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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 595: 595 Fu Sheng’s Trust Bahasa Indonesia

Du Zhu’s face was flawless, and it was the face closest to perfection. However, when it grew all over a woman’s body, it was scary no matter how pretty it was.

“How do you know my name?” Han Fei asked the female doctor while he used the black flame to burn the things in the room.

“How can I forget you when so many things have happened between us? I’ve stored everything in my mind, and I’ll take them out to study them when I’m lonely.” Due to Zhang Xi, the woman’s face couldn’t move, but the other faces on her body started to speak.

“Du Zhu has been kidnapped so you are not her.” Han Fei believed this female doctor was also Du Zhu’s medicine.

“How can you be so sure? Is it because I’m not beautiful enough?” The female doctor opened her arms to reveal her almost perfect figure. It was like she was wearing clothes made of human faces.

“I can’t do much. There are too many souls in her body. Even if I manage to suppress one, there are still many others.” Zhang Xi tried her best, but her power was perfectly neutralized by the female doctor.

“She has many souls in her body?” Zhang Xi’s words confirmed Han Fei’s supposition. Du Zhu’s medicine was made from taking beauty and memory from others. The actual process was the hospital’s biggest secret. Han Fei wanted to learn this special power.

The female doctor didn’t panic as the black flame spread through the lab. She didn’t show panic as she stared at Han Fei. The black flame destroyed most of the medical equipment. The freezer door fell, and it revealed rows of syringes arranged neatly. Every syringe contained a mutated human face. They had different expressions, memories, and appearances. The black flame covered the freezer. The syringes were consumed by the flame. The syringes melted, and the faces turned into ashes. Their emotions and humanity, their last despair and curse became fuel for the black flame. The flame of hatred burned brighter, and the familiar woman’s laughter became clearer.

“A small spark can burn down the whole building.” Han Fei walked forward with Rest in Peace. “A small hope can turn destiny around.”

“Fu Yi, you’re not the kind of person who’d believe in false hope.” The female doctor walked towards Han Fei. As she moved, the whole building trembled. The human faces at the building opened their eyes. Even Du Jing, whom Han Fei had saved, screamed. Her life was rapidly drained by the face on her back. As she weakened, her face blurred and Du Zhu’s horrifying laughter came from her back.

“You’ll never kill me because I’m not the source of the problem. I haven’t forced anyone. It was you who hugged me voluntarily.” The face on Du Jing’s back said with mockery. The female doctor smiled beautifully. Her movement was soft and alluring. Her fingers touched her skin, caressing the human faces. “You’ll never escape from me. As long as you still have an animalistic desire, you will see Du Zhu in your eyes. You are more familiar with that than I am.”

“You’re not wrong. Fu Yi is indeed an animal clouded by desire.” Han Fei glared at the female doctor and shouted, “But I’m not him!” The blade of humanity glowed among the black flame. It suppressed all the light and aimed at the doctor’s neck!

Doctor Yan supported Han Fei. His scarred arm grabbed at the female doctor. The calloused fingers easily punctured the female doctor’s supple skin. Doctor Yan felt something was wrong but he couldn’t pinpoint it. The blade shone, and the female doctor’s head rolled to the ground. The process was too simple. Han Fei didn’t dare put his guard down. Just as he prepared to swing the second time, the human faces on the female doctor started to laugh. The many open mouths looked like black holes.

“Fu Yi, I didn’t think you’d really attack me! Didn’t you promise to only love me? Didn’t you promise to heed my every word? Didn’t you say you’d leave that broken family and be with me forever?” The mouths uttered different things as Du Zhu’s faces glared at Han Fei. Han Fei didn’t answer but continued to attack. Rest in Peace sliced the female doctor into pieces. However, something scarier happened. The teetering female doctor still didn’t die. If anything, the human faces on her body became madder.

“This is not her real body?”

Just as the female doctor’s blood was about to splatter onto Han Fei, Rest in Peace’s light bounced it back. Doctor Yan beside him was not as lucky. His arm that grabbed the female doctor suddenly jolted with pain. When he let go, two human faces appeared on his arm. The eyes opened, and Du Zhu’s laughter came from Doctor Yan’s arm.

“As long as there is a heart, no one can reject desire and perfection.” The female doctor stood before Han Fei. The human faces kept saying things. “Fu Yi, you disappoint me. I’ve prepared the best path in life for you. I helped you become the company’s main game designer to help you fulfill your dream, and this is how you repay me?” The mouths were chopped apart by Rest in Peace, but the female doctor laughed louder.

“I’ve noticed you a long time ago. At the time, you were still so young. You accompanied your wife to the hospital for her treatment. I remember she was a woman who loved to look beautiful.” The female doctor’s words caused Han Fei to break out in cold sweat. He knew Fu Sheng’s mother died from illness, but he didn’t know the details. “After a long time, the beautiful woman became so thin that she didn’t look human anymore. You dropped the kids at the ward and went out to satisfy your own desire. I wanted to see if your heart was as beautiful as your skin.”

Han Fei believed Du Zhu did something to the mother. “Why are you surprised? Can’t you remember what your wife told me at her deathbed? I still haven’t forgotten the things that you did!” The broken faces cackled. She was excited, “At the time, I wasn’t as beautiful as I am now; at the time, you at least still looked like a human.”

Rest in Peace had minced the female doctor but her voices were everywhere, on Doctor Yan’s arm, behind Du Jing’s back, the other wards on the seventh floor. “You want to kill me to cover up what you did?

“Fu Yi, you are my toy. Since you are unwilling to play nice, then I will make you lose everything.

“I heard that you would go back home early now. Since you like to play house, I will have you see how you have made your family suffer!”

The female doctor was crazy. Han Fei slowly retreated. He reached his hand into his pocket to press on something.

“After you died in humiliation, I will have your family bear your sin. I will torture everyone you leave behind. I will move your son into the ward his mother died in and put him in isolation. I will make him befriend the worst patient and prepare for him various treatments that excite me just thinking about it.

“I will destroy his heart and mind, and finally his face. I’ll make him look exactly like you!

“He will be scolded and humiliated by what you did. He hates you the most, but he will have a face exactly like yours and walk your path.

“You are the most interesting toy I’ve ever since. I will turn your child into my new toy!”

More human faces appeared on the seventh floor. Every patient who had taken the hospital’s medicine grew Du Zhu’s face. Han Fei’s group was too small to deal with the monster in the injection lab. Han Fei knew that, so he had prepared something beforehand. He took out his phone. Before the female doctor started her maddening speech, Han Fei made a call. The screen was showing the contact name—Octopus. The female doctor’s curse on Fu Sheng was heard by the person on the other end. Blood leaked out of the phone. The screen looked like it was about to break.

Fu Sheng’s biological mother had already possessed a Pure Hatred’s power before the world mutated. She was the most special ghost in Fu Sheng’s memory world. There was no voice from the other end of the line, only howling wind. Soon, a shattering scream came from Han Fei’s phone and the hospital’s gate!

The windows at Building Seven shattered. Fu Sheng’s mother appeared to have arrived!

“She’s here?” Han Fei exited the injections lab and looked out the window. Doctors in black coats walked out of the underground passage. The old man who interviewed Han Fei and Ah Gou was among them. “These are the black ghosts? They do exude a presence different from normal doctors. It’s like an invisible thread is bound around them.”

Some of them rushed to Building One, while others came to Building Seven. Their goal was clearly Han Fei.

“Fu Sheng’s mother can’t get in?” Han Fei frowned when a woman’s chilling voice came from the phone—Kill her, have to kill her!

The blood on the screen possessed endless hatred. It dripped to the ground, and then it started to move on its own like it was possessed. “Follow the blood trail!” When the voice came from the phone, Fu Yi in his mind, was triggered. He started to destroy everything Han Fei was. The thing in his brain expanded. Han Fei’s eyes bulged and his lips couldn’t even close anymore.

“Han Fei!” Doctor Yan held his arm. He could see that Han Fei was at his limit. He could collapse at any moment.

“Follow the blood trail! Fu Sheng’s mother is guiding us!” Han Fei started to move. He still had many things to do, he couldn’t stop now. His strong determination silenced the pain, Han Fei forced himself to continue.

Seeing this, Zhang Xi shook her head slightly. She whispered and used her power to lighten his pain.

The group followed the blood that leaked out of the phone. They came to the warehouse at the end of the corridor. This was the warehouse that kept the spare medicine. He kicked the door down, and the blood instantly shot through the freezer. The heavy door fell to the ground. Endless syringes rolled about. A woman who wore Du Zhu’s clothes cowered behind the freezer. She was silently trying to model herself after Du Zhu, however, she was extremely ugly. Her skin was covered in holes. “I’m just the dispensary doctor. Du Zhu forced me to do everything.”

The ugly doctor was the complete opposite of Du Zhu. Du Zhu took all the beauty but this doctor gathered all the ugliness on her.

“How to destroy the medicine in the building? Speak!”

“I don’t know. The medicine is made in the first-floor basement. Every patient is turned into medicine there.” The ugly doctor held her head and pleaded, “I am Du Zhu’s victim too. I was once the most beautiful doctor here but Du Zhu envied me so I was turned into the ugliest person.” The doctor sounded pitiful, but Zhang Xi behind Han Fei suddenly spoke, “She’s lying. The dispensary doctor is the most important doctor at the hospital. Du Zhu trusts her implicitly.”

“I believe so too. Pure Hatred is extremely sensitive to hatred and curses. Pure Hatred can sense hatred easily, and she will not mistake her revenge target.” Han Fei moved with the blade. He and Doctor Yan slowly approached. The ugly doctor knew her jig was up. The expression on her face changed and the distorted body charged at Han Fei with the sharp needles. “Your acting skill really needs some work.”

Han Fei put down the paper doll. The ugly doctor was no match for Doctor Yan, Zhang Xi, and the paper doll. When the ugly doctor was cornered, Han Fei picked up speed and swung at her body!

Light glowed in the dark warehouse. The ugly doctor and the freezer behind her were slashed apart.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve shattered the despair in the injection and beauty treatment center. You’ve obtained EXP, His Seventh Despair. Your soul is blessed.

“His Seventh Despair: The deepest pain in life is to become the person you hate. At this plastic surgery hospital, he was given the face of the person he hated the most. His mind and body were destroyed completely.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve completed the altar mission—Seven Despairs! You’ve obtained a large amount of EXP and his Seven Despairs! Fu Sheng’s hatred decreases by three and you’ve gained Fu Sheng’s trust!

“His Seven Despairs: When you suffer the seven despairs for him, you also gain his approval!

“Fu Sheng’s Trust: You chose the path that is destined to lose. You walked towards death and faced his former despairs. You gave him a sanctuary that he hadn’t experienced before!”


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