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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 578: 578 Everything Is At The Hospital Bahasa Indonesia

Soul Depth Touch was a very powerful support skill. It could help Han Fei reach a target’s soul to feel their internal emotions. Ever since he got the skill, Han Fei had been using it to complement other attacks. He rarely had a chance to use it to scan a person’s emotions. Cao Lingling struggled madly. She was insane like a trapped beast.

“Don’t move. I’m helping you.” Han Fei closed his eyes. His fingers touched an icy brook. The memory rippled. Cao Lingling’s soul was trembling. Fear, anxiety cracked Cao Lingling’s soul. The wounds left behind by fear were destroying her body.

“This is all because of fear?” Han Fei sensed deeper. Underneath the layers of fear, there was a sense of loss and a desire for beauty. Han Fei opened his eyes. Cao Lingling’s soul was like a shorn-open doll. The sense of loss and pursuit of beauty was the patching material. When she was patched back with these two ingredients, she would return to normal, but she wouldn’t be herself anymore. The original doll was simple, but the patched-up doll was a colorful monster.

‘The wishing well from the Mirror God’s world made use of people’s greed. This plastic surgery hospital preys on people’s pursuit of beauty. They are both about desires.’ Cao Lingling was still screaming. She was so loud that footsteps came from outside the ward. A doctor with bandaged arm led two nurses into the room. “What are you doing?” The doctor scolded, “Why didn’t you call me when the patient is in such pain? Why are you still standing there? The help nowadays is getting worse!”

The two nurses pressed down on Cao Lingling’s body. When Cao Lingling saw the staff, she screamed even louder.

‘The red ghosts tear down faces! The white ghosts eat humans! Doctors and nurses wear white…’ The doctor gave Cao Lingling a shot. After she went down, he examined her body. After he made sure Cao Lingling was still alive, he left. “Doctor, shouldn’t we conduct some psychiatric treatment to help her?” Han Fei had studied criminal psychology, psychology, and simple psychiatry before.

“Am I the doctor, or are you?” The doctor glared at Han Fei. “You’re a caretaker, so remember that. If something happened to the patient, could you bear the responsibility?”

“I’ll notify you immediately when she wakes up.”

“Wasting money to hire a bunch of pretty faces. Du Zhu really thinks this place is her toy store?” The doctor looked down on the people at Building One. He walked past Han Fei with his nurses. After about 10 minutes, Officer Fang Changcheng arrived. He held his phone like he was talking to someone.

“Good morning, Officer Fang.” Han Fei closed the door and pulled the officer to the corner. “Brother, when you stayed here yesterday night, did you notice something strange?”

Fang Changcheng’s face shifted, “I stayed in this room all night. The last time I looked at my watch, it was 6.06 pm. Then, I fell asleep. When I woke up, the sky was already bright. I just went to check the hospital’s surveillance. No one entered this ward, but…” Fang Changcheng looked at the door and said, “The footage shows the ward door opening on its own like something was moving in and out.”

“Did you check the footage for the other locations?”

“The other places look normal. Nothing unusual.” Fang Changcheng sat down beside the bed. He had very heavy dark circles. He didn’t look like he had slept.

“Officer Fang, someone took over my shift after I left yesterday. Where’s Ah Gou now?”

“Your colleague had something to do and was told to go to the other building to help. He’s still not back yet.” Officer Fang took out his phone. “But he left me his number. He told me to call this number if Cao Lingling woke up at midnight or something strange happened.”

Han Fei memorized the number at one glance. He used his phone to call it. The call rang for 10 seconds, and Han Fei hung up when no one answered.

“Officer Fang, you should rest in the day since you need to guard Cao Lingling at night.” Han Fei had masterful acting and Soul Depth Touch. He could tell this Officer Fang was a good and trustworthy man.

“I can’t sleep anymore. I’ve slept enough.” Fang Changcheng forced himself to sit up. Han Fei didn’t say more. He started to clean the room. When he cleaned near the bed, he noticed one corner of the bedsheet had been turned up. It suggested someone had crawled under the bed. Han Fei casually pulled up the bedsheet, pretending like he was cleaning. There were coagulated spots of black blood under the bed. There was a decaying smell in the air.

‘Cao Lingling was tied to the bed, Officer Fang was asleep, Ah Gou was summoned away, so who was hiding under the bed yesterday night?’ Han Fei continued to work until 9 am. The fat nurse’s voice came from Han Fei’s walkie-talkie. She told him to hurry to the first-floor lobby.

Han Fei nodded at Officer Fang and raced to the first floor. His eyes changed as he exited the corridor. A fashionable woman about 1.8 meters stood in the lobby. The receptionist and the fat nurse surrounded her like pets.

“Love, look at our new caretaker. Isn’t he perfect for you?” The fat nurse recommended Han Fei to the woman. The woman was about to leave, but she saw Han Fei. She removed her sunglasses. Her perfect face colored with surprise, “Fu Yi?”

Han Fei’s lips twitched as he forced a smile, “Hello, Love.”

“He’s the one!” Love pointed at Han Fei. Her surprise soon turned into joy. Why was she joyful? Only she’d know.

“Alright. Do you plan to go under routine treatment like you usually do?” The fat nurse was all smiles.

“I’ve finished all my jobs recently. I plan to rest here long term to recover my physique.” When Love spoke, her eyes were entirely on Han Fei. Her sharp eyes were like moving saws.

“I’ll arrange it for you now!” The fat nurse gave Han Fei an encouraging nod. She was about to go when two more women walked into the lobby. They had completely different personalities. One was silent and pensive, the other loud and open. However, they had the similarity of being rich.

“Ladies, how can I help you?” The receptionist ran over, and the fat nurse paused.

“We were here yesterday. An elder in black said that we need to be a member to enjoy the service here, so we went back to withdraw some money.” The talkative woman placed the platinum card on the table. “Is this small change enough to get a membership here?”

The receptionist took the card and ran to the counter. Soon, a handsome woman in a professional suit walked out of the inner hospital. “Welcome, this must be your first time here. I’ll introduce you to our services, and then we’ll be joined by professional doctors and teachers.”

The female manager invited the two women to the VIP room. The silent one saw something, and she asked, “Is he your employee?” She pointed at Han Fei, drawing everyone’s attention to him.

“His name is Fu Yi, he’s our new caretaker, but he has years of experience in the field already.” The female manager pulled Han Fei to her side.

“Bring him along.” The silent woman said. This annoyed Love.

“Orders, please. He is already my private caretaker.” Love’s tone was firm. She didn’t plan to surrender Han Fei.

“You must be one of the seven poor women.” The female guest said with derision. She didn’t get into conflict with Love but left with the manager. Han Fei actually wanted to stop them but he was afraid of arousing the staff’s suspicion. The two clients were players. Han Fei had seen the silent one before, and she was Qiang Wei’s assistant.

‘They should be rich in real life too. Their presence and fashion sense are stronger than most. They are not acting. They are being themselves.’ Han Fei actually hoped the two players would pick him. Even though they looked down on him for being a cheater, at least they wouldn’t kill him. Love was a different story.

“Your eyes are glued to them. Are they that attractive?” Love moved to block Han Fei’s sight. Her provocative clothes exposed her perfect figure.

“No, I just thought that client look like my friend.” Han Fei’s smile was fake. Perhaps it was because the world had mutated. Han Fei could feel the strong pressure from Love.

“She looks like your friend?” Love took another step forward, “Is it your boss? Your subordinate? Or your wife?”

Love was beautiful, but it could burn passionately like fire. Han Fei took a step back. He hadn’t figured out how to answer when Zhang Zhuangzhuang’s voice came from his walkie-talkie, “Is there still free hands at Building One? Come to the side door! We have a new patient!”

“Copy that. Coming over now!” Han Fei turned and ran. Love didn’t chase after him. She took out her phone to contact someone to transport some device to the hospital. Han Fei saw a few medical staff near the hospital’s vehicle when he reached the side door. Zhang Zhuangzhuang was among them.

‘What patient needs so many staff?’ Han Fei ran over and took a look.

A thin man was strapped to the enforced metal cart. His arms were covered in self-inflicted wounds. His clothes were bloody but he looked so happy.



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