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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 45: Reaching A Truce Bahasa Indonesia

Sam re-assessed the situation, although he held the mad mage’s dream at a high importance, he was also the patriarch of the Saint Maximus Clan, and a war with a mad God like Rudra was not worth it when being fought over a trivial boy like Max.

However, not wanting to give up just yet, Sam tried to bully Rudra using the weight of the Vampire King.

” So what if you are stronger than me? I am a servant of King Regus Aurelius, a tier 8 supreme god. You cannot dare to risk his wrath, because he will kill you and your entire solar system “. Sam said, trying to deter Rudra from taking any further action.

” I’m sorry, Did I forget to introduce myself? My name is Shakuni Won Knight, belonging to the house of Augustus Won Knight, sworn brother to the queen Patricia Won Knight.

I have the angels as my allies and the power of humanity behind my back. I do not fear the vampires, but the vampires should fear me “. Rudra said, a threatening smile on his face as his words brought a deep frown to Sam’s face.

Sam understood at this exact instant that he had lost comprehensively, as Augustus Won Knight had a similar if not higher status than the Vampire King Regus Aurelius and a war with the won knights was not something the Vampire King would be willing to wage, not for the Saint Maximus at least.

Sam put his weapon back inside his inventory as he extended his hand and said ” Alright you win, let’s have a truce and discuss matters as civil men”.

Rudra laughed tyrannically, he had anticipated this outcome from the moment he read Sam’s stats, however, this outcome was not half-bad. Currently, Max needed vampires to groom him until he could learn to stand on his own two feet.

Rudra shook Sam’s hand, and the battle was called off.

A long discussion started between Sam and Rudra after that, and one by one personnel were called to give their opinions on the matter as Severus and Grisha were thoroughly interrogated while Max was asked for his two cents.

Finally, Rudra and Sam signed a system contract that made the house of Saint Maximus allies with the human planet #H2047 and its protector Rudra Rajput.

The deal saw Rudra giving one destroyer class Battleship at a 30% discount to the Saint Maximus Clan as a token of friendship whereas the Saint Maximus promised to groom Max as a member of their own clan for the next 5 years.

A comprehensive plan was put forward about the exact details of Max’s mentorship, but it was all optional for Max as Rudra ensured that his own free will was secured.

Severus was placed in charge of grooming Max and helping him control his primal instincts and it was his and Max’s joint decision that Max attends the university for the first year of his grooming.

Severus was to take a job at the university as a sweeper to keep an eye on Max ( and Asiva ), while Max grew up in a safe and constructive environment.

Some elders were discontent with how the whole scenario panned out, however, the words of the patriarch were the law in the Saint Maximus clan so they had no option but to swallow the bitter pill and allow Max his freedom.

Overall things did not seem too bad, as by the end of it Rudra and Sam were drinking wine together and laughing, seemingly having gelled up quite well, while Max received a new sword, armor, some potions, and about 3 million gold from the Saint Maximus Clan to help him with his first year fees and schooling.

For Max this was a windfall, he not only got free money and equipment but also got to retain his freedom.

The sword he had received was a genuine gold grade weapon and it was razor sharp.


[ Raveslasher ] ( Gold ) – A razor sharp blade that can slice through bone like butter. It is suitable for nimble and speedy warriors.

Special Effects –

Wind Slash – Send an attack through the air in the form of a sword slash made purely of wind elements!

[ Vampires Leather armor set ] ( Silver ) – A light armor made primarily with leather but with some metal threads woven inside the fabric.

Specialties – Very light, very durable.

-10% stab damage

-30% cut damage

Overall Max was very happy with the equipment he had gotten, however, his happiness parade was stomped all over by Drax.

‘ Look kid, I’m happy for you, I genuinely am, but if you want to grow as a warrior you need to start earning your own spoils and not rely on your brother for them.

It’s already been nearly a month since you have been reincarnated and although you have progressed, you have not done anything groundbreaking at all.

You have made mistakes, you have relied on your future knowledge advantages and your connections to get out of tight situations and you have shown terrible judgement in the face of danger.

Despite all this, you have somehow managed to hit the ground running through sheer luck. But let me tell you, luck will not take you any further than this.

The real fight starts now, tomorrow you enroll into the academy and start a new chapter of your life.

Better be prepared to give it your all, because your brother won’t be there to bail you out ‘.

Max winced listening to Drax’s scolding, however, he knew it was true.

For a manaless trash, he had really been lucky to hit the ground running, but he was going to be on his own from here on out.

Swearing to rely on his own strengths to get out of problems here on out, Max assured Drax that he would do everything in his power to grow to his full potential within the university.

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