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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 43: Still Overbearing Bahasa Indonesia

While the elders were discussing how to properly welcome the patriarch a terrifying earthquake shook the entire planet Green Soil, as alarms started to blare inside the lab.

The weak-footed elders lost their footing and fell flat on their bums, as the soldiers instantly took battle positions fearing an incoming invader.

One of the soldiers accompanying the elders inside the laboratory picked up his communication device and tried to contact the battleships outside.

Soldier: ” Commander a turbulent earthquake has shaken the laboratory, requesting permission to abandon the lab and come out to the surface and safety. Over “

Battleship Commander: ” The coast is not clear there is a destroyer class ship hovering above the Green Soil planet, we can’t identify the grey wolf flag it has mounted on its mainframe.

For now, don’t come out. Over “.

Soldier ” Copy commander, awaiting further instructions. Over “.

Max had a wide smile plastered over his gag at the moment, as he could smell the fear amongst the vampire elders in the room.

While the vampires were not familiar with the Grey Wolf Insignia, Max had grown up in the shadow of that flag and he knew it as the back of his own hand.

The grey wolf meant that his brother was finally here!

Violent explosions shook the planet as parts of the lab began to collapse under the heavy bombardment, a battle seemed to have broken out on the outside.

Fears of being buried alive increased amongst the elders as they began pressuring the soldiers to help them get out of the damned space.

Soldier: Commander the laboratory is collapsing, requesting permission to evacuate immediately.

Battleship Commander: Negative, we have already lost 3 ships, the enemy destroyer is too powerful, don’t come out, I repeat do- agghhhhhhhh . Bzzzzzzzzz “

A loud explosion followed by nonstop static conveyed a horrifying picture to the elders stuck underneath.

From the way the battle was turning out it was safe to assume that all five of the Battleships that the elders had used to arrive had been destroyed.

Grisha gritted her teeth as she looked around and counted the best warriors present, as she took charge and commanded them to fall into formation.

” We should wait inside, wait for the patriarch and Reinforcements to arrive, will someone contact the family defense forces? Do it immediately! ” An elder commanded, however, at this moment Severus finally broke his silence and suggested a very unpopular opinion

Severus said, ” I don’t think we can stop a god with our current strength, it’s best to give up on the boy”.

Everyone looked at Severus as if he was crazy as one of the elders shouted at him and said ” BLASPHEMY! He is the dream project of the mad-mage, he will only be allowed to let go over my dead corpse and that of my seven generations! “.

The other elders shared this sentiment, as Severus sighed and shook his head. The senile old men had nothing to lose and no life to cling onto. It was easy for them to show this bravery, but it was stupid for Severus to put his, Asiva’s, and his associate’s life in danger for this.

” Secure the boy, and wait for the patriarch to arrive, the soldiers will hold them off if they try to invade the lab.

Someone go and man the door! Plant traps, delay the enemy! “. An elder suggested as Severus looked at Grisha helplessly.

If a god was actually attacking them, then he would not come barging through the front door, nor could the petty traps they set harm him.

However, before Severus could present his logic before the elders, the ceiling of the lab cracked and a man with golden hair and deep blue eyes entered the room.

” Who dares to touch my brother? ” A primal voice washed over the room, the power behind the voice causing the elders to choke on their own words from a moment ago.

A few soldiers charged with their swords unleashed towards Rudra, however, Rudra only unfurred his aura, not even bothering to raise a finger, as the entire room including Severus and Grisha were brought to their knees under his oppressive aura.

Asiva who looked on from the corridor of the connecting room, looked at Rudra with her mouth wide open and her jaw hanging.

His overbearing visage, his handsome face, and his arrogant demeanor were exactly the kind of warrior that she aspired to be when she grew up.

Something about his confidence just screamed ‘ Come at me if you dare ‘ and was a natural deterrent to every threat around him.

Nobody was able to move a single muscle, as Rudra broke Max’s bonds with a single finger, rescuing his brother without any elder able to do s*** about it.

Rudra was a little shocked to see Max’s blood red eyes and changed facial features as he realised that his brother had become a vampire now.

Rage boiled inside Rudra’s heart, but since he did not know whether or not this was part of Max’s own plan or whether he was forced by the vampires to transform, for now, he held his silence.

” Brother, you came “. Max murmured in a half-emotional voice as Rudra smiled at him and ruffled his hair, ” Of Course, I’d come, you think I would let these weaklings bully you? Never!”.

Some of the elders choked on these words, how was the house of Saint Maximus considered weak?

They were one of the most feared houses in the universe, however, Rudra viewed them as common cabbage.

This enraged the elders, but they did not have the balls to oppose Rudra’s words.

As Max finally stood up, free from his bonds and ready to leave, one of the elders finally broke his silence and said ” You can’t take him! He is the result of tens of thousands of years of research by the Saint Maximus Clan, his powers are a gift by us! He must Serve the clan now! “.

Rudra looked menacingly towards the elder who dared to speak, as he asked in a grim tone ” Oh, and what if I refuse? “.

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