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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 35: A Wiped Out Clan Bahasa Indonesia

Asiva glared at Severus, unlike Max who had no idea who the sweeper was, Asiva knew very well exactly who he was.

For Asiva he was a relative, a distant uncle from her father’s side and her very own Godfather. One that she was especially not fond of.

Asiva never understood why her father trusted a man like Severus so much, however, today by kidnapping her it seemed like Severus had broken all limits.

Severus looked at Max and said ” Before we continue with our story, I have a disturbing piece of news to relay to my god-daughter, excuse me dear Max “.

Severus removed the cotton stuffed inside Asiva’s mouth and instantly Asiva tried to bite Severus’s hand off, however Severus was too quick to be caught in such petty tricks.

” You have gone too far this time uncle, father won’t let you off! “. Asiva threatened Severus baring her fangs at him.

Asiva expected a narcissistic reply from Severus, a witty joke or the usual Severus nonsense, however, shockingly the expression on Severus’s face turned serious for once.

” Your father …. Lord Cole Paratus is dead “

Max looked at the color dropping from Asiva’s face as a tear escaped her eyes.

” So they got him in the end …. ” Asiva said with a choky voice, coming to terms with the reality of the situation.

House Paratus was ranked the 16th household under King Regus Aurelius. They controlled a whopping 17 Solar systems and a total of 5 habitable planets and were considered one of the stronger houses serving the king.

Lord Cole was well respected and loved by his people, but his lands were always eyed by the other houses because of how fertile and rich they were.

Today, the twelfth ranked vampire house, the house of Lord Will Kingsman who was also a tier 5 overlord himself attacked House Paratus in what was a surprise attack for House Paratus, catching their border forces completely off-guard.

The dastardly House Kingsman had disguised battleships as merchant ships and launched a sneak attack at the borders using these camouflaged ships.

Asiva was woken up to the sound of swords clashing and battleships burning, as the last words that her father told her when she saw him were to ” Run off to Sigma “.

Asiva wanted to protest, she wanted to stay and fight, however under the urgent glare from her father she eventually obeyed and fled to Morning Star planet.

Pursuers from the house of Kingsman maimed and pursued Asiva till she was almost dead, which was when her life was saved by Max.

The bastards knew that they could not kill her inside Sigma, which is why they used the memory poison on her, so that even if she did survive, she would only remain a shell of her true self.

Asiva knew that there would be casualties in the war, however, she never thought that her father would fall in battle, as even though he may be weaker than the enemy, he should have always found a way to retreat when being in his own home territory.

Severus said in a sad voice ” Kingsman banners fly over the Paratus castle at the moment, while lord Cole was given an honourable burial after his death.

The king has approved the takeover of the Paratus territories by the Kingsman, that means you no longer have land to your name, princess.

I tried to rush to your father’s aid at the first instant that I heard about the ambush, but it was already too late by the time I arrived, my dear friend Cole was already dead.

When you were born all those years ago, Cole made me promise that if anything ever happened to him, he wanted me to raise you as my own.

And its a promise that I will keep “.

Asiva closed her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks. However, no sobbing sounds could be heard coming from her mouth.

When she opened her eyes again, there was no sadness inside, only a burning rage as she said in a bone chilling voice ” May father rest in peace, and be reunited with mother in the seven heavens.

Worry not father, Lord Will Kingsman will join you in eternal rest soon. I promise to end him myself “.

Max was lowkey terrified and impressed by Asiva at the same time. She was unusually cool about her loss as well as burning with passion for revenge.

The woman was breaking all his stigma that he had about women! She was truly an interesting specimen.

” No you shall not “. Severus said, his usual smile returning to his face.

” Here is what you will do princess, you will go to the university, bide your time, hone your skills and get stronger.

The time for revenge will come, but it won’t be anytime soon “. Severus smiled the most innocent smile that he could muster, however it just made him look evil and creepy.


HOW DARE YOU NOT TAKE REVENGE “. Asiva absolutely flipped at Severus, who gave 0 fucks about her shouting.

Severus looked at his assistant and signalled for him to hand over anaesthesia injection to him.


” Listen kiddo, I’m not very good at parenting, but I will still ensure that you do what I feel is the best for you, so you can shout all you like, but there will be no revenges and no killing of house Kingsman for a while.

We will destroy them in due time, but not now. For now you sleep “. Severus said as he injected Asiva with anaesthesia, knocking her out cold as a block of ice.

Sighing deeply, Severus looked at Max and said ” You have to excuse me for this scene here Max, you have no idea how difficult it is for handsome men like me to deal with women “.

Max rolled his eyes, if there was one thing he understood from this whole scenario, it was that Severus was a complete cartoon character.

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