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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 95: Invitations Bahasa Indonesia

( A few hours later, in the university auditorium )

The university auditorium that could seat upto 50,000 people was jam packed today as the principal was going to personally congratulate and reward those who had cleared the team rounds and advanced to the individual rounds.

Every student enrolled in the university for nourishment of young talents dreamed of being one of these 64, however, after the difficult merit based race to be one of the top 10,000 and then an even more difficult team round only 64 had the skill to stand above everyone else.

For those who had entered round of 64, it was an opportunity of a lifetime as except the rewards promised by the university, fighting on such a grand stage where various faction leaders, scouts and patriarchs would be present was a great opportunity for them to be recruited into a strong faction with a favourable contract.

It was a chance to gain unprecedented fame and glory, as the matches would be streamed live across the universe with billions watching.

With an extremely impressive list of alumni, the university for nourishment of young talents had gained a big impression in the universe, as many top guilds/ mercenary organisations and clans kept an eye out for promising talents.

Everyone who enrolled into the university had some ability, because without having a powerful background or some real prowess, the fees were unaffordable for 99% of the masses.

However, those who advanced to the top 64 could be considered the cream of the crop. As even amongst countless individuals with deep family backgrounds these people stood at the top.

The principal gave a big speech as to how this was a grand opportunity for the participants and how the spirit of fair play and indomitable will was important for success.

He introduced all 64 participants one by one amongst deafening applause of the crowd, as the university journalist took their pictures for the invitation pamphlet of the upcoming fights.

Max was asked to remove his mask for the photo, but he refused as he took a double fisted stance of a boxer for the photo.

For the rewards of getting into the top 64, Max was now guaranteed a graduation certificate without the need to appear for final exams and pay the 100,000 merit points graduation fee.

And he also got a 70% off on all services availed at the university for the remainder of his time in the university.

It was a massive windfall for someone like Max who was an avid user of college services like its training halls and it was also going to help him lighten the burden on his pocket while giving treats in the canteen.

As a participant he got tickets to invite two family members to the round of 64 fight, however, Max was not sure if his brother and sister in law could make it or not.

Regardless, he decided to send them the invite anyway, because other than his brother he had no other family to invite.

The individual rounds were going to start in 3 weeks time, so that all participants had sufficient time to improve their skills and rest and make strategies, however, the opponents of their fights were not revealed so that no fighter would intentionally sabotage or hurt other fighters before the fight started.

Max was sure as to what he was going to aim for in the next 21 days as he wanted to hit stat maximisation for tier1 by hook or by crook by the time the first round started.

He had no doubt in his mind that many fighters would try and push their levels into tier 2, looking for temporary gains rather than long term goals, however, if Max was to compete with these tier 2 powerhouses he needed to complete his stat maximisation himself.

Although there was no awkwardness between the team members, everyone knew that there was a 5% probability that they faced each other in the first round itself, and even if they did not face each other straight away, the probability would only increase as time went on.

This meant that the team needed to be prepared to face each other in battle, and it was a lot easier said than done because of everything that they had been through together.

The bond between the four was as real as friendship got, and nobody wished to face each other in a brutal contest.

Despite this fact, the four teenagers mutually agreed to not hold back if they did fight each other in battle and harbour no hard feelings for the winner.

The team made a pact to shake hands before and after a fight if they fought each other, to show that there were no hard feelings, before going there seperate ways to start preparing for the tournament.


( Meanwhile Thor )

” An invitation to the round of 64 ….. seems like my son has some real skill! Gunrir, inform the university staff that Thor Odinson would be present to witness the battles.

Tell them to prepare accomodation and food.

It’s their honour to host me “. Thor said as he glanced over the invitation in his hand.

It had been a long time since he had been invited to such a low level battle, but as an encouraging father he was willing to go.


( Meanwhile Naomi )

” Honey, Max sent us some invites to some fight “. Naomi said as she rocked the cradle of the two babies with one hand and checked her phone with the other.

” Oh “. Rudra said looking up from the plate of food he was stuffing in his mouth towards his wife

” Yeah, the date is written in the galactic format, but if my maths is not wrong it’s about 21 days from now “. Naomi said

” Mmhmm ” Rudra nodded

” I think it’s some college event, we should go as his family”. Naomi suggested

” Nah ” Rudra waved it off, being a guy he knew that no guy wanted their family to attend the college sports day

” Being present for the child makes all the difference, did you not read that in the parenting book? “. Naomi asked in a stern voice

Rudra frowned as he said ” Max is 17 … err 18, idk, but definitely not a kid “.

Naomi looked at him with stone cold eyes as she said ” Clear your schedule, we are going … “.

Rudra felt shivers run down his spine at his wife’s attitude as he sulked back into eating his food, resigning to her wishes.


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