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517 Hide Yo Mother

“Yes, I’m back.” Han Fei sat beside the table and discussed with Wei Youfu his latest update. Little Eight hugged the flower pot and sat at the side. The family sat together.

“Youfu, I have a way that can help you meet your father. Do you…” Han Fei wanted to use Spirit-farer to see if he could summon Elder Wei. But when Wei Youfu heard that, he shook his head. “I understand your intention but let it be. He has taken so long to get used to me not being around, I don’t want to hurt him anymore.” Wei Youfu combed Little Eight’s hair and braided them. He said, “The 8 of our bodies are bound together, I don’t want him to see me like this.”

“Whenever you change your mind, you can come to find me.” Han Fei inspected Wei Youfu’s wound, the injury he suffered at Ziggurat had healed, “You still can’t leave Happiness Neighborhood?”

Wei Youfu nodded. “Whenever I try to do that, a voice deep inside my soul will tell me that if I stay outside the neighborhood for too long, something scary will happen. The other 7 feel the same way.”

“Why do you think that is?”

“It probably has to do with the fact that Little Eight is a key.” Wei Youfu looked at the innocent Little Eight. “Fu Sheng and his 3 children are Unmentionables, they have ventured deep into the city before. Even though Fu Sheng was defeated and ended up with his memory shattered, he also gained a lot in the process. He seemed to have discovered a secret about this world and the secret is hidden in Little Eight.” The little girl was humming to the flower. Han Fei listened closer and he realized it was a soul-summoning song. The Singer had sung that before.

“The eight of us combine to form a Top Lingering Spirit but no one among us can control ourselves in that state. If we have a chance to find the black flame of hatred that belongs to us, we might not go berserk so easily anymore.” Wei Youfu looked normal but he was the only rational victim of the human jigsaw case.

“You might gain freedom after becoming a Pure Hatred?” Han Fei also thought Little Eight was important. Actually the tenants at Happiness Neighborhood were all handpicked by Fu Sheng, they all had deep potential. Weep had similar talent to the Singer, he had AOE attack and could control despair; Meng Si was the only local of the cryptic world who had been successfully transformed, there was no hatred at all in her eyes; Xu Qin was a Curse Amalgamation, she was very unique and she was arrestingly beautiful; Mirror God was the trace of goodness of an Unmentionable; Ying Yue was incredibly powerful and she could create ghost tattoo. When Han Fei thought about it, the tenants at Building 1 had helped Han Fei a lot. Fu Sheng didn’t leave behind any treasure for Han Fei, but he did leave behind a group of reliable neighbors for Han Fei. However, Fu Sheng had never considered if Han Fei would be killed by his neighbors or gain their trust.

When Han Fei conversed with Wei Youfu, Bai Xian slowly woke up. His eyelids flickered before they flew open. His mouth widened. He wanted to scream but his throat was burning.

“Brother Bai, you’re awake?” Han Fei walked over with a cup of water. But when he got close, Bai Xian fainted again and his condition was even more serious. “What was that for?” Han Fei touched the mask on his face. He felt like he should send Bai Xian back for the night. Han Fei had other things to do, he couldn’t stay for long. “I should use Brother Bai to farm some afterlife karma. I’ll check up on him after leaving the game.” Han Fei used Resurrection to send the fainted Bai Xian to the surface world. It was hard to draw Bai Xian down here but it was very easy to send him away. There was a force trying to pull Bai Xian to the surface world, Han Fei had not encountered something like this before. “It’s good to have a high luck point.”

With this encounter in the afterlife, Han Fei felt closer to Bai Xian. The only downside was Bai Xian was too cowardly and Han Fei didn’t have the chance to use the many things he prepared. Well, there was always next time.

After that, Han Fei bade farewell to Wei Youfu and Meng Si. He led the other neighbors to the edge of the mist. “The plastic surgery hospital assumes we would come from the Ziggurat, they will not expect us to go through the mall.” Han Fei called Zhuang Wen along. He wanted to focus his energy on uncovering the orphanage’s secret. Before he entered the game that night, the words Seaglass Cat told him affected him deeply. Every child had a different orphanage in their eyes and every child was trapped in their own orphanage. The orphanage painted with the windows should belong to the white shoes, perhaps it was the white shoes’ home.

They walked along the small alley and came to the mall. Han Fei told his plan to the Mirror God. He wanted to rely on Mirror God’s power but Mirror God could only use his Pure Hatred’s power when he was at the mall. He could cooperate with Han Fei to help him control the altar to attack and influence the ghosts near the mall but if they were more than 100 meters away from the mall, then the Mirror God couldn’t do anything. “The best solution is for you to lure the ‘prey’ to the mall, then I can deal with them.”

“Okay, I will try to lead the enemies here.” Han Fei stood near the altar. He voiced a question. “Normally, once a Pure Hatred steps into a new zone, they would be discovered by the zone’s Pure Hatred. How come Ten Fingers didn’t get the attention of the hospital’s Pure Hatreds when he escaped there?”

“When the cunning man escaped, he took several important merchandises with him from the mall. One of them is left behind by my authentic self, it’s called the coat of desire.” Mirror God pushed open the shelf behind the altar to reveal an empty space. “Humans like to disguise their desire with the prettiest coat. The coat is made from endless people’s greed, it is a very rare item.”

‘The coat can prevent others from detecting the wearer? If I give it to Little Eight, does that mean she can leave Happiness Neighborhood?’ Han Fei planned internally, “Other than the coat of desire, what has Ten Fingers stolen?”

“A piece of meat.”

Hearing that, Xu Qin walked over. “Meat?

“The Meat of Unmentionable’s Heart, it’s something my authentic self brought back from the inner part of the city. It will never go bad but will ooze out endless blood and resentment.” Mirror God took out an invoice and wrote on it. He handed it to Han Fei. “These are the things stolen by Ten Fingers. The most important things are the coat and the meat, you have to get them back.”

“Understood.” Han Fei put away the invoice and ironed out more details with Mirror God. After everything was ready, Han Fei had Zhuang Wen wait for them at the entrance of the mall. Han Fei used the hiding effect of Soul Mist and Beast Mask to infiltrate into the hospital. He carried the urn with him. He used Firefly’s phone to maintain contact with Laughing and Zhuang Wen. Once he confirmed his prey, he would immediately contact Zhuang Wen and ambush the Pure Hatreds at the hospital. “The Pure Hatreds at the hospital know nothing about the situation at the Ziggurat, but with Doctor Yan’s help, I’ve known almost everything about the 3 Pure Hatreds. How can they win?”

Han Fei walked through the shadow of the city. He was like a ghost. He ran very fast and made no sound. The abandoned orphanage was not that far from the mall. Along the way, Han Fei ran into some ghosts but the ghosts were different from the ghosts the hospital sent towards the Ziggurat. They were quite normal. Han Fei didn’t find trouble with them. He avoided them if he could. Eventually, he saw the orphanage at the end of the street. The style of the building was different from the other buildings inside the hospital zone. It had a tall grey wall, black roof. It radiated death. “The other buildings are twisted and contorted but this orphanage looks like one from the normal world.”

Han Fei didn’t approach recklessly. He hugged the urn and walked around the orphanage. The orphanage didn’t look that big but Han Fei used 20 minutes to walk around it. Other than that, he noticed the orphanage didn’t have any windows. The tall wall enclosed the orphanage. The rooms inside were like coffins. The only entry was a steel gate.

“Didn’t Doctor Yan say the painter has painted the place with many windows?” After ensuring there was no danger, Han Fei slowly approached with the urn. He walked down the winding road and reached the orphanage’s backdoor. A large black steel door sat before him. Through the gap in the gate, he saw an abandoned courtyard. Han Fei noticed that there was a rusted door number hanging beside the steel door. The number was rusted too—024.

“None of the other buildings have a door number but this orphanage has one. This door number might represent the white shoes’ code number.” Han Fei raised his hand to open the gate. “He’s number 24? So far back?” When Han Fei’s finger touched the door, his mind echoed with a maddening laugh!

The piercing sound almost shattered his eardrum and memory. Han Fei bent over holding his temples.

“Are you here to look for something?” A child’s voice came from other side of the gate. Han Fei’s eyes returned to normal. He had such control of his facial muscle that he could return to a normal expression in less than 10 seconds. When Han Fei lifted his head, he had a warm smile on his face.

“Little kid, is your director around? I wish to talk to him.”

A little boy was standing inside the gate. The boy’s clothes, pants, and shoes were light red.

“The director is at the office but he hasn’t been out in a long time already.” The boy looked around 5, he had to use all of his energy to push open the small door embedded in the gate. “Come in, mother says it’s very dangerous outside, and you can’t stay outside for too long.”

“Mother?” But this was supposed to be an orphanage. Once he entered the orphanage, everything became so quiet, this place was like a different world from outside.

“I’ll bring you to see the director.” The boy toddled ahead like a penguin but suddenly a rock flew and hit him on his arm. The boy held his arm and tears rolled in his eyes. He didn’t dare to stop and ran faster. The faster he ran, the more stones came at him. But none of the stone hit him anymore. The boy looked beside him and saw Han Fei use his body to block the stones for him.

“Do you know how dangerous that was? Come here!” Han Fei raised the urn and aimed to throw it at the offenders. Seeing how angry Han Fei was, the 3 kids hiding in the bushes put away their rocks and turned to run away.

“How can they be so evil? When I’m back, I’ll cremate you three and stuff you in the urn.” Hearing Han Fei, the bullied boy was scared. He held his arm and didn’t dare to speak.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” The boy moved his arm and continued to wobble forward. Just as he was about to reach the first building, he suddenly stopped. He whispered, “Mother? How did she get discovered?”

Han Fei followed the boy’s gaze. He saw a tall and burly woman about 2 meters tall. She wore an apron and dragged a large trash bag as she headed towards the front door. The landlord’s ring chilled. The woman was a Medium Lingering Spirit.

“Don’t go there.” Han Fei held the boy back.

The woman dropped the bags on the field near the front door and then she turned to enter one of the rooms.

“Mother! Mother is there!” The boy repeated nervously. After Han Fei let go, he ran towards the trash bags. The small hands looked through the bags and soon the boy pulled out a dirty and smelly doll of a woman.

“This is your mother?” Han Fei thought the Medium Lingering Spirit was the boy’s mother but then he realized that was not the case.

The boy nodded. “They have been trying to kill mother, we need to hide her!”


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