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525 First Pure Hatred Neighbor

After the Midnight Mall, Han Fei gained another unique building, White Orphanage. Han Fei temporarily had no idea what kind of extraordinary power the building had, and he had no time to explore because the building was on the hospital territory. Drake carried Han Fei to approach the boy. The neighbors joined them. The group of cute adults surrounded the kid. “Come with us. We’ll show you the outside world.” Han Fei stared at the boy. He represented the white shoes’ innocence, so in a word, a part of the white shoes. The boy held his chest. The white heart hidden in the doll had been dyed red. The dead children had been reborn on the boy.

“The bad guys wanted to cultivate you into the next me, but they are destined to fail because you are unique. You have your own personality. You are you.” Han Fei extended his hand to the boy. “Let me help you find you.”

024 had a high friendliness level with Han Fei. After some hesitation, he took Han Fei’s hand. At that moment, Han Fei used Soul-depth Touch. Han Fei could not find any malice in the boy. He only felt the boy’s fear of the past and confusion about the future. The boy’s soul was flawlessly white. This was extremely rare in the cryptic world.

“Let’s prepare to leave.” The White Orphanage had been turned into a ruin. Han Fei planned to rebuild the place after taking down the hospital zone. Han Fei did not stay. The neighbors led Han Fei and 024 to race towards Midnight Mall. After they left the orphanage, Han Fei, who became its new owner, felt something. He turned to look at the center of the ruin. On a broken wall, the Life Threads on the ground gathered. They painted the shape of a man on the wall. The man held a paint bucket filled with blood and Yin energy, and Han Fei met his gaze. The painter’s mouth opened like he was trying to say something. His hand drew a window on the cracked wall. Outside the window was beautiful scenery with blue sky, grass, running animals, and a boy who only knew how to smile. The painter did not give chase. Han Fei did not stay and raced back to the mall. When they arrived at the mall, Mirror God and Zhuang Wen appeared simultaneously. However, they were too late. Ten Fingers was already dead.

“How did you manage to it? Ten Fingers has stolen the most important merchandise and possesses the black flame of hatred. How did you manage to kill him?” Mirror God was shocked. The neighbors did not know how to explain. They turned to Han Fei and Xu Qin. “Ten Fingers was trapped by the Pure Hatred from the hospital. We got lucky.” Han Fei was humble. After all, his Laughter killed Ten Fingers and not him. The Laughter had not left the blood-red orphanage, but even just taking over Han Fei’s body, he could unleash unimaginable damage. Han Fei also learned a lot from this experience. For example, he learned how to lower his Life Points to take advantage of Midnight Butcher’s talent and use Art Appraisal to focus on the enemy’s weaknesses. Han Fei could pose a threat to a Top Lingering Spirit. However, Han Fei still needed someone to distract the enemy because he only had one chance to strike. If he failed to kill the enemy, a brush from the enemy and Han Fei would die. The Laughter was crazy and confident. He charged into battle with three Life Points. It was hard to imagine an average person having that courage.

“You even brought back Ten Fingers’ Heart of Hatred? This is perfect!” Mirror God dug out a black heart from Ten Fingers’ rotting body. The heart was fractured. Mirror God took a lot of effort to piece them back together. When Mirror God joined the black fragments together, a weak black flame ignited. “This is the last bit of black flame of Ten Fingers. When this flame is extinguished, Ten Fingers is truly dead.” Mirror God handed the black flame to Zhuang Wen. “This is a great find. You are one step away from becoming a Pure Hatred. This might help you.” Zhuang Wen failed to evolve into a Pure Hatred and became a monster. Han Fei then used the wish from the altar inheritance mission to heal her. Even though the black flame of a Pure Hatred was precious, not everyone could use it. If there was too much difference in power, the person might be consumed by Ten Fingers. No one fought for the black flame with Zhuang Ren. The girl squished Ten Fingers’ black heart, and she swallowed it when the flame was the strongest.

“We shouldn’t disturb her.” The neighbors carried Ten Fingers’ carcass into the mall’s warehouse. After the black flame was taken, Ten Fingers’ body rapidly decayed. The despair on him was taken by Weep, while his Yin energy was shared by the rest. Mirror God also found a few missing merchandise on the carcass. “Han Fei, these are the most important merchandise at the mall. See if you can use them.” Mirror God placed the bloody items before Han Fei. Han Fei touched them one by one.

“Coat of Desire (Grade E Unique Item): This is a garment made from the world’s desire. When you put this coat on, all the eyes looking at you would be dominated by greed, and they wouldn’t see the real you.

“Tears of a Clown (Grade E Unique Item): The required item to update into the hidden profession, Cackling Clown. It can be used at the hidden map, Lost Theme Park.

“Midnight Mall’s Bill (Grade E Unique Item): Can only be used by the manager of the Midnight Mall. Every Animated Regret, Lingering Spirit, and Pure Hatred which had been turned into merchandise will appear on the bill. Touching their name will reveal to you their general location. Warning! This book of bills is the connection between the manager of the Midnight Mall and its merchandise. Please do not lose this.

“The Meat of Unmentionable’s Heart (Grade D Ingredient): ????”

Han Fei knew his trip was worth it when he saw the four items.

“The Coat of Desire can be given to Little Eight so she can leave Happiness Neighborhood. I’m about Level 20 soon. It’ll unlock a new hidden profession. Cackling Clown sounds interesting, at least better than Lapidarist.” Looking through the bills, Han Fei found Weep and the red dress’ names. He touched the red dress’ name and sensed that she was around the plastic surgery hospital. “As long as she is fine.”

Finally, Han Fei turned to the strange meat. It was called meat, but it felt more like a rock. “This is a Grade D Ingredient?” Han Fei had no idea what the meat was for, so he kept it for now. After putting away all the items, Han Fei turned to his neighbors. They had shared Ten Fingers until there was not even dust was left.

“You all better return to the Ziggurat. Something about this boy is not right. If you stay outside the mist for too long, you might attract the wrong thing.” Mirror God warned. “Plus, how did you manage to come back with more people every time?”

“He is the innocence of a Pure Hatred at the hospital. I wish to use him to bridge communication with the Pure Hatred.”

“Don’t have too much hope. Each Pure Hatred is dominated by intense hatred. They will not be shaken easily.” Mirror God stared at 024 for a long time. The scale in his right eye moved as if weighing the weight of 024’s soul.

“I will be careful.” Han Fei talked some more with Mirror God. When he prepared to leave, immense pressure came from the mall’s roof. As the manager, Han Fei immediately sensed something was wrong. Everyone walked out of the mall and looked up. Zhuang Wen was at the top. Worried that she might lose control and destroy the mall, Zhuang Wen chose to make her final breakthrough on the roof. Shrill screams echoed from the black flame. Zhuang Wen tossed all her memory fragments into the black flame. Feeding on hatred and resentment, a black flame erupted from Zhuang Wen’s chest. Ten Fingers’ hatred fought with Zhuang Wen’s hatred. Curses appeared under Zhuang Wen’s skin. All her memories and past burned in the black flame. Zhuang Wen’s soul was rapidly changing. In the city forever shrouded in darkness, the black flame on Zhuang Wen melted into the night sky. She struggled and screamed in the black flame, tormented by the deepest pain and despair, but she did not surrender.

The spine-chilling wails pierced through the night. The resentment in Zhuang Wen’s heart morphed into hatred. Her cold heart started to beat again. The heart pounded, and the black flame flickered. The past was torn apart, and the endless hatred pierced through destiny like a knife. The ruined soul was reborn. The presence of Zhuang Wen was completely different from before. She looked down the endless night and leaped down. Her body was wreathed in the black flame.

The flowing black flame carried intense hatred and possessed a strong death curse.

Zhuang Wen landed on the ground, and she pulled back her black flame. “Notification for Player 0000! Friendliness level with Pure Hatred, Zhuang Wen increases by 10. Congratulation for gaining the friendliness of your first Pure Hatred!”

After consuming Ten Fingers’ black flame, Zhuang Wen became a real Pure Hatred. Due to various reasons, she was more substantial than most Pure Hatred. The neighbors didn’t dare to get too close to Zhuang Wen. Zhuang Wen felt very dangerous to them, like they’d be killed if they wandered too close.

Taking a deep breath, Han Fei was the first to walk over. He saw Zhuang Wen slowly open her eyes. He smiled and greeted her like usual. Hatred was wrapped inside the black flame. Zhuang Wen tried her best to control her hatred, but the people around her still felt a lot of pressure. Han Fei finally understood why when a Pure Hatred entered a new zone, the other Pure Hatreds would immediately notice it. The presence of Pure Hatreds couldn’t be reined in at all. The hatred was too conspicuous.

“Finally, the Ziggurat has a new Pure Hatred.” Han Fei sighed in relief. As the Ziggurat’s new manager, he knew how dangerous the situation was. Mirror God was only as strong as a Pure Hatred inside the mall. Ziggurat did not have a real Pure Hatred. If the 3 Pure Hatreds from the hospital forced an entry, the tenants at Ziggurat would not stand a chance.

“We should prepare to leave.”

Han Fei led everyone back to Ziggurat. When they passed by the hospital, Han Fei handed the Coat of Desire to Zhuang Wen. After multiple tries, Han Fei’s eyes shone. The Coat of Desire could completely cover up Zhuang Wen’s hatred. Zhuang Wen could enter the hospital zone without being discovered with the coat on. “With this coat, after Big Sin suppresses the Unmentionable’s curse, I’m going to give the hospital a surprise.”

The tenants at the Ziggurat consumed the items from the mall to recover and strengthen themselves.

Han Fei led 024 and his neighbors back to Happiness Neighborhood. Han Fei had Little Eight try on the coat. The coat could hide their presence when the 8 victims were still rational. “Killing Ten Fingers has brought more rewards than I can possibly envision. Each Pure Hatred is a treasure trove!”

Han Fei turned to 024. He sat down before the boy. “Child, what else do you know about that orphanage? Can you remember the faces or names of the other orphans?”

Han Fei wanted the white shoes to join them, but he knew it couldn’t be rushed. Han Fei asked 024 other questions to help the boy relax. “I’ve forgotten many things, but I do remember the faces of 2 people. One is my best friend, and the other is my biggest bully. They are respectively 019 and 030.” The boy tried hard to think. “019 knows many things, he is very handsome, and his dream is to be an actor. 030 is very naughty. He derives joy from bullying others. No one can stand up to him because he is larger than most of us. He likes to force others to do things against their will. His dream is to rob a bank.”

The boy described 019 and 030 to Han Fei. Han Fei memorized them and planned to search for them when he logged off the game.


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