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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 487: 487 0 Luk Bahasa Indonesia

487 0 Luck

The woman looked around 40 plus. She wore the hotel’s cleaner uniform. Her lower body was blocked by the cart. “Do you need your room cleaned?” The cleaner’s voice was very young, it didn’t match her appearance.

Han Fei frowned because he noticed the cleaner had the same voice as the person on the phone earlier. ‘The cleaner is also the receptionist?’ Han Fei walked towards the cleaner with a smile and his hands inside his pocket. “I don’t need the room cleaned but I did call for a room service.”

“Room service? What room service?” The cleaner looked like she had heard that for the first time.

“I’m not sure. The person on the phone recommended it to me, I felt bad rejecting her so I took her offer.” Han Fei looked like a shy young man.

“You better be careful.” The cleaner looked down the corridor. When she was sure there was no one there, she whispered, “This hotel’s former boss was a pervert. He always went around charming young people. As long as the person was good-looking, he would approach them regardless of gender. Then he would kill them. The police found many dead bodies at the hotel and they were all his victims.”

“Sounds like I’m in great danger.” Han Fei’s investigation had reached a dead end so he decided to chat with the cleaner.

“From then on, the guests at the hotel would receive strange calls and the guests who answered would die in strange manners.” The cleaner’s face turned pale.

“Auntie, are you sick? Why do you look so white?”

“You better worry about yourself.” The cleaner’s voice lowered. She slipped Han Fei two bottles of water. “Don’t come out at night and don’t open your door to random people.” Han Fei extended his hands to receive the bottles. When he touched the cleaner’s hand, he felt like he was touching ice. “Auntie, if you don’t feel well, why don’t you come in to rest?” Han Fei opened the bottle. “Drink some water.” When he opened the cap, a black worm crawled out from the bottle of mineral water. Han Fei handed the bottle to the cleaner.

“We can’t take items from the guests.” The cleaner wanted to leave but she was dealing with the kindest person in the cryptic world. Han Fei used Soul-depth touch to hold the cleaner’s arm. “Where is your manager? How can he let you work when you are sick? Bring me to go see him. I’ll talk to him.”

“There’s no need, let go!” The cleaner flung Han Fei’s hand back. She pushed the cart and readied to leave but Han Fei rushed out of the room to block her way. “What is it that you want?” The cleaner finally noticed something was wrong. She saw Han Fei take out a hilt from his pocket.

“Auntie, don’t worry, this knife only kills bad people.”

“So?” The cleaner looked at Han Fei in confusion.

“I want to see if you’re bad people.” Han Fei smiled innocently. Sunlight glowed in his right hand. Warmth bloomed on the cleaner’s neck and her body dissolved into nothingness. The cart tipped over and revealed the other side Han Fei hadn’t seen. The cleaner’s lower body was connected to the cart. It was a mess of guts and flesh, it looked disgusting.

“You are a bad person.” The yin energy was absorbed by the urn. Han Fei squatted down to inspect the cleaner’s ‘weapons’. The inheritance mission was very hard so coming back to do these Grade F Missions, they were very easy for Han Fei. “Just a normal animated regret. Looks like the ghosts here aren’t that scary. The probability of the players being alive is very high.”

After some rummaging, Han Fei found a bracelet inside the woman’s clothes. It had many charms and talismans. “The handicraft is bad. It reminds me of the things Huang Yin first brought from the surface world.” The surface world provided the players with many ‘ghost-fighting items but actually they were just decorations.

Shaking his head, Han Fei lost all hope of relying on items from the surface world. For Han Fei, there were only 2 ways to kill a ghost, one was to gain help from another ghost and two was to become a ghost.

Han Fei pushed the cart into Room 404. Han Fei used the broom to recover the scene outside the door and he returned to the room. Xu Qin was still seated on the bed. She stepped on her ‘pet’ anaconda.

“Sis, shall we…” Before Han Fei finished, there was another knock at the door. But different from before, there was a weak glow that accompanied it. It felt like someone was walking around with a flashlight.

“Is anyone there?” A man’s voice came from outside the door. The man was very cautious like he’d die if he was too loud. Han Fei walked to the door and opened a small gap. He looked at the man outside the door silently. The man was dressed in a suit. He looked like an office worker. He looked handsome but his glasses were cracked. “I heard you talk to the Slayer earlier, are you a player too?”

“Slayer?” Only a player would give an Animated Regret such a name. Han Fei put on the Beast Mask and slowly opened the door. The man looked anticipatorily into the dark but when he saw Han Fei in the mask, he was frightened. He staggered back a few steps. “You, you are a player, right?”

“You can say so.” Han Fei walked out of the room. His voice was comforting. “Why are you doing in the hell-difficulty hidden map? One has to satisfy very difficult conditions to arrive here.” Han Fei’s casual words hinted to the man that this was a very unique map and only the top players could be here.

Hearing Han Fei, the man sighed in relief. “Oh my god! I finally met a player! Big brother, my friends, and I got here by accident. We have been trapped here for a night already, can you lead us out?”

“I’m more curious about how you and your friends got here.” Han Fei extended his hands. “My name is Wei Youfu, what is your name?”

“Shen Luo, I’m a financial expert.”

The man shook Han Fei’s hand. Han Fei successfully saw the man’s status. ‘0 Luck Point?! How did he manage to survive to level 8?’


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