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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 477: 477 Onsiene Had Awakened, Truth Had Spoken Bahasa Indonesia

477 Conscience had Awakened, Truth had Spoken

The black flame of hatred exploded at the mall. The embers were doused out by the rain. A young man took Ten Fingers’ place. He removed his mask to look at the mutated Boss Gu. “You’ve found the suitable sacrifices and I’ve found the right future.”

Boss Gu who was like a tree cackled shrilly as the heads on his branches swung. “Future? The future that you have is the tragedy that has happened before. There is no future in your world.”

“Is that so?” The young man raised the butcher’s knife. The knife was like the only star in the night. It was a knife that even Pure Hatred feared. When the knife glowed, the rails of the 3rd floor were pushed down. A woman about 3 meters tall walked out in her red dress. When he saw the woman, Boss Gu’s face darkened. He moved his face away from the woman.

“Why won’t you look at her? She is your wife. She trusted you so much and gave everything to you. Why did you push her into the well?”

“Enough!” All the human heads on the tree glared at Han Fei angrily.

“You shouldn’t be the one who is angry.” An old man walked out from the shadows of the 2nd floor. He held the hand of a child and was followed by his family.

“He is your best friend, he helped you when you were at your lowest. But you turned around and sacrificed his whole family to the well.” Whenever Han Fei spoke, the wounds on Boss Gu would grow. Boss Gu couldn’t allow Han Fei to continue speaking, he ordered the mutated creatures to attack. “Kill him! Kill this liar!”

The mutated monsters charged ahead. A red sweater floated down from the sky. Then account books and bills scattered like snow. “This is a present your little brother left you. He has kept evidence of your sins. I’ve photocopied them.”

The evidence recorded Boss Gu’s every sin but the mutated monsters didn’t care, they stomped over the evidence.

“What’s the point of you manufacturing this false evidence?” Boss Gu’s eyes were cold. He needed to kill Han Fei immediately.

“You use these people as tools, you forget that they are once-living humans. Perhaps you have gotten used to treating people as merchandise so everyone who is around you now is an easily-controlled monster. There is no one who is willing to help you anymore.”

“They will heed my orders not because they are monsters but because they trust me.” Most arms reached out from Boss Gu’s wounds. Each arm sought greedily about. All the monsters close to Boss Gu would be grabbed and absorbed. Boss Gu was rapidly healing so Han Fei knew he had to act fast.

“Since they trust you, then they should believe everything you say.” Han Fei took a step back. Glass shattered above him. Between the 2nd and 3rd floor, a giant banner unfurled. A mud-like person was bound on the banner. He had Boss Gu’s face. “Boss, let us hear how your Conscience judges you!”

When the mud creature appeared, Boss Gu realized the problem but he couldn’t stop it. Boss Gu’s stinky Conscience voiced his secret. He was a selfish and crazy man, his greed and desire had overwhelmed his humanity. Most of the mutated monsters were Boss Gu’s followers, they had accepted small charities from Boss Gu and would only believe Boss Gu. They were unfazed by outside voices but when they heard Conscience, their eyes flashed with rationality. Their mutated brains started to think and suspect.

Han Fei planned to drag this out for 2 more days. He would only take out the Truth when the public had reached a consensus. But Boss Gu was very cunning. After he knew Conscience and Truth had gone missing, he started to build the altar. He planned to kill the owner’s mother that night and forced Han Fei to go insane and become the most suitable sacrifice.

Boss Gu was very hard to deal with and Han Fei had to push his plan earlier. Conscience’s confession made the public start to think. When they started to have a suspicion, Han Fei invited out the last truth.

The hanging woman used her scorched hands to place the Truth before everyone. Truth who had no eyes, ears, and nose became everyone’s attention. His mouth opened and he listed out everything Boss Gu had done. After the mutated monsters knew the truth, they didn’t choose to help Truth but they stopped coming after Han Fei.

“Human heart has both the ugly and beautiful sides. Some of you donate to Boss Gu’s charity every month to feel better about yourself. But your kindness has been used to turn this city into hell.”

Conscience had awakened, Truth had spoken. Before the plethora of evidence, the mutated monsters stopped listening to Boss Gu’s orders. Little by little, Han Fei peeled off Boss Gu’s fake kindness. However, Boss Gu appeared to have anticipated this. When he saw Truth, Boss Gu grabbed all the dazed monsters around him and started to violently ingest until no monsters dared to go near him anymore.

Lesser monsters came to the mall from the city. The monsters that remained at the mall had money collars around their necks. Be it human or dog, they were willing to serve Boss Gu.

“So what if they know the truth? This world is not black or white, not everyone minds being in the wrong.” Boss Gu grabbed the loyal monsters. He shoved them into his mouth or tore them into pieces to slather over his wounds. Boss Gu’s body grew and Han Fei didn’t seem to have any more trump cards.

“Of course, I know the world is grey but I believe in what is right and what is wrong. Only by correcting the things that are wrong that right things will be approved by more people.”

Han Fei stood before the flesh tree about 3 stories tall. He didn’t retreat because he knew that the blade that he held was the only light on this night.


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