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533 What a Great Father

16-21 minutes

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve successfully discovered Grade E Hidden Map—Plastic Surgery Hospital!

“Warning! The murder map has been lit up! The building possesses extreme danger!” Han Fei walked out of the shadow. Behind him were a tall faceless doctor, a woman in a strange coat, and a mobile shadow. “This is the hospital?”

Seeing the buildings before him, Han Fei felt surreal. Han Fei had been to the hospital built by Immortal Pharma in real life. It was far less imposing than the hospital in the cryptic world. The different wards and buildings were joined together to form a giant broken face.

“There are many patients and six doctors inside the hospital. You have to be careful.” The bloody message appeared on the wall. Doctor Yan was surprised that Han Fei would be so courageous to charge directly to the hospital.

“Don’t worry, I have confidence.” Han Fei carried enough meat in his inventory. He could exhaust his Life Points to release Soul Mist to hide their presence. With Doctor Yan leading the way, they quickly entered the hospital through the hidden passage.

The corridors crisscrossed like a maze. Even a patient here would get lost. Han Fei really had no idea how Shen Luo managed to find his way to that most dangerous room.

“Something’s wrong.” Doctor Yan stopped after they passed 2 junctions. He wrote on his white coat. “Normally, there should be plenty of patients, but they have all disappeared. Something must have happened here recently.” Doctor Yan’s warning was worth heeding, but Han Fei did not want to lose this rare chance. 18 players had entered Lost Theme Park, and they were all elite players. If they died inside the game, it would have a significant impact. The black box hunters blinded by greed would enter the maze. If the players attracted the attention of Unmentionable, the consequences would be unimaginable. Han Fei did not have much time left. So he had to grab this chance to shatter the power balance between Ziggurat and the plastic surgery hospital.

Even with Doctor Yan leading the way, Han Fei’s group still wandered around for a long time. The interior of the hospital was as complicated as a human heart.

“Why is there not even a person? Oh well, we should focus on destroying the altar!” 15 minutes later, Big Sin, who was at the team’s end, suddenly became excited. It knocked against Han Fei and then rushed down a specific direction. “Don’t run too fast!” When Han Fei said that, Big Sin already flew away. They had to give chase after it. They moved up the steps before stopping outside a half-open door on the 3rd floor. The room did not look that different from other rooms. But the door had the name Immortal on it. Upon closer inspection, the name was made from curses. Touching the door would cause all the curses to attack.

“Who left the door open?” They looked into the room, but they saw different images. Zhuang Ren saw endless red and torn faces; Han Fei saw darkness; Big Sin ran around Han Fei, urging Han Fei to get in. It had found the hospital’s deepest secret.

“Once we enter this room, the 3 Pure Hatreds will rush to return. So no matter what, we need to leave within 10 minutes.” Doctor Yan wrote with his blood. He was pretty afraid. At first, Han Fei gave him the impression of a quiet and rational person, but now the doctor realized that Han Fei was a crazy gambler who would gamble with his life.

“Okay, we’ll go in to take a look. Be careful not to touch the door.” Before Han Fei even finished, Big Sin, who got the permission, blasted into the room. Its enormous body slammed the door back. The curses that form the word, Immortal spread in the room.

It was worth nothing that Zhuang Wen was not affected by the curses since she was covered in Death Curse; Han Fei had high resistance against curse; Big Sin was immune to most curses after it had digested the Unmentionable’s curse; only Doctor Yan’s face leaked out with black blood.

“Be careful.” Han Fei took out Rest in Peace. When the light of humanity chased away the darkness, endless hatred suddenly pierced at his heart! Zhuang Wen used her hand to block the attack at the crucial moment.

Thanks to the glow from Rest in Peace, Han Fei finally saw the room’s interior clearly. The ceiling, floor, and walls were made from human body parts. In the middle of the room sat a giant altar!

It was almost 3 meters tall. The presence given off by the altar was scarier than any altar Han Fei had encountered. At that moment, the black cloth had fallen to the ground. The altar door was open, and a faceless woman had stuck half of her body into the altar. She was trying to dominate the altar!

“Since the painter and white shoes are not here, the woman tries to use this opening to control the altar?” When Han Fei saw this, he did not hesitate. He ordered, “Move!” Han Fei wanted to injure the faceless woman and destroy the altar.

Han Fei, Zhuang Wen, and Big Sin charged forward. Before Doctor Yan realized what had happened, Zhuang Wen’s black flame of hatred was already burning on the faceless woman. The room made from human bodies wailed, but Zhuang Wen had no pity for them. Even though Zhuang Wen just evolved into a Pure Hatred, her black flame contained the Ziggurat’s scariest Death Curse and the hatred of Ten Fingers.

When Zhuang Wen collided with the faceless woman, Big Sin charged at the altar. This walking tragedy was fighting with the faceless woman to enter the altar. With a scream, Big Sin slammed into the faceless woman who was half melting into the altar.

For a woman who had a sick obsession with beauty, just a glance at Big Sin’s ugliness was enough to make her go insane. The faceless woman wanted to tear Big Sin apart, but her soul would be infected by Soul Poison whenever she attacked Big Sin. Big Sin was very tough, and attacking it would only harm her.

The faceless woman couldn’t use her full power, so she was buying time. Suddenly she had a bad feeling. The empty face turned to Han Fei. Han Fei had silently approached the altar. He used Art Appraisal to find the woman’s weakness and used Soul Mist to silently approach. He was not discovered by the faceless woman until he was right beside the altar.

Han Fei swung his blade. The faceless woman knew what would happen if she was cut. However, half her body was inside the altar. It was too late for her to retreat. To prevent herself from being heavily injured, she shattered her body outside the altar into pieces and sacrificed them to the altar. The altar doors fully opened. The faceless woman wanted to take revenge on Han Fei, but Big Sin was rampaging towards the altar. The woman’s empty face cracked from anger. The fragments of her skin joined the grotesque room, and the room started to shrink.

Zhuang Wen tried to burn the walls, but it was useless. Han Fei only wanted Big Sin to destroy the altar, but Big Sin had crawled into the altar. This did not leave the rest of them with many choices. If they did not want to be crushed, they had to enter the altar.

“This time, I have Zhuang Wen, Doctor Yan, and Big Sin. It shouldn’t be as difficult as last time.” Han Fei reached out to grab Big Sin’s disappearing spike. He turned back to look at Zhuang Wen and Doctor Yan, “Come on, stop hesitating!”

Zhuang Wen in the Coat of Desire entered the altar. Doctor Yan’s face trickled with two rows of blood tears. He was dragged in by Zhuang Wen. The room made from body parts, and the faceless woman’s body fragments became sacrifices for the altar, and they were soon consumed. The room returned to silence, and the altar doors slowly closed.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve triggered Grade E Altar Inheritance Mission—Perfect Personality!

“Perfect Personality: Complete the previous altar owner’s regrets and gain his approval.

“Warning! The player will be given additional hints due to the low level.

“Hint 1: The Inheritance Mission is different from Manager Mission. With each death, the player will have a great chance to be assimilated into the original owner’s memory! Please be careful!”

“Hint 2: Perhaps there is no perfect personality in this world.

“Hint 3: Charm can help you solve many problems.

“Hint 4: A piece of Fu Sheng’s memory fragment is hidden in this memory world. He is the key to everything.”

The higher the number of hints, the more dangerous it was. When Han Fei heard there were 4 hints, half of his heart chilled…

An icy sensation came from his cheek. Han Fei felt his body being pulled, and he opened his eyes blurrily. A woman in an apron was dragging him into the bedroom. His survival instinct kicked in, and Han Fei wanted to crawl up from the ground. But his body appeared to be drugged because he couldn’t summon any strength. The light shone on his face. Han Fei could smell the pungent alcohol on him, and he saw the broken plates by the dining table. The woman tried her best to drag Han Fei to the bed, but she failed.

Han Fei attempted to control his body, but he could only wave his arms weakly in the end. The alcohol slurred his words and numbed his mind. Failing to haul Han Fei into bed, the woman grabbed the pillow from the dresser and cushioned it under Han Fei’s head. She then found a mattress and quilt for him. The woman’s movement was smooth, which suggested that this was not her first time doing this.

After closing the bedroom light, the woman was ready to leave when Han Fei used the last bit of his energy to say thank you. The woman stopped at the door as if questioning her hearing. She stared at Han Fei’s face before returning to the living room. She bent down to clean up the broken plates and found a cloth to wipe away the tipped-over soup and porridge. She carefully cleaned the gaps between the tiles, and then suddenly, she cried. The lights shone on her, making her look so helpless.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” Another bedroom door opened. A boy around 4 or 5 stood at the door. He was charming.

“Mommy is fine. Go back to sleep.” The woman wiped away her tears. She did not want her child to see her weaker side.

“Did you argue with daddy again?”

“Fu Sheng, get back to bed!” The woman put down the cloth. She ushered the boy into his room. After half an hour, she got the boy to sleep, and she returned to clean the living room. The boy liked to run around barefooted. The glass shards between the tiles might cut his feet, so the woman cleaned it carefully. After she was done, the living room was spotless. The clock on the wall showed that it was 1 am.

She sat on the couch with fatigue. The woman picked up the smelly suit jacket from the floor and pulled a phone out of the phone. After she had keyed in the password, she looked through the messages. Her face colored with despair before shoving the phone back into the pocket, and she cried.

The clock ticked. When it was 2 am, the woman slowly raised her head. Her puffy eyes turned to look at Han Fei lying on the bedroom floor. She walked barefooted into the kitchen. Moments later, she came out holding a knife. She slowly approached the bedroom door. Throughout the process, she did not make a noise. She had repeated this sequence many times. The blade glinted in her hands as the woman looked at Han Fei’s face with complicated emotions. She raised the knife a few times but eventually put it back down.

A few minutes later, a sound came from upstairs. The woman hurried to leave and replaced the knife. After the woman left, Han Fei’s eyes opened a gap. He was so scared. His body was numbed by alcohol, so he couldn’t move. If the woman decided to kill him, he’d have no way to defend himself.

‘The mother called the boy Fu Tian earlier. Fu Tian is the name of Immortal Pharma’s former director. Am I in the role of Fu Tian and Fu Sheng’s father? What is the game played by the old manager?’ Last time, with the Mirror God’s help, Han Fei entered the body of the altar owner to experience his life. However, this time, it appeared things were different. After the woman left, Han Fei couldn’t resist the fatigue anymore, and he drifted off.

The curtain was yanked open, and the sun showered on Han Fei’s face. He held his blurry head and opened his eyes. Thanks to his hangover, his throat was dry, and his head pained. He barely crawled up from the mattress when he turned and saw the woman. After pulling back the curtain, the woman handed Han Fei a glass of water.

“Thank you.” Han Fei accepted the water and said politely, but it startled the woman.

“The breakfast is ready. After you have your fill, you better pack up to prepare for work.” The woman then left the bedroom. There was no anger in her voice. In fact, there was barely any emotion.

Han Fei guzzled the glass of water and checked his menu.

“Notification for Player 0000! Your hunger is 40.

“Your current physical condition is normal. Your physical condition will affect your attributes.

“Your current mental condition is slightly low. Your mood point is 50. When your mood point is lower than 50, your physical condition will worsen.” Reading these, Han Fei knew he had triggered the inheritance mission. He also needed to rectify the former owner’s regret.

‘I believe I have become Fu Sheng’s father. I have not experienced such a character before. How am I going to use this identity to help him rectify his regret?’ Unlike the last altar mission, Han Fei had no clues this time. Han Fei crawled up from the ground and entered the bathroom.

Then he sat at the dining table. 4 chairs were placed around the table. The cute boy held his spoon and obediently sat in his chair. He didn’t dare to speak. He was afraid of Han Fei. Since Han Fei hadn’t eaten, he didn’t dare to move either.

“Today’s breakfast is delicious.” Han Fei said after having a taste. He wanted to praise the woman so that she would not decide to kill him again. The woman ignored Han Fei. She grabbed a tray, filled it with a bowl of porridge and a plate of vegetables. Then she walked upstairs. She knocked on the door of the second floor. “The porridge is still hot. I leave it at your door.”

With a sigh, the woman returned to the dining table.

“Why isn’t he joining us for breakfast?” Han Fei looked at the empty seat beside him.

“Are you still drunk? You don’t feel right today.” The woman looked at Han Fei with confusion.

“That’s right. Normally daddy would be banging on his door, shouting things like if you don’t want to…” The boy mimicked his father, but he stopped when the woman scolded him. The boy lowered his head and stopped talking. He turned to his porridge and ate it with his small spoon.

“Quickly finish your breakfast. Didn’t you say you have an important meeting today?” The woman went into the bedroom to grab a new suit. “I’ve charged your phone for you.”

Han Fei had been living alone, so he was pretty embarrassed that the woman was taking care of him so much. ‘I guess this is married life. At night, she wants to kill me; but in the day, she takes care of me.’

Han Fei ate breakfast and lavished praises on the woman. The woman urged him to go to work, and Han Fei finally put on his suit, grabbed his suitcase, and left. The woman walked Han Fei to the door. When Han Fei stepped out, she asked softly, “Will you be coming home for dinner tonight?”

“Of course!” Han Fei answered readily before rushing away. Han Fei looked around and realized he lived in quite a good neighborhood. ‘At least I don’t need to worry about money this time.’

Han Fei took out his phone. He didn’t even know where he worked. All the info he needed was on the phone.

“I think she keyed in these few numbers last night.” Han Fei tried to copy the woman, and he got it after 4 tries. “001221? Whose birthday is that?”

Han Fei entered the elevator. He looked through his chat records and social accounts. He realized he had 3 accounts, one for work, one for family, and the last was a secret account.

“So I’m a game designer. I work for… Immortal?” Han Fei checked his work account first. It was very typical.

Then he checked his family and friend account. His wife sent him many messages, but his replies were terse. Examples included busy, OT, meeting, not going home tonight.

Other than the wife, Han Fei chatted the most with his female colleague. Her real name was Lee Guo Er, and her account Id was Lucky Fruit. The colleague was Han Fei’s junior. She was single and often came to Han Fei for advice. When Han Fei was feeling down, she would console him. But overall, their chats were normal.

Han Fei checked the secret account last. Han Fei’s face twitched. He noticed he was chatting with 4 women simultaneously, and the content was salacious. “Fu Sheng’s father is a playboy? Well, I definitely didn’t know that…” Han Fei was speechless. Now Han Fei understood why Fu Sheng hid in his room. He seemed to hate his father. “So I’m the altar owner’s most hated person?”

Han Fei was contemplating his situation as he walked out of the elevator. He had his head lowered as he checked the messages on his phone. Suddenly someone screamed. He turned around and saw a familiar-looking woman was driving towards him!

If Han Fei didn’t react fast and jump away, he’d be dead already!

The driver quickly drove away after she failed to knock into Han Fei.

‘The woman looks just like the girl of this account. She is Lee Guo Er?” Han Fei quickly turned to enter a small alley. Suddenly a large mirror shattered beside him. The faceless woman flashed through the shards.

His mood point dropped, and Han Fei quickly retreated to the sunlight. “What is the meaning of this? My wife wants to kill me, my female co-worker wants to kill me, and a female ghost wants to kill me? I’ve not even touched a girl’s hand before. I don’t think I can deal with this!”


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