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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 55: Budding Friendship Bahasa Indonesia

Severus had to carefully put both the kids back inside the last shuttle departing for the dorms at night.

For the significantly weakened Max and Asiva it would have been impossible to fight for a shuttle spot in their current condition, however, Severus snuck them through the fighting mob and helped them obtain a seat.

The duo sat in the last corner seat of the bus, resting their tired heads over each other as they waited to arrive at the dorm area,while silently regaining their strength.

It had been a hard first day, and undoubtedly a gruelling and tiring one. Asiva was publicly punished and lost all her merit points, while Max found out the high cost of using his blood manipulation skill.

All in all it was an eventful day. A year of this gruelling routine was sure to transform even a roughest lump of coal into a fine diamond.

Asiva had gathered enemies on the very first day, and although Max was not afraid of the Kingsman, he knew that having them as their enemies was sure to be a pain in the a**.

While there was no urgency, Max and Asiva did need to recruit more allies within the university as a two man team was simply not enough to survive in this brutal environment.

The shuttle eventually reached the dorm area as Max and Asiva disembarked, walking shoulder to shoulder towards their dorm wing as whispers erupted amongst the crowd when they saw Asiva pass by.

‘ It’s her! Asiva the Bloodless! The freak! ‘

‘ She took five bone crushing whippings today, but she is still walking on her own two feet while the stronger men are crippled ‘.

‘ I heard she did not even make a single noise during the whippings, is she mute? ‘

‘ Her eyes are so beautiful, I wonder if she is still single? ‘.

‘ Ha! Look at that tall masked hunk beside her, do you think she will choose your 5 feet as* over him? ‘.

Everyone talked about Asiva in hushed voices, however nobody dared to match her gaze.

Asiva had a slight smile on her face when she found out that nobody dared to block her way, it was a good feeling, she liked being feared and respected.

Only when the duo reached the room, did Asiva finally let out a soft moan, not receiving treatment at the infirmary had indeed been a dumb choice, now she had to deal with her aching wounds herself.

Asiva crashed on her bed, while Max sat on the floor beside hers, as Asiva looked towards Max and said ” Thankyou for your help today, it means the world to me “.

Max who was panting looked at Asiva’s shining amber colored eyes as he covered his eyes with his palms and laughed and said ” All hail, Asiva the bloodless, the woman who made the Kingsman boys look like absolute cun** “.

Asiva grinned at the compliment and Max started to laugh out loud

” Hahahaha “

It was a hearty laugh by Max, and an infectious one as soon Asiva started to laugh out loud too.

” Hahahahaha “.

The two of them grinned and laughed like idiots as they made fun of the Kingsman and talked about their classes and respective days.

Max excitedly told Asiva about the basics of mana while she filled Max in about the history of the universe, and how her fight with the Kingsman boys started.

Max already had a gut feeling that it was Asiva who would have started the fight, however, he was shocked to find out that she was provoked into the fight by one of Kingsman underlings who called her ‘ Princess of nowhere ‘ while another called her ‘ Orphan ‘.

Asiva did realise her stupidity to have initiated the fight inside the university campus, however, Max could understand that it was not unprovoked and give her a pass for her actions.

While talking Asiva winced multiple times as she rubbed her back that itched from the multiple lashings that she had received, as finally Max who could not see her pain offered her some help.

” The Saint Maximus Clan have given me a lotion to heal wounds, if you want I can rub it on your back “. Max offered cautiously, as although him and Asiva had warmed up a little to each other, he was not sure if they were close enough to rub lotions on each other’s backs.

Asiva was silent for a while, then she turned over and laid flat on the bed over her belly and removed her robes to show her wounded back to Max.

Max did not say anything, but he quietly retrieved the lotion from his inventory, sat beside Asiva on the bed and began rubbing it over her wounds.

Max took some lotion onto his hands and started applying it from the lowest wounds on her back, as Asiva moaned and winced as the antiseptic lotion burnt when coming in contact with her open cuts.

” Agh “.

Max held his breath, listening to her soft moans, it was almost too intoxicating for him to handle, however while he was many despicable things, he was not a lewd pervert who would break the trust of his friend.

Max remained diligent on healing Asiva, as he gently rubbed lotion over her back, tenderly blowing some wind over the areas that would burn, to provide her with some relief from the pain.

Her smooth white skin was incredibly smooth and delicate to the touch, almost like it were of a fair maiden and not a warrior. However, multiple white scars that revealed where she had been hurt over-time revealed her rough and tough upbringing that showed significant signs of combat experience.

The only part where Max struggled were the soft moans that Asiva let out from time to time as those made Max’s mind go blank.

‘ Is this the same woman who did not even let out a single sound during the whipping? ‘ Max wondered

‘ Yes you big oaf ‘ Grandpa Drax replied, reminding Max that his mind was not his alone anymore.

After that Max reigned in his wild thoughts, lest his true feelings be exposed to Asiva.

By the time Max was done, Asiva was sound asleep and although her naked back and defenselessness would have allowed Max to take advantage of her should he have wanted to, Max respectfully covered her in a blanket and left to sleep inside his room.

Hearing Max’s departing footsteps, Asiva let out a rare blush and a smile. She was only pretending to sleep and was only checking if Max was a reliable partner to have.

But not only did Max not touch her inappropriately or take advantage of her, but he also covered her up before he left like a true gentleman.

Although it was not much, Asiva’s heart warmed at this gentleman like behaviour as she grew a little more fond of her roommate who did not seem to be that bad afterall.


( Meanwhile, The great prophet )

The great prophet was a vampire with the special ability to read through lines of fate. He was one of the most respected individuals in the court of Vampire King Regus Aurelius, and was feared and respected throughout the universe.

” Disaster! A disaster! It’s a complete disaster! “. The prophet exclaimed as he read through the fate lines on his usual inspection.

” What happened? Lord great prophet? ” A soldier who was stationed with the great prophet for his security inquired, as this was the first time he had seen the great prophet tremble so uncontrollably as if he had stared straight into the eyes of Hades himself.

” It’s a disaster, a higher power has altered the fate line. The ancient prophecy is in play again “. The prophet replied, his body covered in goosebumps as he began to shiver uncontrollably.

” The ancient prophecy? The primordial vampire? “. The soldier inquired, now feeling the chills run down his own spine.

” Yes, I can see the ancient Prophecy coming to fruition in the next decade. The primordial vampire has been reborn somewhere in the universe “. The great prophet said as the soldier wiped beads of sweat from his forehead.

” We must inform the king at once “. The soldier said, as the great prophet nodded.

A matter of grave importance had occurred within the world of the vampires. A kingslayer had been born.

” May the seven lords have mercy, may the blood manipulator fall prey to a deadly disease and his progeny end without expanding.

May he be afflicted with all sorts of ailments and may his ambitions never be fulfilled.

O vampire god, the almighty one, please heed this request of your servant, stop the blood manipulator from growing further, if you can “. The prophet prayed to the vampire god, but only distant thunder rolled in the background as a response.

While to others this would just be ominous thunder, but the prophet knew that the thunder meant that his request had been refused by the god’s. The fate of the blood manipulator could not be altered so easily.

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