Qin’s broken body rapidly recovered. She was madly consuming the hatreds.

At the same time, the strongest of the ten hatreds stopped resisting after Han Fei’s wish was made. This strongest hatred was the most gentle. She was unwilling to leave, but she knew when to let go. She knew that it was time to return this wish to others. The strongest hatred was consumed by curses and disappeared.

As the soul was repaired, the other curses had the same fate. In the end, the endless curses gathered in Xu Qin’s eyes. A black flame slowly burned.


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