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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 496: Thursday, 9 June 2022 Bahasa Indonesia

Thursday, 9 June 2022496 Colorful

If not pushed by despair, who would have stepped onto the roof? The wind fluttered the scarf around Seaglass Cat’s neck. No one present expected the girl to respond to Han Fei. If there was a chance for communication, then there was hope.

The young officer who raced to pull Han Fei back was stopped by the aged officer. The female officer on the roof also retreated to give Han Fei space.

“Yesterday night, you saw your idol. You should know that I am not lying.” Han Fei stood in the middle of the roof. His expression was sincere. “She is not waiting for you at heaven because I’ve seen her at that place!” Seaglass Cat’s eyes were still dull. Perhaps she was really tired. She was like china who looked perfect but was covered in cracks. Her life was an experiment, the love that she cherished was just a scientific observation.

“I’ve met the person who loved you the most. Think about it, it is because she treats you as her family that she would tell you that secret at the end of her life. She violated her own promise, gave up on the experiment, and was willing to destroy everything to tell you the truth. She loves you and we can go look for her together!”

The colorless eyes looked at Han Fei. While Seaglass Cat thanked Han Fei, she shook her head. This was her first time responding to another. Han Fei’s words were working. Not only Han Fei, but even the officers beside him were also nervous.

The wind blew harder and the crowd below was noisier but all these had nothing to do with Seaglass Cat. There was only 1 minute left to 10.34 am. Seaglass Cat took out her phone and placed it beside her ear. Han Fei saw that Seaglass Cat has been calling her grandmother. The call was never meant to go through. The caller’s tune for the old lady’s number rang in her ear. That was Seaglass singing.

The familiar melody danced on the roof. Despair rose to one’s ankles. Seaglass Cat opened her mouth to hum the melody that no one would sing again. There was no anxiety. She faced death openly. Before her body fell, her soul had fallen into the abyss. She was like a kitten curled up at the edge of the cliff. Her fur was wet from the storm. She had given up on the struggle and allowed the despair to crawl into her body.

Her legs moved forward. Rubble dropped from the roof. When she was ready to close her eyes, her own song rang from behind her. Her songs that no one loved echoed on the roof with a special melody. Each note carried inexplicable despair, the pain was like a black sea. Seaglass Cat turned around with disbelief. Her voice intertwined with Han Fei’s voice. The kitten who was trapped in the abyss looked into the darkness, she saw a cruel demon. Resentment danced beside him and despair was his attire. He used his bloody hands to pick the kitten up by the back of her neck. The demon toyed with the cat but the cat couldn’t even struggle. The song weakened. The demon got bored. He looked into the kitten’s despairing eyes and eventually placed the kitten on his shoulders. He wanted to crawl out of the abyss with the kitten.

Dragging the endless darkness, the demon gripped the walls of the cliff and looked up. His dark eyes reflected the sun in the sky.

When Seaglass Cat came to her senses, Han Fei was standing before her. The demon in the song held her wrist and the eyes reflected the whole world. “Come on, let’s go home.”

Han Fei pulled Seaglass Cat from the edge of the roof. It was then that the police snapped out of his voice. They rushed to the two. After standing in the wind for so long, Seaglass Cat’s legs were frozen. Han Fei carried her on his back and ran downstairs.

“Move! Move!” The young officer helped Han Fei evacuate the workers of the building. The others followed behind him. Han Fei placed Seaglass Cat inside the cruiser and then he crawled into it himself. The officers following them were stunned. One of them went to the driver’s seat and the other to the passenger seat.

“We should head to the police station first. I’ll warm up the car.” The aged officer was very nice and his tone was friendly.

The engine started. The crowds were noisy. Some were thankful and cheered for the police; others were bored and disappointed.

Seaglass Cat hugged her frozen legs, curled inside the car, and looked out. The despair and pain in her eyes were still thick but the first thing she did after entering the cruiser was to apologize to the police. She wanted to die in peace but had troubled everyone. The two officers were surprised. Why would such a kind girl be forced to commit suicide?

The car flew down the road. Han Fei silently took out his phone to message Li Xue. After getting the reply, Han Fei placed Seaglass Cat’s childhood schoolbag and phone in the middle of the seat.

The phone suddenly lit up. Someone had messaged Seaglass Cat. Seaglass Cat picked up the phone. She had no family left and the only number in her contact list couldn’t be called anymore. Her messages would be spam.

“I was not lying to you earlier, I will bring you to go to see her.” Han Fei held his phone and smiled. Seaglass Cat thought Han Fei’s smile was warm but she kept mistaking him for the demon in the song.

With a small nod, Seaglass Cat clicked open her video homepage, she wanted to delete her last video. But when she clicked on the video, she noticed there was a blue comment. “The world is not only black and white, but the sky is also blue, I’ll be your sky.” Seaglass Cat turned around to look at Han Fei who was on his phone. Her eyes focused. “Did you do this?”

“Did what?” Han Fei exited the video platform.

“Other than you…” Seaglass Cat just said that when there was a green comment, the grass is green, I’ll be your grass so that you’ll have me in your world. And then more colorful comments appeared on the black and white videos.

The sky was blue, the soil was brown, the sun was gold, the flower was red, the rainbow was colorful…

“Little sister, don’t give up! We’re here for you!”

“I’ve been your fans for 3 years already. Your songs have accompanied me through my lowest moment. I’ll gift you a red rose!”

“Don’t give up!”

“River is blue!”

“I gave the rainbow. Yes, you have a fanbase among the LGBT community too!”

“Yes, little sister, you are amazing!”

More comments appeared on the video. Seaglass Cat looked at the colorful screen. The warm comments melted the numbness in her eyes. Her eyes watered. Tears flowed down her face. The pain that she had suffered after her only family had died exploded at that moment. She curled inside the car and cried her heart out.

Han Fei patted the girl’s back. He didn’t say anything. During Twin Flower’s press release, Han Fei who suffered from severe social anxiety was forced to take the stage. Someone was out to get him and the whole screen filled with comments to slander his name. At that moment, he felt like his heart was sliced. But he survived through it, after that, people who supported him came to help him. The cheers washed away the malicious comments and his fear of the stage. He was once healed and he tried to use the same method to heal others.

The cruiser drove through the city. When they reached the police station, the officers led Seaglass Cat away to do a simple statement. Han Fei leaned on a free officer’s table to play on his phone.

Suddenly he saw himself on the hot topic.


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