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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 99: Asiva Vs Keane Kingsman Bahasa Indonesia

Asiva was greeted by a massive cheer from the crowd as she walked onto the fighting stage as hushed conversations erupted all over the crowd.

She had become an infamous public figure in the university ever since she made a ruckus on the very first day and was whipped publicly.

She had gained the nicknames ‘ Asiva the bloodless ‘ and ‘ Asiva the heartless ‘. Having brutally rejected over 75 proposals by men and 14 by women over the last 9 months.

The feud between her clan and the Kingsman was dirty laundry of the noble world that everyone knew about. Which is why they were excited to see the princess of nowhere take on the scion of the Kingsman in a revenge fight.

” Surrender now, and I won’t beat you to a pulp like my father beat your wastrel dad “. Keane Kingsman said, trying to infuriate Asiva and get under her skin, as his comments elicited a huge crowd reaction.

Asiva however was calm, her facial expressions showed that she was seething inside, however, her eyes were laser focused as they stared deep down her enemy’s soul.

” Protect yourselves at all times

Respect the rules of the tournament at all times and listen to my command at all times.

The Match ends if a student dies/ surrenders or becomes incapable of continuing.

The use of all potions is prohibited.

You can shake hands now if you wish to “

The referee explained the rules before the fight started, but both parties already knew them.

Keane Kingsman cheekily smiled as he extended his right hand to shake Asiva’s, however Asiva did not move a muscle as she continued staring in Keane Kingsman’s eyes.

” She has no sportsmanship! ” He shouted to the crowd as many laughed.

Keane Kingsman was playing the clown before the start of the fight, but the time for talk was now over.

” Okay, go back to the white spots and prepare to fight at my signal “.

Both Asiva and Keane Kingsman returned to the white spots which marked the starting position for all fighters as the moment they reached there the referee shouted the command ” Fight! “.

Asiva immediately threw two daggers towards Keane Kingsman who unsheathed his sword and prepared to swat them off.

While he could have sworn that he only saw two daggers coming towards him, in what seemed to be an illusion the two daggers turned to 14 mid-way as Keane Kingsman panicked, unable to understand what was going on.



Two daggers pierced his left thigh and right arm as Keane Kingsman winced in pain.

While out of the 14 , 12 were illusions he was unable to see through the trick as the attack successfully connected.

As he returned his focus back on the battlefield he realised he could not find out where Asiva was at all, as while he was focused on the incoming attack she had apparently disappeared.

Alarmed, Keane Kingsman began looking all around him, unable to discern where exactly Asiva was until he saw a shadow moving towards him with extreme speed from the periphery of his eyes.

” Agh “.

Keane Kingsman awkwardly raised his sword in the path of the shadow, in hopes of blocking her path, however, Asiva easily sidestepped his clumsy attempt and rammed into him from the side, knocking him off his feet and lodging two daggers into his ribs.



Keane Kingsman’s HP dropped to a dangerous orange level meaning he had less than 30% of his HP pool left from here on out.

Knocked down on his ass he tried to swing his sword wildly as Asiva kicked the sword out of his hands and landed a roundhouse kick straight to his jaw.

” PHA! “.


Asiva broke his front two teeth as she stood tall over his now cowering body with a cold gleam in her eyes and two shiny daggers in her hands.

” I surrender, ” shouted Keane Kingsman and the referee immediately stepped in between Asiva and Keane Kingsman to separate the two.

For a moment Keane Kingsman had a big smile plastered over his face, as although he had lost he thought he had deprived Asiva of her satisfying revenge, but he was wrong.

Everyone in the crowd booed his lack of spine and looking at the smiling Asiva he knew that his goal had certainly not been achieved.

Asiva had completely man-handled him in the fight, and the end she had choreographed was precisely a surrender.

With the universe watching, she wanted the headlines to be ‘ The Kingsman scion admits embarrassing defeat to the Paratus Princess ‘ , so that the universe knew just how spineless the Kingsman truly were.

” The winner of this match via surrender, ASIVA NIGHTBLADE PARATUS! “.

The referee raised her right hand in victory as the crowd showered her with praise.

Surprisingly she saw her idiot god-father smiling stupidly in the crowd in his janitor outfit as he clapped for her win.

Although she was never going to admit it, this scene made her feel a little warm inside her stomach.

Asiva walked off the stage, and saw Max lightly stretching as he walked on, as she said ” Crush him ” before she walked off.

Max smiled under his mask, he had seen the previous battle from start to finish and Asiva’s performance had undoubtedly lit a fire under him at the moment.

” Yep, I’ll crush him” Max murmured under his breath, as he was welcomed to a round of claps and cheers from the audience as he faced his enemy.

Max ran his eyes across the arena only to notice his sister in law Naomi waving at high intensity towards him, as Max chuckled and waved back at her.

Beside her was his brother, who was leaning on the railing, watching him with calculative eyes.

” The hell are you looking at eh Hound? Your opponent is right here! “. Elyon, his opponent said

Max still kept looking at the crowd now pretending to wave at random chicks as he said ” I’m just trying to not look at your ugly face before the fight starts “.

Elyon was visibly irked by this comment as Max realised that his opponent was a prideful idiot.

This was a weakness he could easily exploit!

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