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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God – Chapter 31: Asiva Stirs Trouble Bahasa Indonesia

Max went to the tailors shop first where he was greeted by an overzealous fat man who ran his fingers all over Max’s body, clearly without Max’s consent.

” Come come senorè, let Ginluogi tailor your perfect fit “. The fat man said as he pressed on Max’s collarbone.

” Umm, can you do it from a distance please? “. Max asked politely, however his requests were ignored completely by Ginluogi who continued to size Max up.

” Excuizi this man, it’s been such a long time since Ginluogi has seen such a fine human specimen, muscular and well proportionate, someone who can do justice to Ginluogi’s robes “. The tailor said excitedly as Max became silent, letting him have his way.

After a full five minutes of inappropriate touching Ginluogi finally asked ” What color robes do you want? “.

” Black “. Max replied

Ginluogi: ” Durability? “

Max : ” High, preferably leather “

Ginluogi: ” Pockets? “

Max : ” 3 hidden pockets, two outer one’s “

Ginluogi : ” Weapon pockets? “

Max : ” Yes, as many as possible “

Ginluogi : ” Potion pockets? “

Max : ” One”

Ginluogi : ” Matching pants and boots? “

Max ” Yes “

Ginluogi : ” Buttons? “

Max : ” Silver “

Ginluogi : ” How many pairs? “

Max : ” 3 “

Ginluogi: ” Payment method? “

Max : ” Seven Galaxies platinum “

Ginluogi noted everything down, looking impressed by Max’s taste at the end, as he said ” 1 thousand 200 gold total , 400 a pair , however Seven Galaxies platinum special discount Ginluogi give, all for 1000 gold only”.

Max took his shining platinum card out and swiped it to pay 1050 gold to Ginluogi, adding a 50 gold tip for the service.

To Drax, it was funny how men changed with money, only mere days ago Max was still willing to do hard labour for 1 silver coin a day, however with money pouring in, he had no qualms to tip a guy for 50 gold coins.

Ginluogi was most appreciative of the gesture however as he bowed and said ” Please collect items tommorow”.

Max nodded and walked out of the tailor shop.

Next, Max went to the blacksmiths shop, since there were no weapons unlimited stores in the tier 0 planet, Max was forced to visit a local shop owner by the name of ‘ Busquets Brothers ‘

The shop was relatively crowded and in stark contrast to the neat and tidy tailors shop as weapons were littered everywhere in the store.

People would bend over, pick a weapon, swing it a bit to test the weight and the balance and then throw it right away if they did not like it.

A price tag was attached to each item and a big ‘ NO RETURN , NO DISCOUNT , NO EXCHANGE ‘ Board hung near the reception area.

Max sighed and began searching for a good sword for himself, and after an arduous 3 hours of searching Max bought

2 – ( Uncommon ) steel swords

1 – ( Rare ) White steel sword

15 – ( Common ) Throwable Daggers

1 – ( Common ) Bow

1 – ( Common ) Quiver of arrows

The total came to 450 gold, and Max paid it without hesitation.

Although the blacksmith shop sold armours, they were clanky and upon inspection Max could see that although they increased defence, they decreased mobility and agility, hence he chose not to buy it.

For now Max planned to rely only on his durable cloak to shield him, but buying nice armour would be a priority for him in the future.

Max exited the blacksmith shop and was heading towards the magic accessories shop, while a common traveller traversing the city for the first time would have needed to take a lot of turns from the main road, Max having reincarnated and already familiar with the map knew small interconnected alleys that would lead him to his destination faster.

These alleys were shady areas where people were often mugged, in his past life Max was always scared to traverse the thin alleys, however, this time with the Agni-Astra with him, Max was not afraid of a hundred enemies coming at him at once.

Max was jogging happily in the narrow alleys, with nothing but a narrow strip of light above his head where the buildings parted to show the sky, to guide him when he heard a loud crashing sound in the distance.


Some figure had crashed down from the narrow slit between the buildings onto the trash dumpsters in front of Max.

With the lack of proper lighting Max could only make a rough outline of the figure, as he asked with concern ” Are you okay? “

Soon, three more figures descended from the top, seemingly after the one who had fell down as the figure who was rolling in the trash moments ago, quickly got back to its feet when it sensed the danger.

Max saw a pair of beautiful Amber colored eyes stare straight towards himself, as the figure shot past him with staggering speed.

Immediately the pursuers also followed and zoomed past Max in the narrow alley, as Max turned towards the entourage to see a scene exactly like the one shown to him by Hazriel in his vision.

A girl with Amber colored eyes with two daggers running from pursuers in a dark alley….

It was a figure Max knew all too well, because only a few days ago the same woman had plunged those same daggers straight through Max’s heart.

It was Asiva!

‘ Shit , Shit , shit , shit , shit , shit , SHIT! ‘ Max cursed under his breath as he started running towards the group.

‘ Why can’t this woman stay out of trouble? It has literally been four days since she almost died by the mayor’s guards, why the hell is she stirring trouble again ? ‘.

Max did not know the why, where and what’s, all he knew was that Hazriel had asked him to save the woman in a vision, so he needed to save her at any cost whatsoever.


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